Update 0.14.1

UPDATE 0.14.0


New Enemy:
  • Corrupted lizard (Underground)
  • Roushk (Boss Fight)
  • Game over scene that can happen after both of those fights.
New Potions/Recipes:
  • Corrupted Lust Potion
  • Corrupted Health Potion
New Items:
  • Harness – chance to get it after submitting or dominating fat bandit
  • Glasses – can be bought from tailor
  • Leather Chaps, Fishnet Shirt – can be bought from tailor after certain conversation
  • Harem Pants – can be bought from tailor, but only after bringing tufts of hair from big rats or wererats. It can also be washed with 3 soaps or 1 cleansing water
  • Antique Blade – can be bought from merchant on the river’s bank
  • Othra (New conversation options)
  • Rhot (New conversation options)
  • Corrupted Lake (More interactions)
  • Bernard (Day at shop – It’s not a date, so don’t count on more hearts, but some more time with him. At least one date must be done for this to be unlocked, also it’s happening only before 12. It can be repeated every day.)
  • Arion (Sex scenes – you need to have at least one heart)
  • Dot between corrupted lake and small cavern with random encounter
  • Lizardman Warrior, Lizardman Acolyte (Prison)
Bandit’s Camp:
  • Bribe (Give some coins to Jester to improve morale)


Home upgrades:
  • Big garden gives three additional slots to garden
  • Prison is a place where you can keep tamed opponents who are not beasts
  • Storeroom is a place where you can leave items you don’t need with you


Art made by ZoroJ, Background made by Gavel:

  • Rhot
  • Roushk
  • Othra
  • Background: Track


  • Name of strong potions are changed. For example Health Potion (Strong).
  • Lizardman Warrior and Lizardman Acolyte can be tamed by using Reptile’s Lure. Prison must be build.
  • Lizardman Warrior behavior should be different (I think it wasn’t working as intended). He also can be encountered in a slightly stronger form (Blue one).
  • Restrain Potion Quest for Priestess is available from the start, but it can’t be accepted if the player don’t know the recipe for Restrain Potion.
  • Lost Acolytes Quest have some additional information while talking to priestess when the quest is active.
  • Lust Potion / Enhanced Lust Potion are weaker. Lust Potion decreased amount of lust from 40 to 30, Enhanced from 60 to 45. Corrupted Lust Potion will increase lust by 60. In old saves description may not be updated.
  • Lust Potion works weaker on demons (Vicoria for example).
  • Warning Screen – It’s not showing often, but it appears when there is a important decision to made.
  • There’s a chance to find glowshroom when visiting lake of purification. 


Here you can find some basic information about the recipes and items: Recipes/Items Guide

If you have a telegram, you can obtain some stickers with characters from LD by using this link: Stickers


  • There are six chibi orcs hidden in game. You will receive a small gift if you click on it. Enjoy your holidays!  (one item leads to a secret scene, but I’ll leave that you to discover).
  • Discord channel is now also open to public: CLICK HERE

Contact information:

» Patreon «

» Twitter «

» Mail «

» FA «


LustfulDesires-0.14.1-linux.tar.bz2 88 MB
Dec 22, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.14.1-mac.zip 83 MB
Dec 22, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.14.1-pc.zip 101 MB
Dec 22, 2019

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Will you ever release a mobile version on app store? Or make it available for mobile devices that use safari or such?

how does one build the prison

Oof, That's a hard nerf on lust potions. Now how am I supposed to cheese my way through all the fights :(

Well this update sure brought a lot of cool stuff to the table, but I have to sadly report that it also came with a lot of bugs.

The chibi orcs granted many things, including cookies, the krampus statue and coal, but the cookies are bugged causing the game to crash whenever we use one, while I managed to ignore the crash most of the time after using all the cookies ignoring wasn't working anymore and I had to fully quit the game.

Also the krampus statue doesn't seem to be usable by everybody, being only visible as unusable item in the inventory and nothing more.

the expansion options too were unavailable, such as the prison and the bigger garden, maybe all of those things are related to previous lines of code messing with the lines of the new content, since in my case I just copy paste the files over the previous ones to prevent my saves from being deleted.

Cookies are bugged, I am aware of that. Unfortunately I don't have access to the computer for couple of days so I can't fix that. krampus statue gives new option when doing naughty things at home. And new improvements shows when you save/load the game. I'm not sure yet why it's happening like that.


i really want to know if we could possibly see some more content with the werewolves and wererats ( i really like the werebeasts )

There will be more content with them at some point. I have plans for both beasts.

ooh, i cant wait!

keep up the good work!

