A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This game contains adult themes of both hetero and homosexual nature (with a stronger focus on male content)

See the summary below for more details.

What is Lustful Desires?

It’s an adult text-based game with rpg mechanics, inspired by titles like “Flexible Survival” or “Trials in Tainted Space".

For those who want to support the project:

Can you tell me something about the world?

It’s a typical fantasy world where people lives in a small towns trying to survive in a dangerous surroundings. The wilderness is full of beasts and unfortunately not all of them are friendly, not to mention it’s very easy to get lost in thick forests or vast swamps. Some even mentioning ancient ruins scattered all around the land, but not many were able to learn about the past. It’s easier to stick to one safe place, instead of travelling, but yet it still not stopping people from exploring.

Lately the situation started to change. The urges and desires rises everywhere making living creatures wanting something more than only food and a place to rest.

 How does the game looks?

Like in all text-based game everything here is described with words. A lot of words.

The graphic is only a helping touch. At this point everything in this area is a Work In Progress – background, interface. In the future I hope I will be able to add graphics of creatures and beasts you can encounter.

What do I have to do?

During your adventure you are going to meet a lot of people and you will face many different situations. Have in mind that the way you deal with the problem may have consequences later. Do you want to be a hero everyone respect or maybe you prefer to give all the pleasure to everyone interested?

During the talks you will have the options to pick the way you want your character to behave. This may look similar to narrative in a visual novels and like in those some scenes gonna look different depend on what route you took.

There is also a simple battle system. You gonna meet the same opponents very often and their behavior will change depend on how you acted earlier. The bandit will look at you differently if you decide to submit to him, instead of fighting.

Also as an herbalist you will learn a lot about making potions which will help you during your journeys. Prepare yourself for a lot of trips to find resources needed for crafting, but be careful because they can end in an unexpected ways.

How about some kind of summary?

  • Narrative system: Your choices often have consequences. People like to talk so think how you want to be seen in towns.
  • Quest system: Talk with NPCs, some of them may have an additional job for you.
  • Day/Night Cycle: Maybe you should check some places later?
  • Battle system: Fight or Tease? It all depends on what you want.
  • Statuses: Pay attention, some of the attacks may leave you with additional effects. If you won’t sleep or you drink too much it will have affect on you as well.
  • Opponents: Each group of opponents has their own attitude. Defeat a lot of them and they will be angry, submit to them and they will look at you with gracious eye.
  • Crafting system: Learn new recipes, collect resources, makes a wide variety of potions.
  • Equipment system: Take your favorite weapon and armor with you.
  • Variety: This world is inhabited not only by humans. Expect to find other species, different beasts and animals. If you are looking for naughty times, you will find scenes between all the genders.
  • Themes: M/M, M/F, F/F, fantasy creature (lizardman, werewolf, etc)

What are you planning to add?

  • More content obviously. More areas, more enemies, more quests, more scenes.
  • Better quest system.
  • Improving the look of the interface.
  • Graphics for NPCs and creatures you may encounter.

Who are you again?

Beginning writer and coder.

English is not my first language, so I apologies in advance for any mistakes I make.

My route to become a programmer started recently. For now I’m using Ren’Py as it gives me opportunity to focus on the content without thinking much about the whole interface stuff. Yet I already reached a point where the program is actually stopping me from doing things, so there is a chance I will switch to a different method at some point.

I’m trying my best to improve both in programming and writing sides, so expect a lot of changes in the future.

Contact information:




In case you find bugs you can report them in private message on twitter, send them via mail or just post the comment here on itchio.


Characters artwork made by Zoroj: PatreonFurAffinityTwitter

Background artwork made by Gavel: TwitterFurAffinity

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsadult, Crafting, Erotic, Fantasy, Monsters, sex, Text based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours


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Help. I'm at the 54th day in the game, Bernard has 2 hearts, I found that Hayden had a brothel and not hot spring and he probably fucked all the guys in the village, Black ... no comment, always level 3 of intimacy with him, and logan a real headache. But nothing happens, I already found Jester, but the game does not advance. I forgot to do something ?!


Will the Blacksmith be a romance option? He's the perfect husbando...


Will Tank be a romance option? I think he is so hot. He is my favorite character. He kinda reminds me of road hog.  


Hyao, where would it be a good to suggest ideas? (If you're receiving them that is) xD

Loving the game so far. I would recommend if it would be possible that you could make a guide of the game (where to get ingredients, where to get materials to build, how to get to certain places. Etc...)

