Update 0.39


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  • Krampus statuette (Req: 2 already in the inventory, you could obtain them by accepting the bribe or add them via cheat menu)
  • Relieve yourself:
  • Gunnar's cum rag
  • Canine Shaped Dildo
  • Equine Shaped Dildo
  • Krampus (You can pick if you want to use one, two or three statuettes)


  • Krampus (Req: Using three statuettes. Two different grapple attacks, several different conclusions.)



  • Weird Rumor (Req: Werewolf event finished, only during day)

Torben’s House:

  • Missing item (Req: Used 'Gunnar's cum rag' relieve option at least once, trying to talk to Gunnar afterwards.

Northcrest Outpost

Entrance to Everett's office:

  • Everett alone time (Req: You gifted him one of the dildos, only evenings)


This option will be available under the 'Talk menu' as one of the conversation. Sometimes there are additional requirements for it to unlock, but usually it's fairy easy. Either having small amount of like or progressing certain event. I saw some people asking for it, but because I didn't want to make it too simple, each gift means a small conversation or a scene. I'll be adding more options for more people in the future. Not all the options are positive though, so be careful what you give to whom, otherwise it may lead to a bad result. It's repeatable, excluding certain options that will be one time events. Also gifting specific items may lead to additional scenes (Like with Everett for example).


  • Fine Wine (Req: Only during evening visit)


  • Flower Arrangement
  • Harness, Collar, Leash (Req: Walk event done)


  • Lube (Req: Doing discount scene)


  • Big Black Dildo (Req: Talk about the package from Dulrig)
  • Canine Shaped Dildo (Req: Talk about the package from Dulrig)


  • Flower Arrangement
  • Fruit Tea
  • Exotic Coffee


  • 'No-Horny' Potion Set


  • Flower Arrangement


  • Flower Arrangement


  • Flower Arrangement
  • Fruit Tea
  • Exotic Coffee


  • 'No-Horny' Potion Set
  • Big Black Dildo/Canine Shaped Dildo/Equine Shaped Dildo


  • Certain items were added to Torben's Shop
  • Tea Leaves can be found in the Forest Path location
  • You can learn some new designs (Potion Set if you know how to make restrain potion, strong restrain potion, lust regen powder and Fruit Teas after finding at least one tea leaves.

If during game you will see “WIP” it means Work in Progress and that part is still not finished.



  • Northcrest Brothel - Entice (Req: Day 80, after checking it first time you need to wait another week)
  • Entrance
  • Receptionist - Conversation and three quests
  • Saloon - Shop and Archway (To enter Archway you need certain level of reputation in Entice which you obtain by tipping dancer, doing quests for receptionist, buying stuff in the shop)
  • Gallery - One companion available
  • Stage - Drink, Buying Entice Roses, Dancing Shows (Four dancers available)
  • Service Entrance (Req: Being hired by Lady Cerise) - Whoring (One person available), Break Room (For rest)


Zoroj’s addition:

  • Krampus

Narram’s addition:

  • Dire Wolf
  • Dire Wolf (Pack Leader)
  • Big Rat
  • Bat



  • Some minor fixes here and there.


LustfulDesires-0.39.2-android.apk 459 MB
Jan 30, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.39.2-linux.tar.bz2 443 MB
Jan 30, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.39.2-mac.zip 436 MB
Jan 30, 2022
LustfulDesires-0.39.2-pc.zip 470 MB
Jan 30, 2022

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Is there a way to get the mindfuck cut away in the Nameless sex scene to happen again? I have three saves from before it but after the first time it doesnt come up again? I really loved those parts.

You mean those scenarios you get when you're about to have sex with Nameless ? The scenes you get based on your (loving) attitude with enemies? I can get it every single time when I go back to my save..

Is your sanity bar too low on the other saveslots?


I only had loving in one save slot... guess I know what went wrong now. Thank you. Time to grind again lol.

(1 edit)

Ah! Good luck with that! (I had all scenarios during that, loving attitude with the Bandits, Northcrest Soldiers, Lizardmen, Werewolfs, Ratkins and Red Orcs.)

Did you also get the Wolbauks scenario?

There was also one with the wolbauks? No I didn't get that one.. they were never on high attitude with me.

I'm having trouble finishing the "Payment Plan" quest, what do I need to do to finish it?


during Monday or Tuesday evening go to the residential area and there should be a new option for you to choose, that's how you find the guy you need to talk to

is there a way to delete save files? mine is very cluttered

(1 edit) (+2)

I have some questions, how do i get lube and the big black dildo ? and there is some way to acess dulrig shop ? 


