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This game contains adult themes of both hetero and homosexual nature (with a stronger focus on male content)

See the summary below for more details.

What is Lustful Desires?

It’s an adult text-based game with rpg mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space".

For those who want to support the project:

You can also join the Discord channel : 

Can you tell me something about the world?

It’s a typical fantasy world where people lives in a small towns trying to survive in a dangerous surroundings. The wilderness is full of beasts and unfortunately not all of them are friendly, not to mention it’s very easy to get lost in thick forests or vast swamps. Some even mentioning ancient ruins scattered all around the land, but not many were able to learn about the past. It’s easier to stick to one safe place, instead of travelling, but yet it still not stopping people from exploring.

Lately the situation started to change. The urges and desires rises everywhere making living creatures wanting something more than only food and a place to rest.

How does the game looks?

Like in all text-based game everything here is described with words. A lot of words.

The graphic is only a helping touch. At this point everything in this area is a Work In Progress – background, interface. In the future I hope I will be able to add graphics of creatures and beasts you can encounter.

What do I have to do?

During your adventure you are going to meet a lot of people and you will face many different situations. Have in mind that the way you deal with the problem may have consequences later. Do you want to be a hero everyone respect or maybe you prefer to give all the pleasure to everyone interested?

During the talks you will have the options to pick the way you want your character to behave. This may look similar to narrative in a visual novels and like in those some scenes gonna look different depend on what route you took.

There is also a simple battle system. You gonna meet the same opponents very often and their behavior will change depend on how you acted earlier. The bandit will look at you differently if you decide to submit to him, instead of fighting.

Also as an herbalist you will learn a lot about making potions which will help you during your journeys. Prepare yourself for a lot of trips to find resources needed for crafting, but be careful because they can end in an unexpected ways.

How about some kind of summary?

  • Narrative system: Your choices often have consequences. People like to talk so think how you want to be seen in towns.
  • Quest system: Talk with NPCs, some of them may have an additional job for you.
  • Day/Night Cycle: Maybe you should check some places later?
  • Battle system: Fight or Tease? It all depends on what you want.
  • Statuses: Pay attention, some of the attacks may leave you with additional effects. If you won’t sleep or you drink too much it will have affect on you as well.
  • Opponents: Each group of opponents has their own attitude. Defeat a lot of them and they will be angry, submit to them and they will look at you with gracious eye.
  • Crafting system: Learn new recipes, collect resources, makes a wide variety of potions.
  • Equipment system: Take your favorite weapon and armor with you.
  • Variety: This world is inhabited not only by humans. Expect to find other species, different beasts and animals. If you are looking for naughty times, you will find scenes between all the genders.
  • Themes: M/M, M/F, F/F, fantasy creature (lizardman, werewolf, etc)

What are you planning to add?

  • More content obviously. More areas, more enemies, more quests, more scenes.
  • Better quest system.
  • Improving the look of the interface.
  • Graphics for NPCs and creatures you may encounter.

Who are you again?

Beginning writer and coder.

English is not my first language, so I apologies in advance for any mistakes I make.

My route to become a programmer started recently. For now I’m using Ren’Py as it gives me opportunity to focus on the content without thinking much about the whole interface stuff. Yet I already reached a point where the program is actually stopping me from doing things, so there is a chance I will switch to a different method at some point.

I’m trying my best to improve both in programming and writing sides, so expect a lot of changes in the future.

Contact information:




In case you find bugs you can report them in private message on twitter, send them via mail or just post the comment here on itchio.


Characters artwork made by Zoroj: PatreonFurAffinityTwitter

Background artwork made by Gavel: TwitterFurAffinity

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Fantasy, Monsters, sex, Text based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours


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LustfulDesires-0.26.2-mac.zip 330 MB
LustfulDesires-0.26.2-pc.zip 347 MB
LustfulDesires-0.26.2-release.apk 451 MB

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Anyone else not got audio?

game doesnt really have audio only spot i know of with audio is in the nightmare and you get to hear the rainfall,so don't worry about it/you havent gotten to the nightmare yet 

is ther a way to get to the new Dungeon without Korg? I don´t have an old save so otherwise if not im am Screwd.

