Update 0.18.1

UPDATE 0.18.1

(Full Moon: Part 2)


New locations:

  • [Author: Wisdom]Farmstead
  • [Author: Athos] Xer’s Hideout : To unlock find Xer in the corrupted lake (Only after good ending)
  • Plain cave (+Entrance to underground)

! I’m aware that map may work slowly in certain situation. I’ll try to find a solution to this problem.


  • Wolves Den: Alpha Werewolf + Game Over scene (2 variants)
  • Ruin: Sparring with Rhot (Good ending) / Rhot’s ambush + Game Over scene (Bad ending)


  • Prison: Werewolf B
  • Prison: Werewolf L


  • Bartender’s Wife (You can talk with her. Also there are new conversation about her with bartender and tailor)
  • Bernard’s Temper (Chance for it to happen when entering the shop after the werewolf event)
  • “Offer your service for a day” option have a new variation when meeting Gunnar (Bottom player)
  • Few conversation after the werewolf event (Logan, Bernard, Rose)


  • Hunting Night (Additional option, after the werewolf event)


  • Night guest (Req: Rhot’s like at least 40. ! The last part of this happens only if you sleep at the ruins between 20 and 2)
  • New conversation with Rhot

Corrupted Lake:

  • [Author: Athos] A new ally? (Lizard good ending)


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Alpha Werewolf
  • Jelly (Blue, Green, Brown)
  • Rhot variations (Naked + New expression)
  • Rose variation (New expression)
  • Logan variation (New expression)
  • Blake variation (Front view)

Additional backgrounds from Gavel:

  • Bareshade
  • Home


  • Quest / Events Log (You can find it in the profile screen)
  • You can now name save files


  • Some small tweaks here and there.


Guide have more pages now, if you are stuck check this place first: GUIDE

 You can obtain a sticker pack with characters from LD by using one of those links: Telegram , Signal

Other information:

Arion is written by : Arion

Hayden is written by : Arthien

Ste is written by : Wisdom

 Xer (Xer’s Hideout) is written by : Athos

Contact information:






LustfulDesires-0.18.1-linux.tar.bz2 192 MB
Apr 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.18.1-mac.zip 190 MB
Apr 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.18.1-pc.zip 208 MB
Apr 29, 2020

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where do i go to find the wolf den and how?

Is there no way to increase Rhot’s like with you after you bring Rhousk back (I have the good ending). I talked with him afterwards and got his apology, and got the like with my response. But after that entire section is there a way to encounter him and increase his affection? If I’d started before somewhere, I’m sorry, I sometimes have a hard time reading. 

There's more content with the lizards, but it start with taking them to the Bareshade. So that's the first step to unlock more content. But if you already started the werewolf event and didn't finish it yet... then it's not going to be available until you cure Bernard. 

oh! Ok thank you very much for the response. Love this game and I enjoy the new blue lizard. I recognize him from somewhere ;)

(1 edit)

First. It was a bit confusing but i got it.

First when you came back at Victoria's Place, you will find that she has a new prisoner... I had to get from her closet some coffee for Feliar.

Went to Feliar's house, give him the coffee when asked him with he could satisfied Victoria. No like there.

Then I asked to Arion (ps. No lying there, direct).

Got both The prisoner (Ste) and Arion out of there. wow :)

(1 edit)

So I'm trying to Cure Logan But He's Not Around at Night. Do I need to give him 5 Wolf bane first?

how do you start the hunting party event? also how do you find athos (the possible new ally in the change logs)

How can I fight with alpha ? I need the fluids :'3

Go to the wolves den at night.

Okay thanks I will try more ,cause I just meet werewolf in wolf den ,is there any specific require to meet alpha wolf ? Like a quest or something ? 

where is the wolves den ? must I have chosen discourage route ?

(1 edit)

It is accessed via the forest, you must go to the witch at night to take a quest after the werewolf attack event in Bareshade.

In the "checking" session with vanilla Logan, after all werewolf ordeal, there are something I can do to get a right smell or it is future content?

for either route during werewolf quest, when do either bernard or logan reappear? Or is it in the next update? Bc idk where to find the lost person i dunno where to start either

So whoever you save, the other person will take 7 days before they appear in the wolves den at night

Where do I find the option to cure Bernard because I captured him but I don't know where to find the option to cure him and I got the cure from the witch.(I know when but not where...)


