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How do you offer fun to the prison guard? only bribe pops up

Does anyone know how to get 2 hearts with Arion? I got 1 heart and 78 likes.

What do I give the one lizard wizard  he say he's stiff

what ormemit 


Where to get the hiđen CG ?

You mean the chibi things?

No, Everret scence but im found it now.

Ohh okk

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Ok last question (Bernard) -(Caleb’s Part)

How can i get 3 hearts from Bernard?

How do you get arion''s second heart

After picking Logan during the werewolf attack will i still be able to find Bernard?

Yes. You will still be able to save Bernard. 

Hey just wanted to report an error. During the Fair, going to talk to Arion crashes my game. It tells me Arion_Romance is not defined and gives a "script call error: 58". No idea what any of that means but I hope it helps!

Otherwise 10/10 game, would def recommend :)

Do you have the newest patch? 23.3? Because in 23.2 there was indeed a bug with Arion. 

Nope, on android. That would explain it then, thank you.

I have a similar error occur when I interact with Arion just before the options menu for how one wishes to ineract with Arion pops up

hello ! Can someone tell me how am i supposed to unlock the battlefield ?

Ask around Northrend.  

Working for both the alchemist and the blacksmith will help with that!  

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Ok thanks, i'll try

Hey Hyao, the storytelling is great!
There are a couple of issues about disappearing characters in some fights, but what worries me most is: is the game completely silent?
I played plenty of other games with the same engine with no problems - and I also see there are sound/music/mute settings.
Have you got any idea on how to solve that (unless it's intended?)


Right now there is no music nor sound effects in the game.

It has been mentioned that this will change eventually, however!  But right now, the silence is intended.

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I must have missed it.

As a gamedev (Unity programmer) I understand it's a lot of work for a single person (+artists).
I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of naughtiness that's in the game :D
(and, I love it! :P )


Yes, there's no music/sound in the game just yet. There are only two situations where there is a sound. I'm planning to change it when I will find a proper music  tracks that fits most of the places. 

Aconitum… How?

After ya finish the infiltration quest in the bandit camp and get whichever of the two endings, a forest up north on the map should appear. Look there till ya eventually get it

Some music from different places would be lovely , characters for some bandits , lizardmen , rat people and a big and buff but not muscular bodied scrap is what i think of when i talk to him cause he managed to carry me so i think he eould be quite big and strong

why does the Mac download have the android icon ? mistake ? I am confused

Yup, I marked it wrong, sorry

There is something wrong with Arion it keep crushing every time u select a choice

I messed something up with the public build, sorry about that. New build is uploaded, so it should work now (It still won't work on android version though, as this one I can't update right away)


It's the best game i know , it's a great game i get to have some relationship with others...currently i am dating with Hayden and i maxed out Bernard (100) i love Bernard because of how gentle he is but brave though i don't know what to do next i'm stuck with finding aphrodisiac for wolf's bane

You will craft it

How do you get Groulbs?

I think you should look around on the road path before Northcrest

it won't let me download keep saying app not installed.

Discovered a bug. After downloading the latest version, tried visiting Arion in the stables. When it should prompt the menu for options, the game crashes with this output:

"While running game code:

  File "game/arion.rpy", line 775, in <module> NameError: name 'arion_romance' is not defined"

Great work! Absolutely love everything you do. :)

I messed something up with the public build, sorry about that. New build is uploaded, so it should work now (It still won't work on android version though, as this one I can't update right away)

I have an about you ask the artist to make scrap more skinnier and muscular than the other rats?...just a thought, because the story you have set up makes it seem he’s pretty strong.  just a thought keep up the great work!

Is this no longer supported on Android? That's where all my save is D:

Android version is fan-made. It will always be posted some time after the normal builds. -Hyao

It's been added now

So I had to get a new computer and when i downloaded the game again i see that i'm at the very beginning again when i  was on like day 400 is there any way i could get back to where i had left off or do i have to restart?


If you still have your old computer, go to where you have the game stored, go into the "game" folder, inside that folder will be "saves".

Copy those to a USB stick and put them in the saves folder on your new computer.


not sure why someone disliked the exact fact that you gave them to fix their issue....blinks at midwhite


don't look at me 

Deleted 60 days ago

Wow your are on day 400? I'm still stuck in day 75

i did alot of grinding for money and exp.

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Is any of Xeroth's quest content available yet? I know if you have enough of a slutty reputation the way he treats you changes but that currently doesn't do anything I think..

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I love this game very much. The only problem I have is that I have the quest to go to the Hot Springs with Bernard and then talk about it with him. I went to the Hot Springs with him before the werewolf questline and now if I talk to him nothing happens. Is it possible to still romance with him/continue the questline or I messed it up and I need to start the whole game from the beginning?

Where do you find the 2nd piece with symbols in the junkyard?


So i kinda have the ideas where there will be arena where you can fuck the lose and get fucked be the win and public fuck hole when you lose .

I... wow, that... will be great actually! where did you get this idea if you don't mind me asking? (sorry bad English)

there was a game like that.. but i cant remember its name


kemo coliseum


Could anyone tell me about the follow-up events of "nightmare"?By the way, i was frightened by the sound of the beginning of the event.


Is this game like TiTS where you will have the option to be a non-human, or will the player character stay completely human throughout?


Thus far you've remained fully human throughout.


Because there is a crafting basis to some of this game already... I suspect it's just a matter of time before transformations are possible.

I am someone who loves to remain human in games - grow bigger or smaller, or get additions to my body, etc. So this game has tickled my fancy for over a year now. But I know how it feels when you can't get what you like... because other games which force you to be a different species or a generalised lizard in all artwork or something put me off of them quite quickly.