Weird it says its been updated yet it still says 26..2


I think that's cause it was a bugfix update, Those happen occasionally with games on itch.

AH so prolly a few more days til updates for real then dang got my hopes up I am always excited whenever a new update happens.

Same! I love this game! But yeah it should be a couple days.

Is there a guide or something, everything is so confusing


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kk1nVwdcqxsqkysRpLgMoRE0wKDOmMXYfxKpDsBlmas/htmlview# this is the official guide but it needs to be updated for some things, if you don't find it in the guide comment and someone should hopefully be able to help you out!

(1 edit)

yup Arion is my favorite character. 

Edit- nevermind Arion,Logan, and Roth is my favorite

I mean,where is my next update? I am looking forward to seeing the Nightmare again. 

Updates come on the day before the end of the month or at the end of the month, so less than a week from know we should see something unless hyao has something come up.

Sooo. I've been doing Logan's route. Seeking every events on it. But I'm kinda stuck with only 1 heart and watching fireworks event. Is there any other way to increase the relationship score or I've to wait till further update?

Your gonna need to wait for a future update, logan only has a couple events atm

DAY 60,still haven't unlocked farmstead , and no hearts from Bernard,which I think is the reason why I can't unlock something called "fair scene"?

Maybe I missed several important events?

If you saved korg from the cave you can go back to the same cave and victoria has Ste there, you'll need to either pleasure her with someone you know (Ste likes you) or battle her to free Ste (Ste dislikes you) and from there you can find Farmstead

Thank you so much~

This game is really complex and I'm in constant need of help to progress. It is kinda overwhelming.

I have two questions: One, I started a quest to kill green jellies to get some material for the priestess but I don't think I can make this one with my awful strenght stat. Can I drop the quest? How?

Two: It's kinda annoying how to have sex with some characters you have to purposefully lose combats so their opinion about you changes to "Loving", especially because you have to forcefully be a bottom for that (or a powerless top, like with the nymph), but for the sake of seeing what happens, I decided to raise the werewolves' attitude towards me, but I don't see any differences? Is this useful for anything, like, at all?

Related to this, I think having more instances where you can be a winning bottom would be cool. I thought it was pretty cool that the nymph pretty much made the losers tops.

Werewolves have an event at night when your attitude is high with them with differing scenes based on top or bottom, regular wolves also have one but only play out as bottom, think bandits have one as well could be wrong. The nymphs have one when they're -20 and lower in attitude with you and you have a nymph wig on. Some enemies teasing them will raise their attitude instead of lowering. Could be more, the nymph and werewolf one is the most recent though.

To drop quest go into the menu where you normally put your stats in and abort it.

So, having Werewolves at +100 I just have to keep walking around the forest or the cottage to get an event randomly?

I'm guessing it's not another kind of text during a battle, right? The only unusual thing I found was some small scene about a horny werewolf jumping at me when I explore the cottage.


it's after the whole werewolf fiasco at bareshade and the alphas den,after that whole situation when you are loved by thewerewolves and walk around their den at night, soemtimes it will be just a regular attack by a wolf or werewolf or it is the ''hunt'' and new scene that you're wanting to see

(1 edit)

Your right the bandits have a scene of they like you enough, but it doesn't trigger if you already beat scar because bandits stop showing up at the track making it stop appearing. Also the red orcs and northcrest defenders get one as well, orcs is a random 2 events at battlefield, the guards you only see if your screwing around with Everett in the northcrest camp.

The Bridge Troll has some differences. Once you get to Loving, he'll greet you as "favorite human" and kiss you. Otherwise, it seems the same.

I was reading the guide, and call me dumb, but what's the difference between Total Corruption, and Plain Old Bad Ending for the Lizard Tribe?

