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love to see new character designs soon. Like for the merchant and the troublemaker. Doing an amazing job! Always looking forward to seeing new things this game has 

love the game and the new update! I do have a question though. I’ve “cured” both Bernard and Logan And everything seems back to how it was, have I completed the werewolf story line? Or am I missing something? 

It's the end for now. Hopefully there's some kind of closure to the Caleb and Serena situation. One of the bad endings hint at the werewolves going on to claim even more people and it would be rather abrupt to end it without dealing with the Alpha in some way.

I thought so but wasn’t sure.

I'd actually like to know what's happening in terms of direction for the game as the story is rather confusing atm. 

It seems to keep going off on a tangent rather following Scar and his goons which I personally was expecting before the additional side quests.

Like at the moment the Alpha Werewolf went down after 2 teases I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to add an armour system to difficult mobs so we have to do a certain amount of damage before we can charm our way into their undies. LOL <3

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we request a translation of the game into portuguese please

I really doubt it will get a translation as the current version needs a lot of adjustment and fixes, possibly after the game is complete and it has been cleaned up though.

the game is really great, but it is difficult to play having to translate every weakness in the game, I wanted them to release the game phrases so that gnt could translate on their own and introduce the game to the community it would be easier to improve the game in other languages please allow us to translate the game into another language or do it yourself please; -;

Anyone know how to start the night quest in the ruin? (v0.18)

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Care to elaborate on which one? (Assuming Rhot)

Yup, Rhot. I already slept at the shrine between 20-2 and my relationship with him is 41.

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I had to get his lust over 100 or so then submit and  then speak to him a couple of times then I just kept sleeping until something happened which was a bit awkward. :')

Also worked nearer to 3am too.

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Thanks! I'll keep trying. ;)

Edit: So something finally happened, long story short I'm sleeping with Rhot now ;). So is that all to the Night Quest? 

Yeah it isn't much of a quest I think it's just to initiate a relationship with him as far as I know xD

I need a walkthrough for the game.

how do I make Roushk submissive ?

It's said I'm not strong enough.

If it's in battle then it maybe you didn't use enough lures or possibly a missed talk with Priestess.

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I think I'm hugely misunderstanding the sequence of major events in this game. People seem to be reaching major events in a completely different order than me, but as far as I can tell, the order in which I've done it is the *only* order in which it's possible. I guess I just don't know what triggers major events? Like, are there certain things that you can go the entire game without unlocking because they aren't necessary to continue the main storyline? (e.g. Rhot seems relatively unimportant overall; or where can I go assuming I had never decided to cure Bernard?) IS there a main storyline? Feels like the main storyline is with Bernard, but that's... a really strange way to make a romance game, so maybe that's just the path I've inadvertently gone down.

The main storyline starts and currently ends with the bandits since that opens up the path to the unimplemented Northcrest where your teacher supposedly went. Everything else is related but looks to be optional in the grand scheme of things.

...What? Bandits are specifically stated in the guide to be a side quest...

Well that's currently the only way to get to open the path Northcrest as far as we know and it gives the most information about the goings on of the world. It feels more important than anything else.

Pretty sure it goes Bandit>Lizard>Werewolf which all seem to be classed as side quests but are necessary atm since we have no other places to go... 

Hola, I still can't get rumour about the beast thing. I've looked through the guide. Discouraged Logan, I 'm deep into the game now. I backtracked to First search quest, did this two-time encounter again, and got nothing from Bernard. What am I missing?

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Im gonna copy paste something I wrote on a forum, hopefully you can answer, Hyao:

IDK, I really feel, as if I was "Forced" to go the "GOOD Lizard Ending" + "DIScourage Logan" ways... Facepalms...

I did BAD ending and ENcourage, and I see there is WAY WAY less content.

Apparently you can make Logan fall in love? There is very little content if ENcourage and becomes bottom... Also BAD ending for lizard, doesnt have this thing I'm reading, where you can make Rhot fall in love.

Meh, I'm 150-200 days in, and Im really thinking of begginning anew.

PS: I cant unlock any of the content in this patch, appart from the minotaur Ste thing (Which I was expecting more from, at least a picture and more dialogue)... Ehh...

