Update 0.42


(April Awoos)




  • Caleb’s Coffee Shop - April’s Fool Event (Req: Lizards/Feliar invited to the fair)


Bonding Event:

  • Additional part unlocked after doing three other paths. A new way of spending the day with Othra and Roushk (Second heart to obtain)
  • Part with Rhot at the very end (Req: One heart with Rhot)


  • Private training – Additional variant for the scene (Req: 2 hearts with Roushk)

Iron Blood


  • Quest: Lack of bulbs
  • Quest: Wolbauk’s medicine
  • Event: Wolbauk’s milking (Req: Medicine quest done, Like 15+)
  • Talk: Help with Wolbauk (Req: Wolbauk’s milking done)


Narram’s addition:

  • Torben

Burb’s addition:

  • New icons: round stone, lizard’s scale, vine of swamp, aconitum, angel leaf extract, focus tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, lotion, salt, strength/endurance/agility/mysterious potion, wine, anti bleeding ointment, muscle ointment, wolf repel, wolf bane



  • There's a favorite button in the inventory now. You can add items to favorite list which will allow you to see only those items that you set as favorite (both in backpack and during fight).
  • In the equipment screen you can save up to three sets to easily switch between different builds (In battle you can only equip set that was already saved in the equipment screen).


LustfulDesires-0.42.0-android.apk 484 MB
Apr 29, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.42.1-linux.tar.bz2 468 MB
Apr 29, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.42.1-mac.zip 460 MB
Apr 29, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.42.1-pc.zip 495 MB
Apr 29, 2022

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I still can't trigger this event: 

  • Event: Wolbauk’s milking (Req: Medicine quest done, Like 15+)

Roghak's at 30 likes.

Wolbauk's at 100 likes. 

Is there another variable I'm missing? Otherwise It's just not working.

I can't trigger Rousk's private training :< what did i miss?

Have you already got 2nd heart with him? This event is RNG too, have you try it another times?

i have tried several times and not thing happen. maybe because I already have 2nd heart with him?

Did you has 'private training' conversation in talk with him yet?


so it's a limited event? I thought it was repeatable once :b

The Event: Wolbauk’s milking will not activate after completing the Medicine quest and having up to 26 likes. I'm playing with 0.43 version and this is still a problem. Is this Event bugged?

(1 edit)

Have your MC ever having fun with some animal creature like werewolves? I think you must has to accept your position while you encounter with a wolf in forest several times.

(1 edit)
I have a question about this update. I hope you can advise me, since I want to finish everything before updating to the new content.  
The event with Roghak (I have 28 Likes with Him), "Wolbauk's milking; it still doesn't work. I spent more than 30 days in the Village and still nothing. I took my Wolbauk with me just in case, but it didn't work. I've been going through the comments and got my Reputation up to 100 with the Wolbauk.  
I don't know if it also depends on the Role of the Character as with the Roushk Event.  
I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm desperate LoL  
By the way, thank you very much to Hyao for all this you offer, I wish you the best. The support on Patreon really helps you, since it is the least we can help. Thank you very much.  
Greetings to all. ;)  
P.D: Could you tell me how to get the scene with The Rat King and Tao. 
That damn Giant Rat turns me on a lot. :p
Sorry if my English is not very good. I hope you understand me.

There is additional hidden variable for the content with beast kind of enemies. If you see only standard sprite for dire wolves for example that variable is not enough. To increase you need to mess up with those kind of monsters. 

Which scene? The one with cg? It should happen randomly after finishing first steps of his quests.

Unless you mean something from the newer version. 

Hey Hyao... n.n
For Beast Type Enemies:  
-Swamp Creature and The Mix with Werewolf
Before this version I already had Reputation at 100 (Loving)
Does it affect something???  
The scene with CG. 
I haven't updated to the new version yet.  
I'll try it, thanks for the advice. 
Cheers ;)

How do I get the 2nd heart for Logan?

I'm so sorry. But I remember it wrong. You can get his 2nd heart from his night visit event (the event name 'I own you a beer').

Thank you, I understand.

So how do I get his second heart?


(1 edit) (+1)

There still no 2nd heart for Rhot in this update (0.42.1). Please wait and looking forward to the future update for Rhot content.

PS. Glad to help you >:D

Point 2 of the following requirements.I don't quite understand how to finish it.

Additional part unlocked after doing three other paths. A new way of spending the day with Othra and Roushk (Second heart to obtain)

Part with Rhot at the very end (Req: One heart with Rhot)

[Private training – Additional variant for the scene (Req: 2 hearts with Roushk)]

It refer to 'bonding' event that you can do with Othra and Rouskh to gain 2nd heart. Every time you end bonding event (bonding event us repeatable) there will be some event with Rhot which you can gain some like from him. And private training is a scene with Roushk after you get 2nd heart with him.

Part with Rhot at the very end

What should we do in this step?

I'm not actually sure which part are you mention to. Can you describe some detail more?

Not sure if it’s my phone but it keeps crashing for me, I can’t even get past the starting part

How do I get two hearts with Roushk? I feel like I have done everything already.

(1 edit) (+2)

You can get 2 hearts for Roushk and Priestess by doing bonding event with them (go talk to Priestess and choose 'Bonding'). Repeat it in every options (I mean you can doing this event almost every day, at a certain time.) until the forth option appear to be selected.

What are the requirements for Cerise to allow you to work as a prostitute? I've tried lowering charisma, seduction, lewd fame, basically every stat and she still says that my PC is "too much".

(1 edit)

All your stats should be around 15-20, that's how I got it first time.

Edit: that is what was told tho.. and my stats in my 2nd playthrough are like this but i'm not accepted either... so now I'm confused as well..


i'm not getting the varient with roushk when doing the private training,and i have the two hearts,is the chance just like hella low? i've done it like 20 times and still no variant 

Wow... Guess you are unlucky... it's random yes but it took me 3 tries to get it..


drgufsuyefeuiybfEU thanks for telling me imma keep trying with it lmao 

(1 edit) (+1)

got it,i think i wasnt getting it before because i was like hella strong,i used the cheat cookies and when training with him i never lost so,i lowered my stats because soembody said to lower your stats to around 15-20 to work at the brothel which i did and she still says i need to gain more status,which i'm confused what status she means,be a better hero or be a better whore? or get status at entice but i gave a bunch of money and anything i do at the brothel doesnt give me status anymore and she still says i can't work there okay okay figured it out ty to  somebody on the main title thread,they said have stats at 25-50 i put everything around 25 and she let me in WE GOOD lol


Ah, seeing this now... nice! Yeah the brothel is weird. I got accepted with stats between 15-20, but on my 2nd playthrough I didn't.... Gonna try out the 20-50 stats..


Always excited to see an update, but don't be afraid to take a break if needed. Also, will it ever be possible to skip going underground every time to get to "disconnected" areas? It gets a bit annoying to have to navigate it so frequently. 

(1 edit)

i cant even get it to install lol, keeps saying app isnt installed edit: nvm I had no space XD

For some reason the Android version keeps closing itself

I've done the bulb and wolbauks medicine and I've got 20 like with Roghak but I'm still unable to get the Wolbauk milking event

(2 edits)

You just have to keep approaching him. Click on Wolbauk's Pen and click Leave if it doesn't work. Then just keep doing that; eventually it will start.

How do I not lose my save?

How to make Feliar go to the fair, I'm so lost now ;-;

Go to feliar and ask him


Thank you for the Update Hyao! 

Rest your mind if you need to, we can wait a month if you need to take a break

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