How long does it take for the patreon version to be posted here?

The current Patreon version will be posted here at the end of January.


how do u make the aphrodisiac, I have talked to the witch about it and have the ingredients but can't seem to make it at all. can someone help me?? 

1. Water Lily
2. Blue Essence
3. Succubus Leaf
4. -
5. Green Essence

omg thank you so much been stuck on it for days , where to find water lilies if u don't mind telling me ?

You can find those by exploring the lake in the forest (where the nymph appearrs)

ahh cheers  totally forgot

How do we "have fun with Everette"?

Go to Northcrest at night and explore the place. At random you will see Everett and an other guy having sex on the streets. 

With that info you can leave and confront him later about it or right after they are done. 

With that done you can go to the Outpost and then speak to him the option to have ,,Fun´´ with him should appear if you have picked the right options that is. 

Just be teasing with him and dont blackmail him.

(1 edit)

I hope the between worlds have part two i tottally cried when i read it. I still felt the pain of missing someone huhuhu...

Uhhhh can i ask how do i unlock the WIP option :D?

gotta just wait for the content to be available,either buy the patreon version which is an update ahead of the free version or just wait until it is out and then you can experience the content 

Do you know what WIP means? Its means ,,work in progress´´ so it is still being created. 

Hello, I'd like to ask, Is logan route complete? I can't seem to get his second heart, how do I do that (Didn't let him go to the bandit camp

I'm pretty sure Logan's route isn't complete yet. Most the game is still a work in progress... I don't think you can get a second heart with him yet though.

I thought so... wel, is it possible to get a heart on Rhot already?

yes. just get a high like point with him, get the best ending for the nightmare 2 event (i don't know if good ending will work or not or maybe you don't need to pass the nightmare event yet i don't know but i did it after i got the best ending at the nightmare event) and sleep in the ruins at night. rhot will be beside your bed but left afterward and then you confront him and let him sleep with you without your permission. i'm sorry if it's inaccurate because i forgot how i did it

Just  to be clear, how do i get the best ending for the Lizards? I think I only got the good one.
Also, with caleb, is it possible to get hearts with him already?

i'm not sure about caleb, but to get the best lizard ending, you need to have a total of at least 125 likes from ghrusk, rhot, othra, and roushk all summed up. if you get a dialogue when you talk with rhot after the the nightmare 2 event, that means ou get the best ending

I guess Blake is not attracted to female MC?

And how do I gain hearts????through specific events or  by completing everyday conversation that makes them like MC more?

HELP ! It's been 22 days,I only have 1 heart !     :(

I'm not sure about Blake not being attracted to female MC, I just feel like he doesn't have much dialogue with the MC in general. You can't gain hearts with him yet.

To get hearts you need to complete specific events, to get the specific events you need to increase your ''like'' with them. 

It's a bit outdated but you can still find some tutorials on most of the events with the main characters. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kk1nVwdcqxsqkysRpLgMoRE0wKDOmMXYfxKpDsBl...

Thx a lot!

What you can get a heart to blake i didnt know that how???

I've finished all the missions (except the ones that haven't been completed) and I still haven't figured out how to make the fair scene happen.

You will need to talk to Bernard about it when you guys started sleeping with each other, then you get 3 improvements to pick. Pick the fair option

How do I get hearts with Bernard?

Go to the cottage every Friday and when u have enough "like points" u have to sleep on the bed. 

Srry, I don't remember 

But, there's some help in the game guide. 

Thanks for the help,it worked! 

I did try to find him there on a Friday before,and Bernard did not show up, then I kinda gave up,thinking that the cottage scene was a one-time event~

I think I may have run into a bug? I've made six Heat Occisia for Bernard's fever, but nothing happens when I go to the Shop besides the 'Leave' option.

check the quest log as it helps you keep track of what to do for a quest.
as might just be your on the waiting for it

(1 edit) (+1)

ANSWER  -> you need to use the heat occasia to make spectral syrup and cure bernard with it,also has to be during the day,go to your home and look at the recipe for spectral syrup and make it accordingly and give to bernard,will complete quest and start the next (well at least open up more after)

how did i get heart with Logan?  I've done everything and nothing.