Another question what does the krampus statue do?

Any help? xD

I have read that you must jack off with it, but it doesnt work. I have try at home and in Bareshade, and nothing happend.

it's like the dildo. when you go home and "relief yourself" it'll be an available option.

I tried and... nothing. did you need low sanity or something?

late response--- no, nothing special.
i simply collected all of the chibi's, consumed them and received the idol. 

hopefully you figure it out :(

"Relief yourself" works only when you have high libido. There's no other requirement then keeping the statue in your inventory when doing that at home.

(2 edits)

How do we get the public bath, drunkard scene? Also, how can we get on Logan's good side? More importantly, does he have one?

The scene with the drunkard is random, and you need to be submisseve (bottom) and I think you can unlock it more easily if you have high bitch fame.

Logan is Logan, so he dont have a "bad" side xD. If you mean normal and corrupted Logan, you must discouraged or encouraged him to go to the bandit camp respectively.

(4 edits)

Happy Holidays and keep up the great work! I must ask how to you get the diabosite to build the prison? Also I can't seem to get the tame a raptor quest, what's the pre req?


First unlock the quest "Rats!" from the Bartender at the Tavern, next take the other quest from him (i dont remember the name) and now you can access the mine. Explore the mine and find 1 piece of diablosite and show it to the Blacksmith. Buy a pickaxe and now you can have all Diablosite you want :D (there is also a quest from Blacksmith to unlock the Diablosite equipment, you must bring him 15 Diablosites, I think xD)

For the raptor quest... You need to take the quest from the witch at the swamp. I dont know if it need other requirement...


How do I get the witch to give me quests? Whether I talk to her during the day or night, she never has any tasks or dialogue.
Also, how can I raise Scar's libido?

Lust potions raise Scars libido.

how do you get to the northcrest caves?

click the "try to find another way" option on the troll bridge 

and how do you get there never got to the troll bridge before

it's after the forest when you beat scar you gotta click move forward.

(4 edits) (+1)

I can't get into the discord, why? Also how do I get the harem pants, fishnet shirt, and leather chaps? Or how to trigger outdoor fun

(2 edits)

How do you defeat satyrs? I always have to beat them by teasing, but even then their attitude increases. How do you make it decrease? Also the stat cookies give an error, and then you lose them :(.

The saytrs main thing is seduction if You can use restrain potions you might be able to beat them, or a calming solution those lower libido and make you less sexual so you can avoid increasing there attitude.

(1 edit)

Sorry for bugging you but I was one of the people that lost their glowshrooms and in the new update is says there is  a chance of getting them when visiting the purification lake. But ive been visiting it day and night for 3 weeks (game time) and haven't gotten any, am i doing something wrong?

Uh... Sorry, I'm out for couple of days without access to pc, do I can't check the code. It supposed to work like whenever you enter the lake of purification area then there's a chance for glowshroom.

Hmm ... Sorry ... but I'm a little dumb and ... Can someone explain in more detail in this update? (Especially regarding Bernard, what and how to do?)

Ok so b4 12, you can go visit bernard and press on the talk button, there will be something like ""offer your services for the day", and for the first choice choose between the first two, idk what the 3rd one does lol, and yea do whatever. If you meet logan during the helping tho, keep quiet to get a like from him

Um ... Well ... The problem is that I just do not have this function in the dialogs ... Maybe this is due to old saves?

Also, are the rodent lure implemented in this version? The recipe in the item guide doesn't make them

If it's in color then it means it's from patreon version

Will the bonuses from the stat cookies be permanent or temporary like the potions? (all they do now is cause crashing errors)

I'm pretty sure when there fixed they will.

dose anyone know where you find the Corrupted Lake

In the quest line for the lizard people you need to get an item from the witch which is the torso of the lizard statue so you need to talk to her and she asks for an egg of a lizardperson and you unlock it by exploring the forgotten temple after you have the quest.

i did talk to her about a gate but all I said was there still some missing pieces for the lizard statue do i need to find more pieces before I to talk to her and she asks for an egg of a lizardperson, beasuse do not see any quest like that do I have to start over my game?

wait was it at day or night you did this?

it was in the day when I talk about the statue.

(1 edit)

how many pieces do you have? The head yet or do you need that too?

How can i get prisoners for the prison?

The only prisoners are the lizardmen and you need reptile lures which you get from the witch during her tame a raptor quest. (Also if you sign find the quest it's a day/night thing for her quests meaning she only gives it after a certain time and or after day or during day.)

Wait are the chibi orcs a permanent thing or temporary?

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