Update 0.12.4

UPDATE 0.12.4


New Area:

  • Forgotten Temple (Swamp – Unlocked by taking a quest from the Witch (Night) or by talking with Priestess)

New Enemy:

  • Raptor (Forgotten Temple – There’s a game over scene too)

New Quest:

  • Tame the raptor (Witch Hut – Night only, stable must be built)
  • Swamp Vest (Tailor, Bareshade – If swamp creature was encounter at least three times)

New Item:

  • Reptile’s Lure (Obtained from Witch Hut, can be bought from her too – Night only)
  • Swamp Vest (Gives chance to prevent from being poisoned)

New Recipes:

  • Swamp Mash (Learned at home, after doing the quest for witch)
  • Reptile’s Lure (Learned at home, after doing the quest for witch)


  • Outdoor fun (Logan – After encouraging)
  • Arion in the bar
  • More of Hayden (Bondage scene)

River’s bank:

  • Apologize to Gunnar (If player told merchant about guard’s connections with bandit)
  • Fun with Feliar (Love Potion)

Forest Bridge:

  • Troll’s affection (With high attitude – a small addition when approaching him)


  • Talking with Priestess works like with other NPCs now. There are also some new options.
  • A little more details about the closed gate was added.


  • Raptor can be captured and used as an animal companion (Like dog or horse). How to do it is explained in “Tame the raptor” quest. It makes the travel faster for around 15% and have a chance to attack that leaves the target bleeding. If taught the right commands.


  • Fat Bandit/Lumberjack Scene (Normal and Messy version)
  • Tailor (NPC)
  • Alternatives for Guard, Satyr and Hayden
  • Background: Swamp (Different for night and day)


  • In store equipment stats are now visible
  • In store there is an information what item is equipped
  • Health/Libido is shown in the inventory screen
  • One time toll for crossing bridge is higher (150 now)
  • Option to fight against troll even after paying one time toll
  • Relationship bar for Priestess in the Ruins and Bartender in Bareshade


Here you can find some basic information about the recipes and items: Recipes/Items Guide

If you have a telegram, you can obtain some stickers with characters from LD by using this link: Stickers

Contact information:






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Oct 31, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.12.4-mac.zip 68 MB
Oct 31, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.12.4-pc.zip 85 MB
Oct 31, 2019

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I love the game and enjoy coming back to it for he updates, but I really don't know how to start the bandits quest? i get to the dark swamp and the forgotten temple and all, but i can't seem to find any of the bandit characters aside from the regular thugs on the road. i would love to get to the caves and the riverbank, but i guess i am stuck and i don't know what i am missing to progress. :(

i guess a general walkthrough or a page with tips would be nice to help out when you are stuck like me. otherwise great game, keep up the good work!

Uh, sorry. I missed that comment. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all notification. My apologize. 

I opened the discord channel for public audience this month. If you are using discord you can come there and ask questions.

There is also a guide... I just added a section with frequently asked questions there. You can see if you can find some answers there. 

How do you get the Outdoor Fun scene?

How do you tell if you have high attitude with characters like the bandits and Troll? and how do you increase/decrease attitude to get better scenes with them? 

(1 edit)

One of the mail symbols after you click the heart icon shows the meters for each of the enemies, and most of the time, submitting to them is how it goes up, with defeating them by getting their HP to 0 lowers it.

How do you get the Messy version scene with the lumberjack and the fat bandit? What I got seem normal one.

The picture changes close to the end of the scene. You just need to click the 'eye' icon again at some point

Wow! Found it! Thanks! Favorite game ever!

(1 edit)

What does and doesn't give you XP? I know knocking out gives you XP, and winning in dominance does as well. I assume submitting doesn't give you anything? 

(1 edit)

Submitting does gives XP, but it might be less than winning the battles, you can also get certain items this way as well, the animal cum from the feral wolves for example.

how do you increase moral?

(2 edits) (+1)

played only 12.4

The hint of Aphrodisiac is little bit difficult, cause I got a Diabolic herb at the swamp, and I strongly believed the devil's touch means that one. (If there weren't that one, I would find Succubus leaf is the answer. But I did doubt other ingredients more at that time.) 

By the way, what's the Diabolic herb for?

And I want you to ask renaming some items, as like "Strong Health Potion" to "Health Potion(Strong)" if you sort them by alphabetical order of their names. It's already hard to find the items on purpose. And you will add more items for sure.

Or, Just build warehouse at home that contains you don't want bring around wherever. Or porch you can pick your favorite items while battles. Anyway, the problem is too many items and hard to search.

About quest text, I rather want "bring 5 potions" than "bring five potions". That will be more... kindly noticeable.

You can put a marker "Not yet designed" or a shade for the characters without images. Then, we can notice it's under development things, not some bugs or delay of texture loading.

The increase/decrease message should have icons as like "Arrow Up/Down" or  "Red Heart/Blue Broken Heart" or something, more noticeable to the difference.

