A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


This game contains adult themes of both hetero and homosexual nature (with a stronger focus on male content)

See the summary below for more details.

What is Lustful Desires?

It’s an adult text-based game with rpg mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space".

For those who want to support the project:

You can also join the Discord channel : 

Can you tell me something about the world?

It’s a typical fantasy world where people lives in a small towns trying to survive in a dangerous surroundings. The wilderness is full of beasts and unfortunately not all of them are friendly, not to mention it’s very easy to get lost in thick forests or vast swamps. Some even mentioning ancient ruins scattered all around the land, but not many were able to learn about the past. It’s easier to stick to one safe place, instead of travelling, but yet it still not stopping people from exploring.

Lately the situation started to change. The urges and desires rises everywhere making living creatures wanting something more than only food and a place to rest.

How does the game looks?

Like in all text-based game everything here is described with words. A lot of words.

The graphic is only a helping touch. At this point everything in this area is a Work In Progress – background, interface. In the future I hope I will be able to add graphics of creatures and beasts you can encounter.

What do I have to do?

During your adventure you are going to meet a lot of people and you will face many different situations. Have in mind that the way you deal with the problem may have consequences later. Do you want to be a hero everyone respect or maybe you prefer to give all the pleasure to everyone interested?

During the talks you will have the options to pick the way you want your character to behave. This may look similar to narrative in a visual novels and like in those some scenes gonna look different depend on what route you took.

There is also a simple battle system. You gonna meet the same opponents very often and their behavior will change depend on how you acted earlier. The bandit will look at you differently if you decide to submit to him, instead of fighting.

Also as an herbalist you will learn a lot about making potions which will help you during your journeys. Prepare yourself for a lot of trips to find resources needed for crafting, but be careful because they can end in an unexpected ways.

How about some kind of summary?

  • Narrative system: Your choices often have consequences. People like to talk so think how you want to be seen in towns.
  • Quest system: Talk with NPCs, some of them may have an additional job for you.
  • Day/Night Cycle: Maybe you should check some places later?
  • Battle system: Fight or Tease? It all depends on what you want.
  • Statuses: Pay attention, some of the attacks may leave you with additional effects. If you won’t sleep or you drink too much it will have affect on you as well.
  • Opponents: Each group of opponents has their own attitude. Defeat a lot of them and they will be angry, submit to them and they will look at you with gracious eye.
  • Crafting system: Learn new recipes, collect resources, makes a wide variety of potions.
  • Equipment system: Take your favorite weapon and armor with you.
  • Variety: This world is inhabited not only by humans. Expect to find other species, different beasts and animals. If you are looking for naughty times, you will find scenes between all the genders.
  • Themes: M/M, M/F, F/F, fantasy creature (lizardman, werewolf, etc)

What are you planning to add?

  • More content obviously. More areas, more enemies, more quests, more scenes.
  • Better quest system.
  • Improving the look of the interface.
  • Graphics for NPCs and creatures you may encounter.

Who are you again?

Beginning writer and coder.

English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make.

My route to become a programmer started recently. For now I’m using Ren’Py as it gives me opportunity to focus on the content without thinking much about the whole interface stuff. Yet I already reached a point where the program is actually stopping me from doing things, so there is a chance I will switch to a different method at some point.

I’m trying my best to improve both in programming and writing sides, so expect a lot of changes in the future.

Contact information:




In case you find bugs you can report them in private message on twitter, send them via mail or just post the comment here on itchio.


Characters artwork made by Zoroj: PatreonFurAffinityTwitter

Background artwork made by Gavel: TwitterFurAffinity

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,757 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Fantasy, Monsters, sex, Text based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours


LustfulDesires-0.49.0-linux.tar.bz2 528 MB
LustfulDesires-0.49.0-mac.zip 521 MB
LustfulDesires-0.49.0-pc.zip 556 MB
LustfulDesires-0.49.0-android.apk 545 MB

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Hey everyone, does anyone have problems with the windows version, like delays when making a choice or go from a point to another in the map? 

no, i sorry
I have a pc of shit and the game fits me super well, try to eliminate and download

Hey guys, I'm just curious, was the scene with the Nameless one where he blackmails you with Rhot changed, or are the characters random or different each time? On my first playthrough when he asked me to get some gems, he blackmailed me with Rhot. On my current playthrough, it's Korg? Are there different scenes depending on the choices/relationship/save or was it just changed?