I believe you have to actually make the cure yourself. The witch gives you the recipe, but you must make it yourself


is there going to be a soundtrack within the game ? also love the town art .


I want to add music to the game eventually. I just need to find a proper music ^^'

yes it'll really set the mood !

(1 edit)

I absolutely love this update. The small details like being able to talk with the bartender's wife are a nice addition. The quest log is incredibly helpful and teddy wolf Bernard is incredibly cute. I cant wait to see what's going to happen next in the story. Great job dude!


Thank you! ^^ Event log took a lot of time to make, but I think it was worth it. It still needs some tweaks here and there, not everything is implemented yet, but I'll be working on it as well. 

How do u give logan werewolf cure after u make it game doesnt give option????

You can visit Logan at night (between 20 and 24) and then you have an option to give him the cure. 

(1 edit)

quick question, and possibly a bug. When both Logan and Bernard are werewolves, they leave their stashes with the tailor, or at least that’s what it says. However, when I go to Rose, I can only access Bernards stash, not Logan’s as well

Therefore I’m not able to buy planks to make the prison, which means I won’t be able to complete the quest because I need the prison to continue

I'm already aware of the problem and it will be fixed in the next update. It's a problem that occurs in only one path. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

I guess you don't have workshop in your home finished either? That would be another way to get some planks. 

(1 edit)

I did not have a workshop at the time. I just went back to the decision and saved Logan instead. I got the prison now.

Also, another question. I’m trying to use the werewolf lure to tame Bernard. I used 5 but it didn’t tame him. Was there something else I was suppose to do?

nvm, I figured it out x3

(10 edits) (+1)

Love the new update! Rhot is Bae! Just a few things I'm confused about, the farm seems to be empty, Gunnar's new scene doesn't seem to be triggering either despite meeting all the prerequisites. Anyways, hope you're all staying safe!


Farmstead is still empty on this build.
About the Gunnar new scene. When helping Bernard there is around 35% chance for caravan to appear (Otherwise Logan or Blake can show up). 

Do I have to resort to fighting vicoria if I have a gay character? I want to get to the farmstead

No. You can bring Arion to her (It's actually the best way) and you don't have to participate. Just wait outside and the effect will be the same.

Hi Hyao. When i read this it put me thinking.

How to bring Arion to Victoria?

What is the prerequisites?

So I faced 2 problems idk why they pop up now so when I play the normal Logan route there is no night meeting even when I have the cure and the game keep crushing and shut down every time I try to go to the new location after I saved STH 

Can you explain exactly what is happening? The game is just shutting down?

(1 edit)

So first for Logan : I did make the cure and all and went to his place at the time but can't find him even when I tried multiple times 

On the other hand Bernie route work just fine 

Secondly : the game start working just fine till the new location (Seth) pop up when I try to go over there It just stop ( I get the windows tap where they ask me to chooses find a solution and shut the game  or shut the game ) and if I don't get there the map don't work like it used to and I need to click multiple time over a place to go there and sometimes the game stop 

New location (Seth)? I'm not sure about what location you are talking about. There is nothing like Seth in the game. 

Oh lol true sorry what I meant is the new location that open after helping that prisoner I did try it again it just keep lagging after u find the cave in the forest

So I've got the antilycan. How do I cure Bernard? There's only the option to give him Wolfs Bane (which I did) and nothing else. CAN I cure him yet?

U can give him the cure but u need to come at night between 22 and 2 as I think

Like Hello said, you have to visit Bernard at night. If you have antilycan, there should be additional option. 

i think what we Need is a possible big Bad end (but not a gameover)  like we had with the lizards.
Maybe a way to become the Alpha of the werewolf pack and have the rest obey and/or have them attack the Village,making more lusty werewolfs. whuhahaha--ähem *cough*  ..just saying.

Or give us the choice to be the wolves bitch like what happened with the bandits 😂😂

you can when you have bad ending after fighting the alpha 

i was more thinking along the lines of having an actual decision that changes the Story/world, so far it seems to be "Canon" to heal the werewolfs to proceed in the Story. i would prefer an alternative to it which helps the werewolf side.

(1 edit)

How do i continue the caleb's part? I don't know where to progress PS: I'm in love with your game

There not Caleb part in this update as I think u need to be a patron

Caleb part is not done yet, it's something for the future.

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