I misunderstood to some bandits tease down to improve their affection few hours.(I didn't noticed only fat one gains.)


Diabolic Herb is not usable yet. 

I changed berries names to make it easier to find after sorting. I can do the same with those few potions that are stronger than a normal version. Also a storeroom will be added in 0.14, it's something I'm currently working on.

I may do what you are suggesting with the description of the quests. 

If it comes to increasing/decreasing likes... I can't really add imagine there, but I can add "+" and "-" if that's going to help with anything.

Ops, the version was 12.5

I hope your development going well.

>not usable yet
Then, you shouldn't add it before that riddle. lol  Too strong to misleading. The recipe system is difficult enough itself.

Night witch's graphic riddle of Green Essence was difficult too. How about tear drop shape? or slimy figure. I thought it as sparkling seed or other bomb.


How about change colors of the  message? Red for +/Blue for - or something. Impossible? I'm afraid only simple letter +/- will not appeal enough.(cause position of the message and quick vanishment) Or, "+Wolf attitude improved MORE!!/-Wolf attitude decreased less..." adding several elements to show difference. 

The character's parameters are only explained at first creation, right?(What are strength,perception,endurance,etc...)

I want them again when leveled up and adding extra points for them.

Naming pet animals at home dialog is little bit annoying, cause I selected it several time (Raptor/Horse) to check if there are new dialogs and it required rename. And if more animals, the list will push main functions away. You can put the rename function at the animal specific page. No need to repeat so much frequently. " [Rename] Mutt - Dog [Take] " as like that.

Training requires food. I hope you add more explanation at later version for animal keeping, but now I want to know at least what they required for food before use it. (By the way, while horse training, "You learned Anti Bleeding ointment"? or some kind of that message appeared. must be bug.)

The dog and Raptor use Meat, the Horse use Red berries, about 1 for the dog and raptor, but 5 for the horse.

Is there another way to build up like with Hayden other than talking to him? The jobs for him don't appear all that often and I know they give like but the talking every day has stopped making him like me more. I kinda just want to unlock scenes with him.

you can ake the private bath with him and do his jobs. those should help out a bit.

The picture at the logan scene doesn't appear, and i don't  see the eyeball thing either to click on. It says i have version 0.12.5 on the game, but the file i used to download says 0.12.4. Any suggestions?

Nvm, it was two different events, found it

Do i have to make the raptors like me more to tame them? I'd use the leash and try to attack, tease, and wait but idk what to do... can someone help me?


Reptile's Lure must be used several time in one battle. There is status "Tamable". To have 100% chance to capture him the amount of turn for this status must be higher than 100. One Reptile's Lure adds 25 turns. When you accumulated enough turns, just finish the fight (Escaping or losing don't work)

ooooh ok im dumb... thanks mate!

For the Outdoor fun (Logan – After encouraging) thing
is it with Logan or the guard?

With Loga

will the character have 2 sprites or will we remain as a blank character? (I'm just curious I'm fine either way.)

That's difficult question. I don't know yet in which direction to go. Blank characters lets the player to imagine the look whatever they want, but it's not letting me creating scenes with the player character. On the other hand giving a proper look for a character, means the MC won't suits everyone style, because doing different variations means a very big amount of work while drawing scenes anyway. 

That is true plus it would take forever to find a version your also like.

How do you tame the raptors. I used all of the lures that the witch gave me when I started the quest and it said something like "Its friendlier then before the fight started, looks like you can take it home." But its not giving me an option to take it home or is there something else that I have to do to get it right?

do you have the stables set up? If you don't you have no where to put a raptor.

And if you don't the stables require the planks you but from logan it takes 20 and each one costs 60 gold.

which is about 1200 gold in total for the planks which you should farm bandits before defeating scar/submitting to him because they produce a lot of gold.

another gold farm is every night sell yourself at the bar but that's a balanced way because it's once a night the bandits take a little bit because you find them always and sometimes you can one shot of you have the right gear like lizard spear and lizard vest plus specter shoes which equal a lot of buffs not including strength/agility potions.


I encountered the same problem. But I found out I should go back home to take the raptor (instead the horse I have already ridden?)  . 

I have a stable already. But i'm still not sure what to do.

If you have a horse maybe that is what's doing it?


If you had a message that "Its friendlier" then it was tamed and it should be back home. It should work the same as with the horse or a dog, you can 'equip' it in the animal screen.

how do i can get game over scene with raptors?

fight them and submit after seducing them to over 84 or exactly 84.

sorry 84 of what?

(1 edit)

If you look at the reletaionship by clicking one of the mail icon after clicking on the heart, it should show the releationship of the random encounter NPCS, if that show 84 instead of -84, then he should trigger that, the lust meter, the purple bar below his health, can change his scenes if that go high enough before losing or submitting to him.

now that's a hard condition to do it. Thank you very much

......not relationship I meant seduction/it's lust.....

your sanity gets lower and when it's zero you get the game over.

