Update 0.17.1

UPDATE 0.17.0

(Full Moon: Part 1)


New Item/Recipe:

  • Werewolf Lure
  • Antilycan (Learned from the witch. In 0.17 it’s not possible to craft it because of lack of one ingredient)
  • Hate Potion : Used in battle. Lowers the enemy attitude (Learned at home)
  • Insane Potion : Lowers sanity to min 10

New Equip:

  • Battle Axe (Found in the abandoned hut, during the day)
  • Diabosite Breastplate
  • Diabosite Bracers

New Quest:

  • Cure for lycanthropy (Witch - Night)

New Area:

  • Wolves Den – Forest (Unlocked by doing “Cure for lycanthropy” quest. Only fights here.)


  • Brown Jelly (Forest Path)
  • Werewolf Alt (Higher stats than the standard version, different color)
  • Wolf Alt (Higher stats than the standard version)
  • Wolf – Pack Leader (Wolves Den)
  • Werewolf B (Wolves Den – Night, couple days after Werewolf Attack event)
  • Werewolf L (Wolves Den – Night, couple days after Werewolf Attack event) + Game over scene ! Not available in Logan bottom Route !


  • Werewolf (Prison)


  • Werewolf Attack (Req: Beast rumors done. Two Wolf’s Bane have to be in the inventory. It happens from 21 to midnight when entering Bareshade. <! Doing that unlocks the rest of the werewolf/wolf new content. The event is more complex in Logan’s normal route !>)
  • After werewolf attack (New conversations with people, some changes)
  • Outdoor fun (More options – farmers, two variations)
  • Hayden’s Break (A small chance for it to happen when visiting hot springs after doing a quest with washing Arion)

River’s Bank:

  • Vicoria’s New Prisoner (Option to free the prisoner. His home is not unlocked yet.)


  • Rhot/Grushk sparring


Home Improvements:

  • Workshop is a place where you can combine items to make other materials
  • Additional cells (Max 6 prisoners)
  • Reinforced cells (Needed for certain enemies, like werewolves)


  • Cutting trees (New option at home if Hatchet/Battle Axe is equipped, you can then make planks from wood in workshop)


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Arion
  • Werewolf (Alt)
  • Werewolf (B)
  • Werewolf (L)


  • Shocking Bomb/Silver Bomb deals increased damage (Basic 15. Against vulnerable creature 30)
  • Smart MCs are getting a buff! From this moment Intellect is taken into consideration in two situations. For each 5 points of Intellect there’s a 10% chance to craft 2 potions instead of 1. Also the efficiency of consumables (like potions or bombs) increase with intellect (starting from int 10)
  • Additional opponents: HP and Libido bars should animate like with normal enemies (I had to do changes in the code, there’s a chance I missed something so there may be new bugs).
  • Wolves and werewolves are not appearing in the forest path anymore. Now brown jellies are there.


Guide have more pages now, if you are stuck check this place first: GUIDE

 You can obtain a sticker pack with characters from LD by using one of those links: Telegram , Signal

Other information:

Arion is written by : Arion

Hayden is written by : Arthien

Ste is written by : Wisdom

Contact information:






LustfulDesires-0.17.1-linux.tar.bz2 174 MB
Mar 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.17.1-mac.zip 171 MB
Mar 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.17.1-pc.zip 188 MB
Mar 29, 2020

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Is there a way to throw away craft materials?

How get Game over scene scene?

I lost battle to Logan very bad wolf in two ways,

anyone know if we can do anything hayden

How do you get the bad ending with Arion?

I think u need to be female

Yeah, and then what. All it said is Sparring. As in lose a lot or what?

it end up when u lose ur sanity

There's no bad ending with Arion. You can lose some sanity while doing stuff with him, but there's no real Bad Ending there. 

I wonder what it mean two variation at the outside fun

It depends on your current preference (Dominant/Submissive).

I am stuck - i dont see Ask about his friend option with bernard, so i cannot start Beast rumors

Deleted 225 days ago

U need to check wher his friend was staying at the forest u gonna find something

How do you raise the lizardmen and acolytes lust respectively?

The quest u need not to save them but let them have fun furst


Hey does anyone know how to get into the Forest Path? It says on the LD- Guide that I need to finish the Bandit's camp side story, however, I do not know know to progress this quest line. It says I need to get Jester and speak with him at my home? Also, I don't know how to fight Scar to progress the story. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Not sure if anyone has said anything yet, if so sorry for the repeat!

But when clicking the eye on the top left when you first see Scar at the Bandit Camp causes the game to crash. I have saved right before it so if you need the code let me know!! 

PS. Love this game! Never been so into a visual novel game before!

How can you find the alpha wolf? I went to the Wolves Den at night and I'm up to where I asked the witch for the cure recipe and I just need alpha fluids! I have been trying to find the alpha werewolf but no avail. I have all NPC "chat" options clicked and I still don't see it. :(


Alpha Werewolf is not available in this version yet.

I can not find the alpha at all. I've tried the wolves den at both day and night.

how do i get binding power?


I'm not running into the Alpha at all? I've done cure for Lycanthropy and I'm at the den. What next?

Are you going during the day? He only appeared then for me.

Originally at night, as that's what the main page said, but I will try the day now too. Thanks


I get the pack leader during the day. But not the alpha.


me too, I can't get through this quest, and the alfa don't showed up since never.


oh no I get it, hehe big brain time 

So for some reason the Priestess isn't giving me the quest Lost Acolytes, even though I completed the sanity quest for her, and she's saying I don't know enough natural medicine to help with the restraint potion quest. Am I doing something wrong? I'm trying to get to the witch's hut.

Oh you need to talk with bernard and get his restrain potions quest, study them in the book then you can get it from her.

(4 edits)

never mind, i started wrong patch game:D

(1 edit)

I can't seem to find any of the ingredients to wolfs bane, does anyone know how to obtain them? Edit: never mind I just found the in game guide, Thanks developers!!!


I want a Logan werewolf husband  <3

I can't seem to run into either of the werewolf villagers in the wolf's den.

do you mean bernard or logan?

does werewolf b show up regardless if you on logan bottom route or not?

If your on Logan's bottom route in pretty sure yes he will.

Just wait a few days and explore the den and he should appear

Nevermind no you have to save bernard during the werewolf event so no you can't even get werewolf b on the corrupted logan route.

is this 0.171 or 0.170?

It's 17.1.
The notes are from 17.0 because that's when all the big changes were made. The 17.1 is minor fixes of the new content that wasn't working quite as well as it should have at launch of 17.0.

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