There is a small guide here: LD - Recipes

It's mostly about items and recipes. It should be up to date... but it may miss some things. I don't have enough time to make a proper guide right now. 

Thank you, at least it's something. :) 

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Hi there Hyao, firstly wanted to congratulate you on an awesome game and world that you have created. wanted to find out though why certain characters don;t display (e.g. The Guard, the 2 bandits, the female bandit, Othra etc,) are these just not showing up for me (cause i can find images of the guard, he simply hasnt ever appeared in my game though), or are they still in development?


They are still in development. I don't have pictures for all of the characters in game.

If it comes to guard, there's a chance I missed some of his appearance at the beginning of the game when I was adding his picture. 


Hi Hyao, thanks for getting back to me, regarding the other pics i eventually found more info on Patreon comments when you did the poll about what everyone wants.

Regarding the Guard, yeah his early game pics didn't load. I also need to ask, cause I'm assuming Gunnar is the guard you run into with the caravan, his name doesn't update when you do the public fun with him nor when you generally encounter him. I did eventually find a scene where he is shown (when you have to apologize to him by the river at the Satyrs house (I was NOT disappointed, nice scene))

Anyway, thanks again for the hard work, I'm a new fan that only found and joined the Patreon/Game 3 days ago. Looking forward to your work, I'm all caught up now haha!

Thanks, it's much easier to find those missing places when someone actually mention them. Otherwise I have to look through the whole code for the specific areas. I already found the public place and replaced them with guard screens. I will have to make some more adjustment to the beginning, when the player meet him, so that may have to wait slightly longer. 

And thank you for the support then ^^ I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the game so much and I hope you will like future updates as well!

I had 5 Glowshroom but still unable to get inside the cave, Witch and Priestess don't have any quest or more talk to me either


If you have 5 of those then there should be a new topic in the talk menu. Something about the light. Priestess should have it anytime, Witch only during the day. 

I’m interested in playing this but I'm worried I’ll be forced in to non-Gay scenarios. Can I avoid all the F/F and M/F stuff if I want?

You can /mostly/ avoid non-gay content.

There are a few female enemies (To my knowledge, four).  Any of the three that beat you will result in female-based content, while if you beat them via fighting (and not teasing) there isn't any sexual scenarios involved.  

It is otherwise non existent, and those four situations are very easy to deal with (One more or less stops showing up after awhile, one is a one-time boss, the third and fourth aren't terribly hard to beat up, although admittedly I had a high strength stat)


I love this game so much that I think I've completed every aspect of it as a top and bottom xD

I was wondering if you ever plan to make makes changes to Appearance/Strength stats as if you go full appearance then you're pretty much screwed again the Slime/Tar monsters, and as Strength you're perma stunned against the Satyr which isn't much fun.

Don't feel intellect stat plays much into the game at all as it makes little difference in battles or events that I've noticed, just makes learning an item less of a chore. 


The game is not well balanced ^^" I'll probably redesign the stats system at some point. I'm not sure when though. 

How do i explore the caves? it says i need light but i dont know how to make a torch or where to buy one?

You need to reach the northcrest cave first and find glowshrooms first. With five of them you go to the priestess or witch. 


hey hyao, your game is just perfect and so fun and just great to play. i guess it would be just right if you make a sex scene in the end of teasing enemy as example with the werewolves, lizard warrior, and many more depending on how you submit to them. i really hope that you would consider my opinion and thank you for making such a great game!

What do you mean by scenes? Like pictures for those scenes? If yes, then I need first to decide how to portrait the main character. 

Oh yeah that would be cool but I can see the difficulty as commissioning a certain look and then everybody complaining about said look since they would want it to be their "Ideal Image".

Only solution I could think of atm would be to get sketches and hold a poll about which they would like the main char to look like, but either way some people would be unhappy, so it's pretty problematic either way. xD

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That's exactly why I didn't decide how to portrait the main character yet :P 

yes, picture for those scenes. How you potrait the sex scene depends whether you want to show the main character in it or just highlight the sex scene as example picture of werewolf being jerked by a hand or something like that.

Will the game be released in Russian?

I don't think about other languages now. Too much things needs to be polished.

Does anyone know where the last Acolyte is? I can't seem to find her. I found the one in the swamp and forest areas. Please help!