In my playthrough was Korg as well :) I wonder what happens if you havent befriended anybody that much by that moment 

Maybe. I definitely was neglecting Rhot a bit in my current playthrough. He used to be my number husbando lol. Or I'm betting it was changed. Rhot didn't do anything when Nameless showed him to me. But Korg had a battle sequence. 


If you have Korg at home you fight him, otherwise Roth, but Korg's fight is more detailed because is supposed to be the "main" one

Oh thanks for clearing that one up.


Hello there, I created a demo for a new turn based jrpg developed with rpg maker mv, do you want to try it? This is the demo's download link from itch.io (sorry for bothering you)! https://keslukos.itch.io/de-rerum-monstris-monsters-island    

Does anyone know how to unlock the mission of the three lost acolytes I can't pass that mission and I'm already on day 189

(1 edit)

I assume you have accepted the task from Othra? If so, you can find one in the ruins by checking the warriors. Another one is in the swamp. And another is in the forest by the pond.

(2 edits)

Does anyone know the requirements to get the lewd bar scene during "Helping with Chores"?


you just need to increase Northcrest lewd fame and do the chores in the evening 




Hyao's Patreon said the update might be delayed by a couple of days. Something came up.

Hey guys,

Cantando explaine to me how I  can give to Grushk the tolls for starting the event?

Even if, I have the lust incense and the incense burner with me when I meet him at the temple waterfalls, I cannot give him the stuff. Am I doing something wrong?

Is not there, you meet him where the warriors are training.

Ok, but where warriors are training I can only spare with a warrior/Rhot, talk with Rhot and sometimes spare with Grushk, but I cannot  talk with him..  is there something wrong?


im hoping more red orc story in this next updat

(1 edit)

If only I could tame one of those red sexy orcs and bring it to my hut (from the wasteland area I mean xD) I would let him f*** the hell out of me lol 


I hope nameless make some appearance in next update 😁

Such interesting and uniqe character I've ever see in vn games


Yes! More Nameless please :D 

Can anyone help me?  My potion recipes disappeared during the game and I couldn't continue.  I've crafted a resistance potion when talking to an NPC.  The NPC said that I didn't learn it, when I opened the crafting recipe it disappeared

did you reload the save before you noticed the recipes disappear?

how do you get more places on the map

what areas do you already have?

2-3 more days 


So my question might seem out of place.... I'm trying to strictly romance Logan, but during the expansion for bareshade Bernard keeps kissing me. Is there a way to avoid that outcome? 


you cannot. there will be some interaction with others. you can, if you play it right, let Logan take your characters virginity. 

Ah. I was hoping if I avoided romance it would stop any kisses. I did succeed with the virginity, I just don't want logan to get mad at me, if that makes him mad.... Haha

Hi old player here is there a guide now just asking for a friend cause i can't teach him all the thing i have found and achieve cause i have a short time memory lost🙂(or I'm just too lazy too explain to him) soo is hyao have a guide site or something 😅

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello, I also once searched and found a wiki fandom of this game.

This link (may) has spoilers, be aware of spoilers.



Ohhh my fudgeee cake thank you thank you very much for telling me this actually i was planning to restart a new game soo thanks for this 😄😁


Is there any way on how to reduce lewd fame at the lizard tribe? If so, how?

Refuse to stay after bonding time with Roushk and Othra

Got it, thanks!

(1 edit) (+1)

can someone help and tell me where can I find the air plate(All 2 halves of them)?


NVM. I just need to talk to Tao about half of the plate which the Rat King has it.

Yeah, in fact i don't remember every steps to have sex with logan in werewolf form, long time have no play, i know he can fuck you in wolf den at the alpha fight , but i remember it's a random event. Someone can explain every steps please. I'm lost. 

One more question, how can I get aphrodisiac? I went to the lustful desire wiki and it tells me that it can be done by crafting it but it doesn't appear to be done >:{

The witch at the swamp will provide the recipe, depending on time of day.


