Update 0.37


(Happy Hawooween)

Haloween Special (Req: Last year event done, Korg at home, Non-Canon events on)
  • Step 1: Bareshade, Tailor (Entering the shop)
  • Step 2: Home, Korg (Talk – Color problem)
  • Step 3: Bareshade, player home (Evening)



  • Logan Visit (Req: Logan/Alpha WW event done)


  • Logan Change (Req: Logan/Alpha WW event done)


  • Massage (A new variant in the scene – foot massage)


  • Beating Alpha (Req: ‘Logan Visit’ event at Bernard’s shop done)


  • Guard (Req: Servicing Gunnar in front of Torben’s house)

Torben's House:

  • Tailor (Req: ‘Guard’ talk with Rose done)

Murcad’s Cove


  • Variant for Tank scene (When leaving the dungeon, was WIP before – Top Tank/Bottom Tank)

Mythshore Cove


  • A new message unlocking further path

Mountain Road


  • Empty zone, chance for ambush after going through Mythshore intro

Mythshore (Spooky Warning)


  • Entrance
  • Look for clues (Three steps)
  • Explore Mythshore (Leading to the dungeon)


  • A whole new dungeon with random events and encounters
  • New Enemy: Zombie (A few variants with different stats and small changes in attacks)
  • New NPC: Paulo, found in the dungeon
  • New items, lore stuff are sometimes hidden in certain zones.


  • At his hideout you can rest and craft items
  • Talk: What happened
  • Talk: Ask about John’s sickness
  • Talk: Leave Mythshore
  • Talk: Ask about the town
  • Talk: Cards
  • Talk: Key (Req: Like >10)
  • Talk: Pictures (Req: Found pictures in different zone)
  • Quest: Provisions
  • Quest: Tools
  • Event: John’s examination (Req: Enough like with Paulo, three different results – good, bad, very bad)
  • Event: John’s Sickness conclusion (Req: Good, bad path. Certain time must pass.)

Northcrest Outpost


  • Talk: Mythshore Report



  • Weird Substance (If found in Murcad’s Cove)
  • Unknown specific (If found in Mythshore)
  • Spectral Poison (Limited to one decision made in Mythshore)

If during game you will see “WIP” it means Work in Progress and that part is still not finished.



  • Event: Training (Req: Xer won the contest, available during weekend when checking up with warriors in the ruins.)
  • Talk: Training (Req: After training event is done)
  • Quest: Sleeping Issues (Req: After training talk is done)


  • Halloween addition when taking a bath in Hot Spring.

Zoroj’s addition:

  • Caleb alternative version
  • Korg alternative version


  • Some minor fixes here and there.


LustfulDesires-0.37.0-android.apk 441 MB
Nov 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.37.1-pc.zip 456 MB
Nov 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.37.1-mac.zip 422 MB
Nov 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.37.1-linux.tar.bz2 429 MB
Nov 29, 2021

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Hey, can anybody help me on finding pearl's? Like seriously I'd been trying to find this pearl, does anyone know the location of pearl's in LD Just need some help in this one quest.


Murcad cave, right beside the door

So, is it at all possible to repeat 'non-canon' events?  I ask mainly because it made me realize that not every item is available via the cheat code, and I -like- collecting everything possible, and apparently there're mutually exclusive items in the non-canon events.

How do i service Gunnar in front of Torben’s house?
and are there more Gunnar scenes?

It happens randomly when you click on Torben's House.. There is a chance he Gunnar will open the door instead and you can choose to service right in front of the house... 

This is not possible anymore if you happened to defeat Gunnar by making him horny and fucking him at the either Fishing Village (one-time) or River's Bank (repeatable).

oh i see... so id have to restart the game if I fucked him in the fight at fishing village? or can I just defeat him on rivers bank and get to torbens house then?

After fucking him in a fight you'll gain a black heart.. you can still encounter him at all the usual spots but he'll avoid you now.

So you have to go to an earlier savefile where you didn't fuck him or start over again..

Is there a bug with the Tao visit quest? 

No tiene mucho que juego este juego alguien me ayuda con decirme como se consiguen las esencias o algo por el estilo


I just found one event that scared me during my night time gaming on this incredible game, is that one event from nameless. I can't believe he can break the fourth wall that badly, especially during night time while playing this game. I was hella tired and just playing it, but that dang event made me sleep early because of it.😂


How do I do the last year event? Do i have to go to a previous update?

Help! In 0.37.1   

 I let Xeroth to win the contest. And I had talked to him  after contest.  But I don't know how to get the "Training" event. I have trained with lizard warriors. And have watched the sparring between Rhot and Grushk . Also have sparred with one of warriors. But I still can't find that new event. :(


How can I partecipate in the "last year" event? 

Because I can't unlock Korg alternative version.


Is there a level of Like with Grushk where he stops being uncomfortable with our presence when he's sunbathing?  I'm not even looking for sex or anything, just want him to feel like we're friends.


I've been invited to Rhot's hut in the evening by Xer when i went to talk to Rhot. does anybody know how to continue that event??? I don't know where to go after that. there's no map Icon for Rhot's Hut.


same: I was looking everywhere but found nothing ;(

I've been trying to find info but to no avail, what is the Wolf den lv 1/2 dungeon, are there continuations to the wolf den dungeon in the forest? I cannot enter the door behind where we find the Alpha the first time, are there any quests to do more in the den?


If I had to guess, you unlock the 2nd dungeon for the wolf's den by following's Logan revenge quest line.

I can't seem to get the Halloween event to trigger. I did the thing with Gunnar and rose said something about it and then she popped up again with Caleb. So how do I trigger the next step?

(1 edit)

Do anybody know how to continue this?


For the first screenshot have you done the event with the witch in the swamp? I'm sure if I remember she gives you a piece but I don't know whether its the night witch or morning witch who offer a quest.

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I think I already went through that, there’s nothing to talk to her about  or a task to do for her in day or Night.

I fked up during when Nameless asked me regarding my desire... Is there really no way to undo it?

From what  I read a while back, Hyao said that it can be undone if you reload a save file from a previous update prior to the Nameless' question. Other than that though, I don't think there's any way outside of restarting all together.

thanks for the reply. It worked~

My red pande is missing,what can I do!


Hey, uh, this is a jumpscare warning for the Mythshore dungeon. Scared the shit out of me.

Yet another amazing update! Lustful Desires really feels like christmas every end of the month :D

I really wish we could get more Gunnar, he's so rough and mean <3 last update was incredible with the stuff he makes you do in Torben's house!

Then again, this game is absolutely incredible as it is, so we can't really ask for much more, you're phenomenal Hyao!! 


Question, does anyone know how to get more like with Blake? I can't seem to do anything other than offer him a muscle massage every couple of days and my like is at 13...

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where can i find mythshore

To find mythshore you must go to the north dungeon, if you unlocked the fast path to Barashade from the south cave where the skeletons are, just take the door that previously left you on an empty mountain

thanks found it. already unlocked it during exploring one day and forgot to return there during updates.

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