Buy at brothel - Northcrest

thank you

Where do I find pearls?


They're an item found in a dungeon. The dungeon is a cove on a beach. You should be able to gain access to it after some progress with Scar and his quest lines. Scar tells you to investigate this specific dungeon.

In wondering three things. 1. I've gotten a black heart with Gunnar, is there a way to fix this or do I have to start the game over? Where do I find the bandits for the 'rowdy and rough' quest? I've been to the  everything. Also how do I get hired at the brothel?

You need to go to a save earlier where you didn't have black heart with Gunnar.. if that's not possible then you're unfortunately stuck with that.

I don't know about bandits for that quest, I never got the quests from the receptionist because I was hired at the brothel, how? You need your skill points somewhere around 18-25 I guess and have lots of sex experience (I'm a bottom who is 'loved' by a lot of enemies)

So, atm I'm loved by pretty much all enemies, my lowest skill is 20 and both appearance and charisma is over 30. Who did you talk to in order to get a job and was there any other prerequisite?

anyone know how to complete the "rowdy and the rough" quest

It's been a while and can't remember what it was about, what does the questlog say?

"find a way to collect money to pay for the damage bandits caused. or just teach them a lesson." You get it from the Entice(brothel) receptionist

(2 edits)

oh... I actually never got that one, since I'm loved by the bandits and submitted :') I also was hired immediately so I never got the quests from the receptionist.

But I take it you're not on 'friendly' terms with them like me... I guess visit the Bandit's Camp, perhaps?

im also loved by the bandits so its not that. camp was pretty much the first place i checked.

ah.. then I'm afraid I can't help you with solving this quest :/


Hello dear author. Here are some of my suggestions for your tour for the author's reference. First of all, I am a Chinese player, and this game is deeply attracted to me by the majority of men and orcs in it. I think he should have a Chinese version, after all, it is too crazy to play for someone like me who is not good at English, and it is also convenient for it to flow into the Chinese market. In addition, a corresponding video can be set for the clip that can use love potion. Although the text clip is very moving, I think it should really use video to show the charm of this game. Players can pay or do some long-term quest to unlock it, the ratio is at the discretion of the author. Finally, I wish all the producers of this game good health and all the best! 


The last point is the problem of version incompatibility, and you have to play it again every time you update.

(1 edit)

No you have to start over with every tenth patch update; patch 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40 etc... I started with 0.37 and carried over my saves to 0.38 and recently 0.39...

Also, what clip are you talking about, a scenario with a love potion? Or a fully animated clip that you want to be added? Well the game is text-based so it's not likely but would be cool, takes more time and recources though. Remember, the game is still in development, a work in progress..


I don't agree with your point of view a bit, what I mean is to present this clip in the form of a video, for example, a wonderful love potion clip (including but not limited to) is only for this clip, that is, the entire game process A small part of it, like a scene from a movie where the protagonist has an affair with someone else. In addition, what I want to say is whether it is possible to make a Chinese version for this game. After all, this is really uncomfortable for a Chinese who is not good at English. It has to cooperate with translation software to be able to understand it. Hope the makers think about it.


well that takes more recources and time like I said and this game is more focused on text rather than actual cutscenes, Hyao can still do it ofcourse but it won't happen any time soon I think. Same story for the Chinese translation, can happen but maybe towards the end of development..?

I can understand the uncomfortable situation if you need to keep switching screens just to translate.. yeah.. that can be tiring after a while.


The only breaking change for me has been the update 0.30.

Before (and after) I never had to start from the beginning. I'm playing this game for a pretty long time now... :)


hi, how can i get an equine shaped dildo?

Goods & Giggles shop at the brothel

ok, thanks but the brothel is closed.

I can’t get in there…

I don’t know why 

it should open after a week... it did for me, though

does anyone know why I can't have sex with Tank after I leave the dungeon


How do I give everett?? Or how to talk to Everett about the package from dulrig??

i do believe you first have to witness him getting fucked by booner? it's at night, when roaming around the marketplace. then later, when you talk to him, i think you talk about dulrig's package and after that, you get the option to gift him a dildo. the dildo event only occurs at night though.

my memory is not the best, but i think this is how you get where you want to.

oh ok I will try it than you so much :3

May i ask how to download the file of a new update because i really dont know how? Ow and by the way im using phone

You can't download the .apk ?