Cant seem to continue with the Werewolf stuff. I talked to the witch (But says/shows nothing new), to Harold (The wife talk), and beat Werewolf Bernard twice again, nothing happens.

I'd appreciate opinions about this please. Thx I love you all.

Edit: Maybe I can begin anew with the Android version, on the phone it might feel different and not so much of "Homework". 

Is finding Scar just... a very low chance? The guide implies I should be on the track at night, but there is nothing on the track at night, just bandits off the track...

i think you need to complete all quest for jester, ask him everything, and meet scar and tank in one scene at camp -  i htink tank is trying to rape someone? and after that you can meet scar at track

Wait, how do I find the Jester? I was thinking I needed to meet Scar *before* I could meet the Jester, but the Jester guide implies otherwise... doesn't say anything at all about how to unlock him though.

You have to sneak in at Bandit Camp at night...

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...Ok well I've done that, but now I've saved during the fight with Tank (which is incredibly easy) and am stuck fighting Scar... (which is insanely fucking difficult, but it wouldn't be if I had any chance at all to make some potions, which I didn't expect to need...) I do have a save several days before that that I suppose I could load, now that I *know* Scar needs like 10-15 health potions and 10-15 restrain potions to beat.

Supposedly this was made in Ren'Py, which AFAIK always has rollback, but maybe the dev turned off rollback somehow? It doesn't seem to work. (EDIT: Ok, looked it up and apparently it is possible to disable rollback in Ren'Py)

Ok, well I beat him with the same save... managed to get multiple shocking bombs to actually hit *him* and not a random bandit that jumped in the way.

I just used 5 enhanced lust potions on him :')

Is there any use for healing herbs yet?

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tl;dr. Where do I find Werebernard?

So I'm doing the werewolf event, Logan discouraged, chose to help Logan. Where can I find Bernard? I'm assuming the wolves' den; at night I try multiple times but couldn't find him, so I tried the cottage after seeing his note, 'sorry'. I tried his shop next, but didn't work, no surprise there.

Did the same route as you don't know what to do next, but I think WereBernard would be in .18 update

I have the .18 update right now. I'm probably missing something, nice to know that there's at least one other person.

Have you talked to the witch yet, cause I think that's the next step, I got the cure from her

I'm past that step already. I already made the cure and gave it to Logan after I couldn't find Werebernard. I also talked with Logan a day after giving him the cure, so the event must be over, but Bernard must still be out there somewhere. I just don't know where to encounter him.

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You need to wait a few days for him to appear, but he should be a random encounter at the den at night. WereLogan would be there if you chose to save Bernard or you potentially encounter both if you failed to delay the transformation of the NPC you saved. Just be warned that to catch a werewolf you'll need reinforced prison cells

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I restarted my game to see what I missed with the update, was wondering what do you do with the 'Battleaxe (Damaged)'?

Edit: pshhh nvm I saw the workspace in the house...

So how can i fight the pack leader of i have to wait for the next update ?

pack leader is at wolfs den - Beast Rumor - Study more about wolfes - go to witch hut at night, and she should want fang from pack leader - day night den

so i found the pack leader, fight it, but can not get it pang ?

i think it is 100% chance but it isnt an item, go back to witch

I cannot get the rumor about the beast quest, is something wrong ? Btw where to finf Aconitum ?

Nevermind i solve it .

Is there any plan to add romance with Blake or more fetishes like footplay and urination with other characters excluding Harold and Arion?

I feel in recent updates the sex scenes have gotten a little vanilla compared to the past ones.

I think anyone who has a relationship bar can be romances eventually like Harold and rhot have them but no romance has been added. Blake has one so I'm pretty sure he will have a romance route it's just gonna be either kinda complex or super simple. (Assumptions based on maybe he's quiet cause of trauma or you ask him out and he says yes, just guesses because of how he acts.)

I haven't seen a relationship bar for Rhot yet. Seems odd considering how many times he's fucked me, but then again, the guard has fucked me the most of anyone and it doesn't seem to be progressing his bar anymore, so maybe that's just not what Rhot wants.

On my first playthru, Rhot's bar showed up after finishing the lizard branch.

