Update 0.35

UPDATE 0.35.0

(Orgram’s Challenges)



  • Crow – Message from the witch (Req: Iron Blood Village Unlocked, Finished nightmares with Nameless)
  • Nameless Visit (Req: Accepted or Refused help from the witch) ! Be careful during the encounter with him !
  • Wolbauk Training
  • Study Screen – Healing Salve added



  • Mind protection (Req: Seeing Crow at home)
  • Quest: Rat fur (Req: Accepted the witch offer, night witch)



  • New options (Wolbauk fight, Item find)

Iron Blood Village


  • Start of the challenge (Req: Talk about trust with orgram again, then come back the next day)
  • Wolbauk’s Pen – unlocks possibility to leave mounts here and also a new NPC, Roghak (Req: Doing the first challenge)
  • Explore the village – you can get kicked from the village if you do that before challenge, nothing after the challenge for now


  • Talk: Ask about him
  • Talk: Asking about wolbauks
  • Talk: Sick mounts (Req: Successfully treating the wolbauks in the pen)
  • Talk: Leaving mounts
  • Barter shop (For details look into changes and bug fixes part)

Private Tent:

  • A place to sleep and craft (Req: Finished challenges)


  • Broke the rule (If explored the village before finishing challenges)
  • Quest: Taming a wolbauk
  • Quest: Test of strength
  • Quest: Group challenge
  • Quest: Final test

Plains of Death


  • Explore
  • Path to the shrine (Req: Group challenge quest in progress or finished)


  • Whole new dungeon with two levels (Including fights with vultures and harpies, some obstacles, treasures, camping with Groth)


  • Offering equipment


  • Harpy (Male/Female)
  • Vulture
  • Wolbauk

Items (For details look into changes and bug fixes part):

  • There are more bows available
  • There are more arrows available

If during game you will see “WIP” it means Work in Progress and that part is still not finished.



  • More options in Feeding Scrap talk
  • Second bath


  • Sneak around the farmhouse (Req: Bottom Logan, chance to happen between 15:00 and 20:00 in certain days)
  • Make gloryhole great again! (Req: Normal Logan, even start when you sleep at farmstead. It needs around 14 days to complete, but you can speed things up with a few events: finding Lenny in Bareshade, asking Blake and Dulrig for help)


Zoroj’s addition:

  • Naked alt for Groth
  • Alternative expressions for Groth and Orgram

Gavel’s background:

  • Forest Path background is finished



  • New way of shopping – exchange items for other items. As some other races won’t necessary use human coins, there’s an option to barter now. It will be added to the lizard tribe with the acolyte that was exchanging stuff for earth moss, also the orc tribe will use this method as well.


  • Some enemies got an ‘aerial’ trait (Bats, Hortnets, new enemies in this update). Aerial units are more difficult to hit with melee weapon, encouraging to use ranged weapons. Some of those creatures have a skill that gave them ‘fly’ status. They can’t be hit by melee weapon at all, but hitting them with ranged attacks gives chance to take down to the ground which deals additional damage. Bombs still works on those enemies.
  • Bandit, Barrel, Lizardman Warrior, Werewolf, Orc Brute, Northcrest Guard – Those enemies have some new actions during the battle (I used some of the ideas from a picture I’ve got for a birthday).


  • A small tweak to the amount of items that can be crafted with higher crafting skills
  • Arrows can be made in the workshop if the player knows the design
  • Bows have slightly increased damaged, but in cost of lowering the dodge. Most of the arrows got a trait that they lower the opponent’s protection by half.
  • Some of the new stuff can be bought in the Northcrest, there’s a new merchant in the marketplace.


  • Gunnar and Caravan options in Bareshade are now only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Some of Gunnar's dialog and talk options on the River Path have been updated to consider your past experiences with him and the bandit camp.


  • Some minor fixes here and there.


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Sep 29, 2021
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Sep 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.35.3-pc.zip 435 MB
Sep 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.35.3-android.apk 418 MB
Sep 29, 2021

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how i done this quest?? i have 40like from bernard,but not have a love

You need 3 hearts with him to trigger the event, just follow the full moon event an you should be able to get the necessary heart

thank,its has done btw,,the new updt ust logan event,but idk what that event,i just seem task chat "skip to event logan" but its nothing happen

(1 edit)

i am stuck on the game, i have the lizard egg for the witch but she wont take it. 

Witch's tasks and dialogues are diferent if you visit her at daytime or by  night, perhaps it's that

it's weird, I started from the beginning in the computer version but I cannot progress much, since Bernard gets the wraith fever, but even after I made heat occisia, it doe not let me use it to heal him, is that a bug?


Heat occisia is just one ingredient of the cure, yo have to use it to craft spectral syrup

where is it found?