When picking who to go to in the werewolf quest

pick logan instead of bernard


Awwwww i wish i could use the love potion to all NPC :))))

how do l invite Xeroth to the fair?


as I remember I managed to ivite him and Feliar exactly on Sunday. Didn't see the dialogues about the fair on another days

If the bandit camp's morale gets really low will the bandits attack the town again? Or has the system for that not been flushed out yet.

if it gets low you get bandit group an if it gets too high they want you to service them.
that's all that happens with bandit morale

Is there any real "bad" consequences for being a slut for the bandits during the bandit's side quest? I want to have a playthough where I can completely be a submissive bottom and get the best ending for quests. Or do I have to beat Scar to make the town the most happy?

you can be a total slut and complete the quest.

for the battle with Scar, you'll need potions to increase his lust though.

What kind of potions do you need to make horny? I only know lust potions. please and thank you for the info

that's it

lust potions and strong lust potions

How do you throw it too him though?

use it during battle 

I know you can complete the quest being a slut but will anyone like you less or will you be blocked off from other quests or routes.



not that I know of

are we ever gonna get a proper face for the MC? or is that just always gonna be left to imagination? Honestly it'd be nice to get like a proper official face or at least some details

(1 edit) (+2)

I think the MC is suppose to be you. A lot of people look different or want to have their idea of the MC instead of it being a MC they don't like or are not interested in. I personally like it because some days I like to be a small petite femboy and others the big bara top. 

(1 edit)

if you get restrain potion from merchant and finish "More potion"  directly, then you can't learn how to make restrain potion. And you can't start the quest of lizard's part

The recipe for the Restrain Potion is Red Berry, Nut, Nothing, Nut, Red Berry.

Strong Restrain Potion is Red Pulp, Nut, Earth Moss, Nut, Red Pulp (not sure which one you need).

Either way, once you make a potion, it should unlock the recipe for it if you don't already have it. It will also make a quick shortcut for it once you've successfully made the potion 4 times.

i downloaded the android version.. and i cant hear any sound. im new and some visuals are not visible like the female bandit. and bandits..im afraid i wont be seeing a lot of characters in the future...im a visual person... i really like the art.. any suggestions on what im gonna do to lift these problems of mine?


Sound is currently not included and some sprites are not finished tho to the developers and artists credit I have seen that they are putting a lot of effort into updating sprits. Text is just faster finished then the sprits.

oh i see,thank you..now i understand.

Нужна помощь, что мне нужно исправить, чтобы продолжить свой путь?

(1 edit)

Wait for the next update. WIP - Work in Progress 

Thank you for the information

I don't know about being in a harem with every NPC i met.... I think most NPC I've met so far has at least 1 heart. Is there a way to decrease a heart without using love potions?


As far as I'm aware, there are currently no ways to reduce hearts. That said, I don't think there's any negative consequences to romancing several characters.


That just indicates how they feel about you, as I understand it, you aren't under any obligations to reciprocate those feelings

I still haven't figured out how to get a heart with most of them. It may just be grinding?

what's the best way to grind xp? i've been farming ghouls for a bit and it's been going decent so far. don't know if theres a better way or not.

I personally prefer using the wolves/werewolves... Just spamming tease around the forest hut. I don't think it's the most efficient method but that's how I do it.

or the Hornets in farmstead

If you have good lizard ending, there's daily spar with Rhot that could gives you 100 exp per-day, also training with lizard warrior could gives you exp too

Spar with Rhot and Arion daily. You can also beat/tease the alpha each night. If you already encountered Vicoria, tease her until she's beaten. It would give lesser exp but with an additional relationship points. If you're not interested in Vicoria (tho I suggest keeping good relationships with all npcs since we don't know what's to come next) you can just beat her to get more xp


ok just to be clear there are no consequences with romancing more than one person right? I maxed out my hearts with bernard before i got hearts on anyone else. I didn't mean to get hearts with them but it's too late for that. I feel like a bad person going on dates with other guys. idk man i feel like a shitty harem anime protagonist.


you can be a harem protagonist without any issues with other characters

True, i think that's just one of many purpose this game was made for (in relationship aspect).