Nope i cant and i dont know why


Anyone knows how to get Gunnar's rag for the 'missing item' event ? I can't seem to find it....

when you do the laundry for him, you get the opportunity to steal the cloth. you get to do laundry at torben's house in bareshade, it's an option among other chores you offer to do for gunnar.

Is there a specific requirement for having the option ? I may be dumb, but I tried different days and hours, I only got cooking and sorting.

hmm, it's possible gunnar has to like you enough? i'm at 63 with him, so i didn't have any issue finding the laundry option. that's all i can think of though, sorry..

I wasn't getting it too, then i made some soap and it immediately showed up as an option

It was so simple ! I never would have thought about it X) Thanks

Deleted post

I saw some of you have a problem with how the brothel works so I look up through the code and you need to (spoilers below):

1. You must be after 80 days, check the brothel and wait a week to open (just like it is written in patch notes)

2. To get access to the archway you need to interact with personnel, do some work for the receptionist, etc.

3. If you want to work for Lady Ebony Cerice you need to watch for your stats and level

You must have your level below 100 and your appearance/endurance/intellect/agility/charisma must be below 50 if you are above try using cheats (preferences->cheat code) and use Burned Cookies to decrease your stats.

And you must pass her requirements (not all):

- appearance >=12 +1 (diffrend text if you have appearance >= 20 or below 12)

- charisma >=20 +1

- endurance >=20 +1

- endurance <10 -1

- agility >=20 +1

- intellect <10 -1

- ExpAss() >=3 +1 (Anal, Sexual Experience)

- ExpCock() >=3 +1 (Cock, Sexual Experience)

- ExpMouth() >=3 +1 (Mouth, Sexual Experience)

- ExpErotism() >=2 +1 (Erotism, Battle Experience)

You need to get 5 points from her examination to pass.

Some "hidden" things are easy to miss after the first try like:

- Only on Saturday you will get one extra male dancer if Country Road is finished and no workers were harmed

- Xilbert (that guy at gallery) is acting suspiciously if you snooze after sex with him (it's a random event)

- Shop will have some different items if you save all workers in the Country Road event or when you are female (don't worry they are not worth starting a new game)

- Dancers have 2 different scenes if you toss them roses

- Lady Cerice has a random event when you can get easily rich, you need to enter the archway until Lady Cerice will be talking about her look and your opinion about her, if you equip nymph wig (you need 30 Nymph's Hair and go to Rose to make you a wig) she will offer to you 15,000 Gold and 2500 in Entice Roses the same amount you will get if you equip witch amulet if you equip both nymph wig and witch amulet you will get 35,000 Gold and 7000 in Entice Roses, but be aware that it's a one-time event and you can only sell her items once after that you will lose them. Other events depending on what you wear are when you are naked or when you wear harem pants (dirty).

which of the three amulets of the witch?

The one that gives light, is named "witch's amulet". 

I don't think there is 3rd amulet, she only is giving you a witch's amulet and mind amulet the other 2 in the game are given by Othra (glowing amulet and orsu amulet)

i may be stupid, but i have no idea how to get the collar and harness for caleb. somehow i managed to get a leash, but idk about the other two. and how does one combine things?

(2 edits)

as i remember, the harness can be taken from Barrel by losing to him. the collar  can be found at Victoria's lair by rooting her backroom (though i'm not sure with this one)

and could you tell me how to get the leash as it seem i can't find it

yes!! i got the harness!! i bought two other collars at the brothel and that worked fine. and, you've probably already read the detailed message above, but you get to buy the leash from torben.

i might be doing something wrong, but i cannot enter the brothel. i'm not too early either, since i'm well past day 300. i keep getting the message that the brothel is under renovation. i know i downloaded the update, because i got all the other new content. so maybe i am doing something wrong?

Deleted post

thanks for the advice! also, i accepted the third job at the brothel (where you have to find a guy and collect money), but i'm not too sure how to find him? i keep roaming around the residential area, but i can't find him.

Deleted post

i found him!! idk what triggered it, but i eventually found a new location at the residential area. smth with a lane, idk, but it showed up, i clicked it and then i found the guy. i really don't know what triggered it, though.

Deleted post

How to update my ld i really dont know how.

Deleted post

Where do you find a collar? or how can you give caleb the second gift?

Deleted post
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