Here, the recipe is already in there for a long time tbh. You might not noticed it, idk.

is there other ways to enter bad ending of the lizard tribe without rising enough lust point? I forgot to follow the instruction and don't want to replay the whole process (which also effect other events progress) :((

I’m trying to install it on Android, but it says “App not installed”

(1 edit) (+1)

does something happen to get 50 likes with the werewolf in prison?


Just unlocked tea time with Rose.  Best girl-friend ever!  I hope we get to put her chaotic ideas into action

How do I trigger Dulrig to go on the trip to the cave? I've given a bunch of ores already, I'm confused


Did you discover the EmerlineGolem nests in the Deep Caves of Munbury Mountain and defeat them to get multiple crystals?

Yup, I've got bunch of the green and purple, he already sells the emerline weapons so I have already gave it to him. Ran around all the question mark on the map, am at 100 like with the golems. And still nothing, idk what else I'm missing.

Normally you talk to him then with Rubén and then with him back, that will give you one more talk where you go, return before 10 am to look for him to go to the cave without passing the hour, no he is not going to have a good relationship with the guards and you will have extra content if when you return from the return you give him more ore he may give you his heart

How do I bring scrap to meet more humans? I've done basically everything with them and his like for me is in the high 80s.

Also brought tao back to his city on the island but he went off somewhere and I can't find him? 

In the current version, Tao does not appear after returning to his hometown. Can scrap be taken out of the junkyard? I did not know.

I'm not sure if scrap can be taken out. His entire conversation is about him wanting to go back to the city with you. 

I have his likes maxed out. Would love to let him live with me. 

Right now, the orc Korg is probably living with you, so it may be impossible for the current situation. Maybe an update will make your wish come true.

Excuse me, is there a Chinese version of this game?

Okay how rare is the chance for Logan's 'I owe you a beer' event to trigger because it's been hundreds of days and he has not visit.

Do you have one and only one heart with him?

Yes, I've been holding off the werewolf swamp mission because I want the second heart

Excuse me, Do we have to put the werewolf mission on hold? I've finished the werewolf mission and now have two hearts and I haven't even met an event Logan with a Barrel at the bar. Did I fail to proceed?

I think so, that's what I got from the events log at least. It says that 'To have three hearts must be done before finishing the next part of the event.'

I'm giving up on Logan's 3 hearts because it's too much trouble to start over.

Should I relax, sleep or rest to have Logan visit? And how small the chance is to get him to visit because I've been trying for hundreds of days in game but he never visits.

It says that I need to receive a package from Dulrig as a condition for sending gifts to Everett, but how can I receive a package from Dulrig?

Package from Dulrig is a talk you have with Everett after you see his meeting at the warehouse with Booner

I met Everett when I took a walk around the market at night! thank you!


What function do prisoners serve, besides sex scenes, and what do their stats do (like and dominance)?  Do they provide any sort of buff or gameplay use?


For now just sex scenes, the dominance stat change the introduction when you approach to the prisoner if is > 30 the prisoner will be dominant and the scene changes a bit and if it's < -30 the prisoner will be submissive. Now if you have two variations of the same prisoner like the green lizard and the blue lizard you get a bonus scene if both prisoners have the dominance stat > 30 and another if it's < -30. 

Now during the full moon event it's possible to imprison both WereBernard and WereLogan if the dominance stat is < -30 they will be submissive and when you're having fun with one the other will join. If the dominance stat is > 30 they will be dominant and when you're having fun with one the other will join. But if you're having fun with Logan you get an extra scene if you have 2 lizardman, 1 werewolf and 1 ratkin in the cells as well.

Thanks for the intel, Killian.  Is there a reason why the option to fool around with WereBrenard is colored red (like a bad choice)?  It doesn't seem to led to any troubles later...

(4 edits)

I think it just communicates to you that what you're doing is bad, doing sexual favors for someone without their awareness - plus without oral consent from one party (which is Bernard under the werewolf influence).

This is also noted in an additional line after Bernard was successfully cured, saying he was being exploited in short flashes of memory when he was afflicted and imprisoned.