On my current playthru I have gotten banged by him a few times (warrior lust 8) and I want to see if thay affects his affection levels when I finish the chapter.

I have also captured and dominated  (okay I subbed for him till he hit 50 then dominated him till he hit 50) the big red lizard guy and his affection gauge was like 30.

(Hoping there might be special "My memories are hazy of that time but I remember vaguely of being with you..." You know, even if his mind forgot his body remembers...)

Oh, well I'm certainly not intending to give the priestess any restrain potions unless Rhot asks me to, so I guess that's not happening.

I'm trying to unlock the "Lost Acolytes" quest, and I've already done "Preserve Sanity", but the only quest the Priestess has is "Subjugation of Libido", and she refuses to give it to me. How do I move forward with this so I can get to the dark swamp?

You might have a different quest and that's why have you checked your current quest? You can abandon them if you need or want to.

You need to know recipe for Restrain Potion for her to give you that quest. 

 i have the recipe for Aphrodisiac  im assuming "a flower floating on a clear water " is water lily, "A heart of a blue creature" is blue essences, "a leaf touched by a lechery demon" is succubus leaf and "another heart, but from a green sibling is green essences but ive done tests and they all end up failing what am i doing wrong?

If I remember I think its the 'Diabolic Herb' instead of 'Succubus Leaf'.

I thought it was diabolic herb, too, but it didn't work. The second time around, I got it right. Water lily, blue essence, succubus leaf, (empty slot), green essence.

Empty slots got me my first time for a couple recipes I never thought about that until recently when I read through some recipes on the guide XD

Same here! haha It's cool how it's described (something like "wait a little before adding..."), but I didn't notice what it meant until I tried to make Aphrodisiac.

I really like the crafting system in this game. The herbs and their combos are cool.

I don't remember what I did first that I couldn't understand but it was funny when I figured it out lol

thanks all it worked appresate it

May I ask where can I find alpha male fluids(Antilycan potion)? Try seducing alpha wolf and werewolf in wolf's den but in vain. Hyao can you give me a hint?

I got the alpha male fluids from fully seducing the Alpha Werewolf in werewolves den, then selecting 'take advantage of his state'. there's another option, 'ride him', but I don't know if that will also get you alpha male fluids or not. 

You can get them by beating him up as well but seducing is much easier.

You can only get those if you're in version 18.0. Version 17.0, while it has the location and recipe, doesn't allow you to meet the Alpha to get the fluids.

you still can meet the alpha and seduce him but not get the fluids.

How can I invite Bernard to a hot spring?

After you've built up his affection high enough and have gone hunting with him enough to at least share the bed, you can talk to him about the hot springs. After you bring it up he will invite you meet up with him Saturday and Sunday evenings (and yes, you will see him nude).


I love the new update, my jaw dropped when I saw the big bad wolfs and dammit I need now to back for Logan before fun in bandit camp :D . I like the change with the forest path and new content with Outdoor fun and Hot springs. And now questions:

- Where Victoria found that new big prisoner? Now I can think about her as a new partnership where she captures new prisoners and we need to release them from her and thanks to that we can call ourselves a "hero". (though we have our little prison at home)
- Will there be some interaction between all werewolves in prison? Like we catch Alpha and then we make him Omega and thanks to that others will get some fun/revenge.
- Now we know the troublemaker's name (or I didn't catch the name last time) it's Andrey and what plans are about his character? We know that he had a hard time in the past will there be something like help for him to recover or like we will join him with drunk adventure. (there is also a Drunkard but we don't know him enough)
- Will there be something in our house like a slime farm? Where we can gather missing ingredients (blue/green/brown essence) and have fun with them, but to keep them we need something to entertain them/ make them busy?

That's all of the questions. Thank you and your team for the update and take care of your health, especially now where the virus is around. 

you can buy the blue and green essences from the Witch in the swamp at night. They aren't too expensive. Go mining for diabosite a couple of nights and sell it to Blake and you'll be able to load up your inventory.

must we re download after every update ?

Yea itch doesn't support auto updates it needs confirmation from the user.