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in the ruin at night i think

Oh wow, Thank you so much!!

does sanity get stuck decreased permanently at some point?, i tried using sanity potions to help increase back at full, but it doesnt seem to help and sleeping doesnt help as well


the potion, sleep, and rest only help a portion of the sanity bar just repeat it to return to full bar 


That's my problem it doesnt go back to full even if i use sanity and slee


This happened to me also, from my experience it's when the Mysterious Signet is equipped. 

I removed it and my sanity could reach 100% again.


Please, how to unlock the Witch Hut?
I've somewhat deep into the game (Reached Succubi in Caves), but IDK about the Witch Hut, Lmao.

The Lizardess wont give me more quests, and I think I've done all of Feliar, everyone in Bareshade, and Bandits...


There's a chance to find Witch Hut in the dark swamp area (It is unlocked when doing a quest for Priestess called "Lost Acolytes")

Exactly... Yet:

Thing is, I have done ALL the quests so far (I think?), even rescued the orc in the cave, but I dont get the Acolytes quest from priestess, its so weird... :(

Btw awesome game man, thx for making it.


Do you have the lizard spear? And training with the warriors (strength increase one and they have a time with your face) that might be something since you need to go to them to find one of them.


afaik the only prerequisite you need is to have completed the lost acolyte quest. I was completing the lizardmen's challenge (I don't remember what it was called) that had you kill two swamp creatures and the prompts for the witch hut came up

I did pretty much ALL the missions in the game, but I dont get the "Lost Acolytes" one, I want to cry... ://

I have Lizard Spear n Lizard Vest.

IDK why they dont give me "Lost Acolytes" quest, I swear, did everything in the game I think...

Did you do a quest for Bartender called... More Potion I think? It's the one when you have to learn restrain potion recipe. When you know restrain potion recipe then you will have a first quest for Priestess, after the first one is done, the lost acolyte quest should be available.

LD - Recipes - You can check recipes here too if you prefer the easier way

I just notice this but the sanity bar actually goes down and I was wandering what are the ways to make it go down besides have sex with the raptor?


Raptor, Troll and Jellies can lower the sanity. In 0.13 there will be also tar being and succubus. All those five have 'game over' scenes when the sanity drops to 0. 


Will the succubus have an incubus counterpart?

Thanks again love the game :3

any tips on how to increase hayden's affinity other than soap/lotion quest or talking?


Private bath. It was the original way to get him to like you before you could talk with him.

Stupid question, is there an easier way to get planks than buying them from Logan? I have the axe but don't know how/where to use it.

also how THE FLIP do I trigger the Tank and Scar fight? Does the reputation have to be like resentful or something? Mine's at like 80


I'm pretty sure the planks are only obtainable from Logan at the moment - or if you /can/ use the axe somewhere I haven't found where.

Did you see the two of them interact on the track?  If not, check Bareshade and do more quests there - you do have to, for example, convince or discourage Logan from interacting with the camp.  What have you done in Bareshade?  And did you see the Tank/Scar discussion on the Track?  Have you met Jester?

I've met Jester and done all content with him (supplies for both meat and beer) but have not seen Tank and Scar on the track. I've seen Arion, but when I spend whole days collecting ingredients I'm not sure how I haven't seen them yet. Is it for searching or taking a break?

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Try doing more quests in Bareshade.  That may prompt things to move forward.  

Have you encouraged/discouraged Logan?  Has Bernard gotten sick?  Did you meet Arion in Bareshade?


Arion isn't important for the bandits but if they havnt raided the village or you hadn't discouraged or encouraged logan to go to the camp you won't be able to move forward. Also you need to have seen the gunnar and scar encounter in the tracks and then talk to jester.


You have to visit the track at night to see Scar and Gunnar talk to each other.

Super game (I also subscribe to patreon accordingly xd). Just wonder why guys are not more often Top, I mean a super muscular and sexy guy who prefers to be bottom almost all the time, me it does not excite me, it's all the opposite X). I can not wait to see the progression, and a guide would be cool, because I would like to find Arion, but ...

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There are a lot of guys who focus on exclusively topping, to the point where I think the ones who don't are exceptions rather than the norm!  Roth and Gunnar, for example, have exclusively topping scenes, while the only one who only takes rather than gives that I can think of is Logan (And even he is very much taking control of the situation!).

A few others do depend on your actions, though - from quickly poking around, I noted that the Harold is dominant if you have higher bitch fame and submissive if you have higher hero fame, for example.  And a lot of the opponents (such as I believe all the bandits?) are more than eager to plow you.  So if you're looking for more 'opponents take control', it may help to raise your bitch fame to encourage scenes like that.  For example, uh, I have no idea how Bernard reacts if you are more submissive - he seems to be used to being in control and is surprised when I stepped in to do similarly.  I wouldn't call him /submissive/, though, minus love potion shenanigans.