Not really sure what, but I'd like if you could do more with your captured people. They just live there with no needs, waiting for me, and being completely empty.

Yeah we need more to do with them and them having a bit more of to do with us.


i feel like at some point we can just have them as room mates instead of them just being in the prison probably starving to death. I feel like Korg brings them food regularly cuz we forgot we even imprisoned them there. 

I would like to keep them as servants, like teach them how to clean and chop wood and stuff. Use werewolves as guard dogs, wererats as housemaids and lizardmen to help with the garden or something like that and reward them with food and sex. I know it sounds like slavery but it´s way better than put them in a cell to rot. Or maybe hold them in the prison in order to cure the curse of lust or give them the antilycan. But maybe for future development, I'm more interested in the plot and every new character and species than anything else.


Yes this would be very nice.

But one quick question: Why do you think that anyone here would have a problem with it sounding like slavery?

Fair point, I mean they're sex slaves already


Well, maybe some players  are not into that, the same way some are against dating multiple partners. In the game you literally kidnap this creatures from their habitat, then throw them in jail and visit them in order to take advantage of their lonely horny state. If on top of that you put them to work for you just because you can, it kinda sounds like slavery to me. Definitively doesn't sound like spa treatment. But hey, it's just a game and it can be played however you want. That's the hole point.

My post was supposed to be a joke.

But I have to give you some credit for the good explanation.

Yeah, I know. Sorry. Just want it to be clear to avoid misinterpretations.

Does the Nameless Cock Ring you get from that demon do anything? Also can you ever talk to it?

Also, I'm talking about the demon who made the Curse of Lust.

Isn't it having stats? Probably +2 to appearence or sort of. 

As for talking to the demon, we will meet him again in future updates if we wanna settle things between orcs an humans :D Maybe there. Let's wait for 3-4 updates more

Oh, okay. I didn't know if it did anything else besides boost your appearance.

it also reduces ur max sanity by 15

Oh so that's why my sanity was so low

Is there any difference between the FREE version and the PATREON version? Like, are there exclusive CG's and events in the patreon one that isn't included in the free?


as to what i know,the answer is no it's just a month ahead of the free version,may be some community type of benefits like discord status or soemthing but you can check the patreon version and it tells you what it gives before figuring out if you want to buy it or not 

(2 edits)

im stuck in this game, i got the quest to find this guy in the woods for the shop keeper, but i cant figure out where to find the ingredients. so im just hoarding berries and making basic potions and i cant move on. he got sick and i cant find the ingredients he needs to get better. to be clear, i can not find: heat occisia. i dont know where to go to get it.

When the shopkeeper gets sick, you need to 'go back home' and 'study' about the symptoms. Then you go to the swamp, ask the Priestess about Heat Occasia then you can get the recipe.


There are also fanmade wikis around (although they're not complete) but I got advanced recipes there even before it was introduced in my current quest. If you try crafting them early, they'd be added to your recipe list in advance.

Where can I find Emerald Sea Wave and Glowsroom

Emerald sea wave = crafting

Glowshroom = lake of purification

I cant get the nightmare appear eventhought i have sleep till morning at house a lot of time

You might have to finish up the lizard's questline - including the ''Between worlds'' quest. I think that might do it.

How can I get a heart on Hayden? I cant figure it out.

You need to be a bottom mc and then it'll unlock several options about Hayden inviting you to take a bath (and sex together) plus fulfilling his fantasies. After that he'll invite you on a date. If you're a top, you can just use submissive potions to do so.

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