It doesn't necesery be submit. If you used enough reptile's lures (The amount of turn in the tamable status should be higher than 100) then you have to finish the fight any way (Except of escaping or losing)

Can anyone tell me where i can find the witch I felt like i looked every where. Also the Priestess didn't unlock the forgotten temple for me.  

Witch can be found in the dark swamp area which is unlocked when you are doing a quest for the priestess called "Lost Acolytes".

Thank You but how do you get that quest? I've only ever gotten the quest about the green slime.

First quest for her is to bring her Restrain Potions (But you need to know the recipe for it to be available. You can learn that recipe while doing one quest for Shopkeeper). After the first quest is completed then the Lost Acolyte quest should be unlocked.

Okay I found it! Thank you!!


How do you get the scene with the lumberjack and the fat bandit


You had to encouraged lumberjack to go to the bandit's camp and be after the fight with Scar. Then when you spoke to lumberjack about what happened you can have a scene you mentioned when visiting sawmill during the night. 

How can i make a love potion?

You can use the site for the potions it's linked somewhere im not sure but the recipe is also 

Succubus leaf

Water lily

Succubus leaf

Water lily

Nymph hair

Idk where the link but I think it's in the description and you can ask hyao for it.

It's actually posted right here in the update info. 

Part 5 :P

Ok thanks I never can remember where the recipes link is I assume it's either description or somewhere you have it. Also part 5? Is that how many times I've not remembered where the link is?


maybe you can take Rhot to town or with you outside and using libido potions to keep him in check while using him in fights! maybe it can even happen i you do all his quests before scar and he can help you defeat scar/tank! maybe he can find the red lizard and be too scared but charge in as you lose and save you allowing you to escape with taking more damage/maybe losing to the red lizard could be a game over? like he takes you away and you cant escape and if your stats are high enough he could keep you as his own slave but if there low he'll give you to the lower lizardmen!

and maybe Logan would want to become a werewolf and rejoin his wife if you don't do enough/have a high enough romance with him! but if he declines his wife could attack depending on your gender would be if you could seduce her! and maybe even if your romance is barely at the minimum for Logan to stay as a human love you he could join in or something? and if your a female he could be super into you! also outdoor fun at night with Logan as a female is going to be.... confusing... as will he top you? will you use your hand on him? maybe he could find out she has a new lover and he was going to be used as a servant if you befriend/romance/seduce a werewolf! who maybe after they find out about his betrayal could abandon him and you could take him in? maybe even get Logan to help out! also what if you convince Logan to help out with the lizardmen if you can convince him via promise of a good time since you provide it every other time? or maybe if your a girl you can convince him to share you with other people/species like the lizardmen and saytrs and he could try out bottoming and learn he likes it alot?

(1 edit)

i don't know why but i'm always thinking somehow Logan's story is gonna be based on werewolves and either he or his wife are gonna become one. and Bernard's story will have us finding his friend who may turn out to e more than his friend and then its awkward until Bernard introduces us as lovers (if our plot has gone that far yet) and maybe he'll be angry or he could be proud his friend finally found a lover and or a friend like him? maybe he could if we have a close enough bond with the werewolves (bond is a loose word for it unless there will be a romance werewolf which also could be Bernard's friend) he could ask if we wish to join him as a werewolf/game ending that might be a weird one where we run off with Bernard's friend in either a pack/familial way or a romance/lust kind of way depending on how things turn out. and maybe with the bartender his wife could find another man who paid for her services and run away with him to northcrest and start a new life while leaving the bar empty and the bartender sad, but depending on your fame you could be a hero and cheer him up with love/friendship or if your fame is bitch you could seduce him and get the up and going by becoming alike his wife except your just buisness partners at the bar! idk enough about Airion yet but maybe he could take us to his home and depending on how we treated him things could happen? maybe we could become one of his kind or we could if he liked the idea enough be used by everyone at his home? maybe even become his lover and we could build a new hut and live together in bareshade.

Those ideas seem to be good, i hope the lizardess brother/boyfriend one does not have a game over in case there need to be 2 different outcomes that allows you to still explore the world map and stuffs like the bandit camp did, also, his name might be revealed when you see him in the Fallen Temple or in the talk topics with the lizardess in the Ruins after seeing him in there.

do you mean othras husband? Or the red giant lizardman?

(1 edit)

The red lizardman in the Fallen Temple is her husband, the scenes that play out when finding him might give him away there when you talk to her about him after seeing him in there, hopefully he will have 2 different outcomes like the bandit camp one does and none of them leads to a game over, speaking of which, i was right about the cave users was mentioning previously, version 13.0 is when that becomes avaible to explore, either they have to get the Patreon version or wait until that version becomes avaible on Itch.io.

(1 edit)

ok so all we need too find out is everything. XD thanks for telling me I'll wait until next month or until I can pay for patreon. (WHY DID AUTOCORRECT CHANGE CAN PAY TO INDIAN I'M SORRY)

No problem, and Hayo can help you with any problems you have as well as any other users.

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