While I personally went dominant myself in my main playthrough, I did notice from poking around that a lot of scenes change a /lot/ if you go submissive, particularly losing choices with the meeting with the merchant/bandits on the track, haha.

Keep poking your head into the Track to begin Arion's quest line - doing some quests in Bareshade seems to lead you to him swiftly.  Once there he'll show up in Bareshade itself, then after some more time will hang out in the stables (both within the tavern).

Cool, thanks for the information on Arion. On the other hand for Logan, the gentleman I am a guy super virile, macho and all his, it is a disappointment for me. Although I understood that the bandit had kiss during the attack of the village. It's a shame, at least there is other interesting character. :)


Just discourage Logan from going to the bandit camp. Keep him safe and away from those thugs and there's going to be another route for him. 

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Nice, thank you for the trick Hyao ^ ^, change a lot of things.

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how do i make bandits like me more and also dumb question... wheres drake root?

The bandits will like you more if you're more submissive - submitting to them makes them happier with you in general.  Dominating them in general makes them less happy with you.

Once you've met him, you can also take missions from Jester to make the bandits like you more.

You can buy Drake Root at the merchant on the track, or from the witch's hunt in the swamp (during the day).


You can also throw love potions at the bandits during combat to make them like you more (unless that's been changed).

Is there anyway to get anal from Arion yet or will that be in the future?

Not yet, something that will be added in the future

I just cannot catch the raptor,even I use the Reptile Lure.I tried save&load for a few days,but still cannot finish that quest.Is there any bugs?

My game verion is 0.13.2

did you try to capture it after the raptor's lure is more than 100? Also you need a stable to get it. What i did was i used all 5 lures then attacked it and brought it home and finished the quest.


Wait imagine on Christmas there being a krampus if you have a high enough bitch fame event! Or if your heroic enough a santa event where he gives you something.... Maybe a op weapon or some stat boosts? Or depending on if your a top or bottom (maybe like I'm bernard love potion) you could choose dialog on what santa would do! Like if you have a high enough charisma you can seduce him into topping or bottoming you or if you again have enough charisma you could trick him into giving you better stuff? Maybe even a winter background! OMFG IMAGINE GIFTING EVERYONE YOU CAN INTERACT WITH A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS! wait is this bc it after bc? Crep! Wait maybe next year in Halloween a spirit could come and you could fight or submit! Maybe for every (major) holiday there could be something! But only fun ideas nothing known. But imagine.


also I don't actually mean charisma I just use that as a term since I have a bad memory for whichever stat increases your seduction maybe could be used as a convincing thing too.

But wouldn't it be weird to run into these seasonal events after time passes?

Hmm.... Yea..... That is true imagining its Halloween and you still have an Easter boss to beat that would be kinda weird...

unless hyao makes an update every time the event is over.


Imagine smacking some santa cheeks on easter lol

omg or krampus smackin yours on easter

i just read all this and i was dying lol

I also just imagined there introductions like imagine for Santa he flies on his sled into your yard when you sleep next and Wales you up with multiple options saying merry Christmas! And no option is like bad and none affect your character in any way except experience so if you were good want a gives you options but if you slightly bad but not enough for krampus maybe would do something like spank you and you could moan or groan in pain to see what happens? Maybe moaning would make santa bang you but groaning he'd think you learned your lesson! But if your bad enough krampus appeared says you can submit it fight him and if you win he lets you have your way with him but if you lose no matter what he smacks your cheeks. And the fight would be repeatable until you either best him seduced him or lost to him without replenishing your sanity Which the ending would be takes you to wherever he lives and let's other bad people he got fuck you and he also does randomly....

What i need to feed a horse?


Red Berries

It is 5 of these each time you feed him/her.

can anyone tell me how to get to the river's bank? it is still lock on mine and i heard there is a place like that.

You have to advance the bandit camp story line to the point where their leader leaves.


if you havnt beaten scar yet you can't get there however if you have go to the new tree area in your map and explore until you find a bridge then seduce/defeat the troll to get through and bam! Your at the river bank.

Does the hideout's pherominal level triggers an event? yes or no because i don't want spoilers

No, not yet


what's the definition of each status? (strength, agility, perception, appearance, intellect, endurance)

That information is given at character creation, so the easiest way to find out is to start a new game.