(1 edit)

You have to craft it too, after studying ant home about spectral syrup talk to Othra in order to know the ingredients needed for heat occisia

ok got it wat about aphrodiciact?

I really don't remember from who or how I've learnt it. Anyway, game's guide has most of the recipes, you can find link at main menu

Where can I learn the Restrain potion recipe?

i think we must be end of the upper quest first,im stuck at westeland quest,orgarm challange thirt time quest so hard


What's the right answer for Nameless? I haven't chosen anything yet, and I really hope the game doesn't pretend that I did just because I closed the game. The whole perma-save thing is making me anxious and I don't want to restart the whole thing again because I've spent hours on this damn save and I can't see anyone giving any answers to this. I want you guys to give me the spoilers, I really do not care, because a vague warning doesn't really make the choice clear especially considering there's, like, at least five or six of them? And at least 3 could easily be the right one.

Whatever follows your character's personality is the correct choice, there aren't any consequences yet but you can't change your answer after.

como eu consigo diabolic herb?

É possível coletar ao explorar o pântano

I need v0.34 CG pleaseee

I'm currently doing the Full Moon Event, and the Witch says I have to get the fang of the wolves pack leader. I discouraged Logan from going to the bandit camp, and saved him first instead of Bernard. Now, I can't enter the wolves den. What do I do?

You can take a look at the next steps of an event in the notebook on the down left part, close to a heart and your body tab, where it shows what you probably need to do next.

For some reason, save game mechanic broke for me, loading games only changes character's location and whatever dialogue he is in, but it doesn't register any changes in stats. For example I am at low hp - i heal myself to full and then go to the inventory to change some gear, save game, then load it and there are no changes, I am back to having low hp and having old gear.


AHHH! I miss-clicked the nameless choice and now I can't change it! I loved the initial feeling of dread seeing I couldn't change the choice, but now this is gonna irritate me to no end. I love/hate this so much...

You can go back to the previous update save file if you have one

Yeah, I know... Though it's 40 days behind :(


 how do i start the Make gloryhole great again event? and where is the farmstead

have you found sted? if yes, go into the forest path before the troll bridge, and try to look for another cave, go through it until you reach out of it, and you will find the farmsted, then you need to do some quest and talking, and then have the opportunity to make other quests.

If you have not found him, GO AFTER THAT DAMN SUCCUBUS, its where he is, of course, after some time you have found her other prisoner.


I really need to start it again to choose something different from Nameless? I already restarted when 0.30 came. If I need to do that all the time just to see other options, it'll get really annoying. The dialog from when you try to reload is brilliant, but I hope we don't get that all the time. Here I go again to play all the content again.


No you can go back to previous update save file(0.34) if you have one


I've been looking at all the comments when you said be careful I now know what you mean but by any chance next update can you let us go back and make other choices with the  Nameless  if you don't mind that I'm just asking and it would be fun to see what else we can see what comes for the other choices if you don't mined and if it's ok?

I think Nameless won't be changed in the future... Because that's one of his ability. Don't worry because I accidentally picked "To server Nameless" instead of "To Protect everyone" 😩

There's something I don't understand. When do the save files not work exactly? Because I loaded a previous save I had before I talked to the witch and things did change for me.

I sided with the witch first, but I do not trust her at all so I loaded that save and sided with Nameless instead. Everything worked just fine. Do you have to trigger the quest first or something like that?

Talking with Nameless was weird though. I never tried to load a previous save during that conversation and yet he acted like I did and said I didn't want to anwser his question but I never got an option? That took me out of the story a little bit.

I'm a bit lost, probably a stupid question as well lol
What does "Accepted the witch offer" mean? Was this during some other questline?


You can accept her offer to help you with mind protection, if you do there will be some changes in the dialoge with the Nameless

Thanks! :)

I demand a fight with Orgram where we can tease him! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also, can we get an option to corrupt Scrap giving him corrupted water or something to get access to "Bath time!", I didn't know after it's too late that after we save him from Ratking we don't have more options with him.

Is there another nightmare in the farm?
I was supersized to run into that when I was trying to trigger the glory-hole event... 

if there is it has to do with something of the rabbits


I'm so glad to backup all my save files to a folder before encountering Nameless. I was shocked to find out that the decision is locked to whatever choice you made and wouldn't change in any other playthroughs. I do hope there's some kind of option to disable this in the settings since it does slightly frustrates players to restarting their game.

Anyway, thanks for the update! That was fun to play!

how to trigger make a glory hole great again?? i am sleeping at farmstead and nothing, also little confused as there is no good way out of logan meetin ste - there are two neutral way (i want to protect everyone routeú and stopping Ste while nearly fondling him, but if i fondle him logan will catch us and get angry

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