Customisation is key & I wonder if Hyao reads this... maybe he should have a community List where we set up which ingredients are needed to do transformations... just help flesh out the potential generalised anthropomorphised Lizards, Bears, Horse-men or Centaurs, etc. It might cause some problems with quests such as those into the city if we allow orcs, but maybe we keep it non-orc until the quests are done.


The problem that Hyao has noted is that a lot of his dialogue presumes you're human, and going and changing all of that would take quite a bit of work.

This of course doesn't mean 'no never', but it certainly makes it less likely as it's a bit story important that you're a human when you interact with various people.  Maybe 'for a single scene' sort of changes, I guess haha, but there is a lot on Hyao's plate now as it is.


But that's where preparation comes in handy... to suggest 'Only Human' up to this point is never immersive breaking. There are other alternatives, but yes... all in all everything assumes you're human as of now & the longer it stays that way, the less important & the more cumbersome this potential content becoems


There is still a lot of complexity involved to support other forms. You can template everything as "you stroke your [specie_adjective] cock", but that does not get you very far, and will "break" the story in many ways. 

For instance, how would the villagers react if you keep showing up as different creatures every week? And a lot of the dialogue with Rhot relates to him reacting to your warm-bloodedness. How would he react if you had a different form, or if you change your form partially through your relationship?

And in order for the transformations to have any meaningful effect to sex scenes Hyao would need to add custom text for all sex scenes to describe how your tail is involved, how the characters react to your furry or scaly skin, and so on. So supporting transformations means that all current and future scenes will require considerably more writing.

Hi, love your game :3


Is there way to be a bottom on my position? Ive tried bottom options but i still get my position to top

Try making and drinking Submissive potion

If you submit it seems to bring you to the same end as drinking the potions, but you just end up rereading texts a lot. When it comes to the fights though, usually 'winning = top' & 'losing = bottom'.

What typw of losing? 

Well you still get 'items' when you get the enemy aroused and then lose. That's usually what I end up doing that way enemies become positive to you too

How can i get fist heart at bernard? 

Can not get to work on my phone

Is it possible to have more with Hayden but as a top?

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Kinda confused but pretty sure hyao will eventually add in more stuff for hayden. But if you mean him as a bottom it's hinted he's vers during some text so I think he is gonna bottom eventually, but if you him as the top there some stuff already there and prolly more to come. We just gotta be patient and let him do his stuff hopefully stress free!


Hi everyone... Is there a hookup scene with logan? i love him and i got the first heart. Anyway to move forward with him? Thanks UwU


We haven't had scene for non corrupt Logan yet.

Thank u <3

Where can I get the recipes for reptile's lure?

Somehow I already learned the werewolf's lure but not the reptile??

Deleted 73 days ago

You will need to take the raptor taming quest from the witch at night to get the lures and study them at home.

Where do I get the heat thingy? To cure that guy in the shop :0

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You learn it by reading your journal, in which you get stumped and then talk to the lizard tribe priestess who teaches it to you. 

But the recipe is 

Angel leaf 

red pulp

Two spaces 

Water lily.


Tysm :0


I just downloaded the game a few days ago and I still a bit confused of how to play. I am at day 12 but still stuck at mission of creating Lust Potion (day 10 teacher letter). I uncovered Lizard Tribe Ruin but I have no progress at all with money and level. Any tips to gain more level and how to get ingredients for Lust Potion Mission?

You can find succubus leaves at the swamp, which will help with the lust potion mission.

Beyond that you're actually okay!  Just keep exploring around, as that's a lot of the fun of the game.  If you're only on day 12 then you have a ways to go before most of the big moneymaking options really open up, but you can get money from defeating bandits (Particularly beating them up), doing odd jobs at the tavern at night, or helping the Shopkeeper in Bareshade.

You gain levels by beating things, when you're that early really defeating whatever will do it for you.

Don't forget that you have a Quest Log - it's under the heart section of your menu and helps explain where to go if you're stuck.

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Thank you for the answer. I still have a question. Is succubus leaves like, super rare or something? Because I keep look around the swamp but I only got 1 succubus leaves.

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The higher your intelligence (and perception) the better your odds of finding more rare things.

That said, my intelligence and perception are nearly minimum, haha, so it becomes 'just keep at it'.  Strong good looking herbalists are more patient and stubborn. :D (I do have a little bit of gear boosting them so they're not /actually/ minimum)

Thank you for the hint! I will try to level up (dang, I hate grinding /crylaugh)

You will also eventually get to a point where you can purchase Succubus leaves

Thank you for the hint!

I am confused please help me. I read the comments all they talk is about witch.What witch?I didn't encounter any witch. 

There is a witch in the marsh area inside the dark marsh or something you'll need to do more progress in the game to find her I guess eventually she'll give you an accessory called the Witch Amulet

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Wait dark mash??

I dunno exactly where it is I've been waiting for an update but it's near the place you find the lizardmen tribe where I think it's called the dark swamp

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Oh the witch does require the village but she's not found there, you find her by doing some quests for the priestess until she is missing 3 acolytes and needs help. During that quest you find one by exploring the swamp and follow her to there unlocking the dark swamp. (Also you gotta explore not just go there since first encounter and such)

Oh I also forgot the witch's amulet isn't the only glowing amulet you can get, although they do the same thing there given from different people. (The other person is the priestess of you being 5 glowshrooms, same with the witc h.)

ohh.That's really helpful.Thank you,I appreciated it.

Tq for the help





IDK but it's not letting me play it just stays on lustful desires  on phone I tried reinstall it  but no luck 🙁

I believe it's only on android phones, so if you have an iphone then it probably won't work there.

I'm not /certain/ about this, mind you, as I've never attempted that version haha, but it does emphasize 'android' version.

Did you try to extract all in the game file?

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