I also recommend 'start a new game' for these, but!

Strength: How strong you hit, max HP
Agility: Aim, evasion
Perception: Find resources, Potions
Appearance: Tease, max libido
Intellect: Recipies, max libido
Endurance: Defense, exhaustion, max HP

I am lamenting my character's lousy agility, haha, as I went strength/appearance/endurance.


prolly not we already got seduction but like heroic pacifist instead of heroic attacker is kinda a fun idea.

(1 edit) (+4)

Picked up the game again for the first time in a long time!  And yigads, I am amazed by all the content - there always feels like something new to do!  

I pieced together 'solving' the bandit quest, and I want to compliment Hyao on how interesting the characters are.  I didn't think I'd like, for example, Logan, Scar, Tank, Barrel, nor really Jester, but they're all very vibrant characters and now I am way way more fond of them.  The fact that I could see lines from one of them with a ??? at the beginning and still could tell immediately who it was is a very good sign!  Shows I can end up caring about them!

And daggonit Logan, I meant 'go with me', not 'go by yourself' haha. :P But it is absolutely fitting that he ran off alone!  The guy's grown on me, the way pretty much all the characters have haha, so I was glad to see him changing a little as a character throughout.  I love the mental picture of me just standing next to him quietly chopping wood while he forces himself to choke out a quiet thanks.

I then am not one who /needs/ pictures to go with the text, but I am liking the pictures that have popped up.  Like, I know this is probably against everyone else's opinion, but I rather like 'Bernard in his underwear', haha.  Like, that is absolutely plenty and I love how embarassed he is there.

I haven't done as much with the lizardmen yet - I rather like them too, but there's just so much going on!  My current concern is that I'm being very strongly a top, and the lizardfolk really don't like that, and thus I am noting that I'm not making friends as my approval with them plummets more and more... but I /do/ want the lizardfolk in town to like me.  So it's tricky, haha, but I have a lot there to piece together.  Then again, the bandits didn't like it either at first!

 So kudos, Hyao, on making the game very much enjoyable :D  I'm definitely looking forward to pretty much whatever happens to be next, and this game is super fun!  Varied too, although I'm sure that poor Nymph is tired of me stabbing her.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be dying horribly in the swamp to alarmingly powerful raptors haha.  I guess this is my fault for not having any agility and thus not being able to hit the darn things with my high strength as they pounce on and eat me... maybe I should try a little harder with the tailor to see if I can get some defensive gear...


On the one hand I'm trying to add new places, new areas and new things to do, on the other I'm trying to expand what already was in the game. Because of that some of the characters were left behind, but I'm not going to leave them and get back to them when I'll have some time. 

You don't know how much happy made me the comment about characters :D I'm always afraid that different people still look plain and the same as everyone else and that I'm not doing a good work with making them look different. So I'm glad to hear that they have their depths ^^

About lizardmen... There is difference between those in ruins and those in swamp. There is the whole curse of lust thing that have influence even on those who are in ruins. Update 0.14 will be heavy focused on them actually. 

Thanks for the comment! It really makes me happy knowing that people enjoy the game so much ^^

(1 edit)

yea like what happened to Othra's husband and all the lizardmen you find in the wild.... plus how can you think they look plain, simple and the same when Bernard has such a deep story which we have enough on him to form like a million theories about his future routes? such as what happened to his friend, could he be a werewolf could he be a human running from werewolves? and how will he  react when we reveal what truly happened to his friend, is he going to be less happy or relived o finally know and will he still love us or shun us for revealing what happened to his friend! and will we meet him, and will he have a choice for us to make? such as become a werewolf or run away with him since he had some secret vendetta against Bernard which he was hurting him by befriending him and running away later? maybe he is a werewolf and needs another human to choose and was going for Bernard but saw us and thought he could dump both curses on us and live with Bernard again or will he stand in the way and save us from the curse? or about scar and northcrest! we know so little yet we know so much about this from befriending/submitting to scar and tank like if you instead of submitting to tank after some teasing you choose to get to submit he likes someone else is control which could have some key part in his story later such as maybe when he was younger he had no idea what to do and wasnt smart enough to live on his own then scar came along and gave him like some purpose to guard him and helped him live so maybe later in his plot we could figure out how to help him past that and let him live on his own! or maybe with scar hes a part of the royal family but there corrupt and he wanted to rebel so they kicked him out and he became a feared bandit! that's also a good reason as to why his name is scar his family gave it to him as a symbol for him to never return and that's why when we wanted to fight him he remembered what he was doing and switched sides! or with Othra the more kind and supportive we are and helpful the more she opens up, that could be how she fell for her husband (bad memory im trash with names) he was always there and maybe if we are kind enough when we find her husband she could have stalked us because we wanted her husband back so she could be happy however once we find him he tries... to y'know do what the curse wants and othra sees and has to choose to let you go or save one of us and depending on us we could save ourselves or she could save him while we save ourselves? or maybe we could take his curse and it would lower our libido and makes us more into everyone while curing her husband and allowing him back! maybe that would also unlock a option for her to stay with her husband or leave him and go for us?  there's so much depth to everyone allowing me and all of us to theorize for hours! its so cool how you've made them all and i'm happy i have something to learn and have fun with via not just fun battles but also cool character development too!