The question remains whether this will affect a future interaction, especially if someone had to witness your deeds (one individual comes to mind though that is way ahead where you are in the storyline).

I did this in a previous build and never read him say that, is this in the newer builds?

I recall he mentions it as soon as he woke up.

I need more to happen with Arion or Hayden omggg

Okay, so, could anyone please tell me wether Rhot\Xer group scene exists or not? I donno where to look >,>

For now no


Hyao. Would you add option to have the virginity claimed by Nameless? Pleaseee :3 xD


Hello Hyao. 

I would suggest that you add a full guild for each quest and how to unlock every GC in the game, because I'm totally lost and I don't know where to go.

I just started playing last night, but I'm not seeing some enemies during the fights. Is this a normal bug? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


It's normal  =3

where i can find a supplier for the bandits?


Isn't it directed to the event log in the scroll icon at the bottom of the game screen? It's a bandit camp mission. Maybe if you go see Bernard, you'll be able to talk to him.

Hi everyone. Could someone pls tell me how to make Logan visit my house in Bareshade? I have 2 heats with him.

You can't, it works only with one

I have a quastion ,I've completed all the village expansions and visited the bar at night, but I can't encounter Logan and  Barrel fight. Arion always appears and it's annoying. What should I do now? A bandit has 100 affection.

I can't either, I already have two hearts and I can't activate the event


A lot of people have the same problem, but I can't find a clear solution. There are too many differences in difficulty and difficulty depending on the character, and I've been a little disgusted.

Do you have 100 reputation among Bandits or 100 bandits' morale?

I think the bandit's favorability (evaluation?) is 100. I can see it with the ♡ icon at the bottom left of the screen. Where can I find bandit morale? How do you go up?

Hover your cursor on the Bandit's Camp on the map. You can see the Camp's Morale in the top left of the screen.

How do I do the mission to bring beers and meat to the vandidos? please help

Go to the shopkeeper and the bartender

Hello everyone, is this dialogue part of something bigger?

I'm asking it because I'm playing again from the beggining and I haven't event found the diabosite ores yet.

Can you tell me how do I have this conversation with blake?

I have 52 likes with him and it still hasn't appeared


This dialogue if for Logan. I guess if you can 'Gift' Logan, this will appear. Just a guess though, I forgot how it happened. It just did lol

Thank you for your help  :)

How tf do you have that many likes with him?

I just massaged him every time the option appeared 

Makes sense

(1 edit)

AFAIK this appears when you decided that the gloryhole on Stes fence should be re-created in a "pro Version". Once the weights are done your PC can gift them to Logan. I have no clue to what effect - but I didn't finish the quest connected to it yet...

It's for Logan... Is a gift you can make...

I have a question, what did you use to make this game? Cause I've been looking into making text based games and was pointed to twine, so I'm curious if this was made in twine.


this and many vns use ren'py


nah this was made in ren'py as TrinexxSlayer said.

Awesome, thanks, I just was curious. :3

Someone help me, after unlocking the corrupt place where *explore* appears, how do I explore it because something appears that does not allow me to do so
(4 edits)

I guess you mean the lake with the corrupt water...

If it's about the potions:
Explore until that something does not happen. If your character is fast enough you can escape from fights or use the bomb which is usually successful with most enemies.

If it's about the way:
Your player character needs a source of light. There are at least three items that do shed light. One of these can be made if you char has built a special room in the teachers hut, one will be given as a gift (depends on your choice in a quest) and one can be bought.

Tell me if you want me to be more explicit.

Thank you. I just need a little more explanation please

The bomb is the smoke bomb. It lets you leave the fight immediately and works on almost all foes.

The light sources are a torch, an amulet that the Lizard priestress gives your PC (not available if the witch helped with her light source) and an armor but it's only available way later than the other two.
To make a torch your PC needs to build the toolroom / workbench or so. I can't remember what it's called but it will be obvious when you check the screen that shows you what you can build to improve the teachers hut. To get there you need to click the tool icon in the main screen when your PC is in the hut. It has a hammer and another tool in it - there will be an area "Improvements" that shows you what can be built and what you need for building.


;-) my pleasure

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