Update 0.15.2

UPDATE 0.15.2



  • Sleeping Mist (Puts enemy to sleep. Sleep last three turns, unless opponent was attacked)
  • Rodent’s Lure


  • Bad/Good End (Leading to total lusty chaos or happy tribe)
  • Rhot (Talk option)


  • Spying on lizards (Exploring Corrupted Lake)


  • Logan x Blake (Mine, Slutty Logan)
  • Barrel (Love Potion – when approaching him in the bar)
  • Arion (“Bad” Ending, New option for female character during sparring)


  • Roushk (Prison – He still need to be taken him to the Priestess to continue the story. After bad ending he can be brought back. The fight with him can be repeated then.)
  • Wererat (Prison – Can be caught using Rodent Lure)
  • Bernard’s visit (If Korg was invited)
  • Orc (Flavor text when he chase the bandits away during night attack)

Chibi Orcs:

  • There are six chibi orcs hidden in game. You will receive a small gift if you click on it. Enjoy your holidays!


Art made by ZoroJ, Background made by Gavel:

  • Scene: Roushk/Othra (Good and Bad ending)
  • Background: Ruin


  • Horses are eating carrots now (Yes, Arion too). Carrots can be bought from Shopkeeper.


Here you can find some basic information about the recipes and items.


If you have a telegram, you can obtain some stickers with characters from LD by using this link: Stickers

Contact information:






LustfulDesires-0.15.2-linux.tar.bz2 93 MB
Jan 31, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.15.2-mac.zip 88 MB
Jan 31, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.15.2-pc.zip 105 MB
Jan 31, 2020

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Hyao how can I make rodent lure 

how can i get logan x blake scene?

hello i got a problem maybe, when i play the game there no sound even if i have in options music/voice on max still no sound or music can somebody help?

I am pretty sure he hasn't put any sound or music in the game yet.

How do you get a bad end with Arion? I lowered my sanity down to 5 and it won't go any lower with him even raising his lust during spar and submitting?

So there is just one talk option with Rhot ? 

And I hope u do something for the red lizard guy he is so hot 

And thank you xx

I'm wondering what is right time to use Rodent Lure~? I have tried during a battle, but it seems won't work XD. He just laughing lustly at me haha

It's consumable. It gives 'tamable' status to enemy. Preferable it's best to use a few of them in the one battle, so the amount of turn for the status is around 120. Then you need to finish the fight. 

How do I get Caravan Guard/Gunnar's "Outdoor Fun" scene?

It must be after 16, you also had to do some naughty stuff with Gunnar

How do I get the heart for Bernard because It only goes to 100 and nothing happens?

Deleted 136 days ago

I have already done it 10 times and the heart is not appearing 

If you pick the right option during the hunting date then you should be able to get the heart. You need to share a bed with him. 

So, where i can find the mine?

In the bar's basement. 

(2 edits)

I'm already a Patreon and love the Game.

Just wanted to ask, if you could upload the Stickers for Signal Private Messenger, too?
- That'd be sooooooo awesome!

why can't I go to the cave anymore?

What cave? And what message you are getting?

(1 edit)

The cave where you can meet Victoria tar being kill skeleton where you can meet the leader of the lizard tribe. 

It tells me that I needed a light source but I already got that a long time ago and it happened when I defeated the red lizard and then I can't enter anymore except the one in the swamp but the only thing I can do is fight lizard or corrupt lizard and watch the lizards. 

Do you have one of the amulet equipped? Because to move freely around the underground you need to have that not only in your inventory, but also equipped.

(1 edit)

Yes I do I have the priestess amulet equip on me

did you fix the lake of purification glowshroom bug? im sorry i keep asking i just really dont wont to restart the whole game , i have gotten so far.

It should work. Just to clarify, it's when you entering the location, not going into the lake itself. 

when i enter the cave and leave i never recive any glowshroom in my inventory

You may have picked up the glowing amulet and may not have noticed it! I was also affected by the glowshroom bug and I didnt even notice I got the amulet lol 

but dont you have to have 5 glowshroom to get the amulet?

Ya idk where i got it from because i remember i lost my shrooms by using them in crafting. But maybe I somehow got one from somewhere else by a bug or something? And also maybe you don't get more glowshroom if you already have the amulet

It's an accessory so make sure to check your equipment!

Yay I can get to know Rhot now :3 Thank you!!! 

I might just be stupid, but does anyone know how to get the good ending with the lizard tribe? Do I need to start over if I did something wrong? I really hope not... :(

I hope I never made the same mistake because I did let the male lust go up a little. It seems a shame if you can mess up the quest like that.

im confused as to how i can learn to make the Rodent Lure, and where to get the Sleep Mist, can anyone tell me how? thanks.

Most of the recipes can be found under the "study" option back at home. If you can't see it then it means your Int is not high enough.

You can also check the guide to see what are the exact recipes. 

(2 edits)

looks like my Int isnt high enough then, cuz i can make it and says i just keep getting it wrong... i got some lures from the Surprise gift tho, that was helpful XD

my only problem now is how to get the sleep mist (edit: found it on the guide now XD... thank you uwu <3)


How do you get barrel to show up at the tavern? He was there once before but i dont know how to get him back.

emmm, do you have any love potion? i think he will be there again if you have one.

You need bandit morale to be higher than 25 for him to come back.

Does the scene LoganXBarrel and LoganXBlake only available if you encourage logan?

for now, it seems yes. the storyline for logan when discourage or encourage him have a different path.


Razit's spear deals no damage against green jelly monsters in the swamp, despite the text stating it's a good weapon against them.

Yes. I had some technical issues so I couldn't update this build before uploading. So in this update it's working only against one type of jelly. It'll be fixed in the next update. 

How do you increase the warriors and acolytes lust to 10?


You can just get the lizards lusty, in the case of Rhot, that will be giving him lust potions if the version you are using have that option for him when talking to him with any in your inventory.

well I mean is there any way to get them up to 10 so that I could get the bad ending for the lizard tribe. I really don’t feel like restarting over 


The most points you could get by doing a "Lost Acolyte" quest and picking the most naughty options. It was raising lust for acolytes and in one situation also the warriors lust. Otherwise those are some situation - there's one talk with Rhot where you can give him lust potion, one situation with acolyte in the ruins where you can give her lust potion. You can get some points when offering a relief to warriors (only between 22 at 2)


Please let Werewolf become one of the prisoner!!! >3<

I would love this too but I get the feeling the werewolf will be important later. You may not need to capture him.

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