will there be a Android version? 


Probably someday

thanks for the information

In the with study option, the picture usually comes with a green spiky thing

what is it?

With the witch? Which potion are you trying to learn? Well what symbol does it have, it might be poison extract or a form of the poison you can craft btw.

i hope you will add more contents and pictures and stories to bernard blacksmith sawmill and korg and i hope to see more contents of your beautiful game so when will the scene that the main character can have sex with bernard? without using love potion



Wait will there ever be minotaurs? There's gonna be orcs lizardmen/the acolytes are there gonna be minotaurs? Wait since there's a nymph could there be mermaids? Maybe even a merman or male nymph.... Wait maybe in the beginning of the game there could be an option like whats your ideal type of man/woman and it could change the artwork of the nymphs/certain characters....

The latter idea about changing appearance will take quite a lot of time if Hyao's gonna do that.

Minotaurs tho... As a fan of minotaur I really love that idea.


yea that is true multiple appearances would take longer for him and zoro to work together if there going to be all the seduce and befriend images....

I feel like logan would be the kinda guy who if you date and annoy him for like a week or maybe a day he'd just fuck the shit outta you. Is that the vibe he's supposed to give off or is he just a grumpy guy with a kind heart who would still do that.

I know in another route, he's a power bottom. But I kinda feel like he'd be like that in the romance route.

Yes it makes sense doesn't it? his body type and attitude emit a presence of just control. Like his power bottoming however if we never introduced it to him by convincing him would he do this?

I’m not sure if he’d bottom if he never went to the base

I never told him to go anyways cause it kinda made me feel bad to corrupt him like that 😅

omg same I did thinking maybe I could skip it weaken scar but when I saw what happened I reloaded my save and said no XD

Btw thing I deleted was a copy of my reply sorry about that.

Dear Hyao, Please Help. I love this game. It so well written that i can't stop playing but i am stuck right now. I can't seem to get the mission or items to enter the cave. I have unlocked both lakes, the south cave entrance, and the bar tunnel but I still can't  go further. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it a bug of some sort. Please help

the cave doesn't have anything in it there is a quest however for the temple if that's what you mean.

yes how do you get the quest I can't figure out how to get the amulet from the witch or the rest of the glowshrooms.. I have 3 shrooms but I really want to move foward with the game. Any advice wil help 

There is only one place to find glowshrooms and you should be able to find 5 of them there. There is no other place where you could lose them. So I'm not really sure why you have only 3. I heard it happened a few times, so I'll have to find the issue. It may be because save file was somehow corrupted. Were you replacing the old folder with a new one? Like putting the folder one on top of another? 

not that i know of. Where is the place to find the glowshrooms. I have had people tell me it was the cave but i can't seem to find them. 

Oh you find 5 once however if you already found them you can't find them again.

how to get horse

There's an event in the River's Bank area, but only if you have stable built. 

Thank u <3

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How do I get my sexual experiences up for my male and female characters 


While doing naughty stuff? In fights or in events. 


literally just seduce people. Sometimes you choose what you use other times you don't and your experiences still increase.


I wonder which updates in the future he will add a place to train your stats up to a certain amount and maybe add cross dressing into the game as well?

Wait where is the orc gonna be is it going to be a village or is he passing through like airion?

I hope there’s an Orc village 🤤


Don't do that

Don't give me hope

*gives you hope*

so a village full of men who are hot prolly don't shave and might be pent up from lack of females/or laws against having such an act? Will there be enemies that need to be defeated/seduced as guards at the gate? Like the two bandits?

Hyao please give me a bad ending where the MC becomes the Orc village’s toy or I will cry a bit

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