Hyao, I hate you

WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE?! I want to save both 😭

What route do you consider more "canon"? Because after playing it, I think it should be Normal!Logan's route. (Poor Bernie 😭)

You catch my interest with the "new toy" of Vicoria, a shame I stole it xD

Can't wait for the 0.18 (yeah, 1 day after the update and I'm already thinking on the next update 😂) Incredible as always! 

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Omfg same!!!! I almost couldn't choose who to save like ugh I love my baby bernard who with the fucking great looks amazing personality and fucking huge amount of work he can do (plus everyone trusts him so another bonus, and his friend went missing who possibly could be been more?) makes him seem obvious but logan lost his wife and became what he hates most because there what took her! And when I did select logan it finally said "Logan loves you more" which WHY NOW IT MAKES SENSE BUT GOD DAMMIT MY HEART COULDN'T HANDLE IT!!! (I could go into this for hours but my hand hurts I'll edit it again later with more stuff I love about my baby Bernie and dear logan)

Also I agree Canon I think is normal logan because corrupted has different content where he's more sex driven than anything and normal logan is more protect the people he cares about and get his wife back driven.

Also dang what did vicoria do to you to make you wanna steal all her toys? XD I hadn't stole him away yet but the way you phrased it killed me!

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Her first toy was Korg, and for me he is like a big baby (with MUSCLES xD). And Her new toy, at least for now, has no portrait but the description is all I need to fantasize about xD

And yes, it was very difficult to choose at first because Bernie is ... Bernie xD BUT as with Logan... when it said "Logan loves you more" ..., that blinded me and I feel sorry for Bernie, but Logan ... WHY WE HAVE TO CHOOSE, HYAO?

I hope this will has a happy ending, where we are all happy and Bernie doesn't hate us, please

Don't worry, you can get Bernie back in the next update.

There are even some... benefits to that route with Bernie.

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oh? Intriguing.... Seriously does benefits mean he wanna fucc? (Don't know why I used two c's But I did) But also I kinda knew that from other people's comments well I guessed from them, thanks though for confirming we save them, I was kinda worried we'd lose one of them.


i think i somehow bbugged, played new patch, saved, loaded it and my character forgot muscle ointment

If you recreate it you relearn it but not sure what would cause that....

hi, i realized where i did error - i started old patch of game:D

oh oki

i think that werewolf logan won't appear because hes in the bottom route.  how can i chang that?

Load a save before you encourage Logan to go to the bandit camp. There is no other way, because in a Bottom!Logan route you can't choose to save him.

I want to Android download game please,  thank you

He said eventually but not yet, he's more focussed on story and sprites and such before that but eventually it could come.

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In 18.0 you can still find Werewolf B after the event is over. I'm not sure if this applies to L as well but you can catch him and repeat that portion of the event.

Additionally, in one of my files I was unable to visit Logan at night after rendering the quest broken.

Does anyone know how to get werewolf Logan. I waited a few days but no show?

Did you go to the wolves den? (Kinda obvious but I went to the cottage before there lol)


So Hyao have you got any plan for the finish game ? Will you update it here or on patreon ? 

I don't think it's anywhere near finished, just look at how little of the map has actually been covered.

Yea but don't forget there's going to be way more area than the map shows because of the possibility of sewers/underground areas due to the existence of the caves to northcrest area.

How would you get Aphrodisiac?

just asking because ive done everthing i  could and im assuming i need the werewolfs lore to continue the game

The recipe is in the witch's hut (daytime version). You may need to wait until night time to buy some of the ingredients.

thank you i have the recipe im assuming "a flower floating on a clear water " is water lily, "A heart of a blue creature" is blue essences, "a leaf touched by a lechery demon" is succubus leaf and "another heart, but from a green sibling is green essences but i dont know if "you wait patiently before adding the last ingredient" means anything ill test it out

Wait the wait patiently means leave an empty space before putting in the green essence

Where can I find Aconitum?

The forest path that opens up after you defeat Scar in the Bandit Camp.
You must have read about it in the book at home first, though, otherwise you won't recognize it as a useful plant and ignore it.


Ok so I did both logan and bernards paths for the werewolf event and I GOT THE NOTICE THAT SAID LOGAN'S LOVES ME AND I WAS LIKE "WTF YESSSSSSSSSSS" (on Logan's path but that kinda is obvious) also I did bernards and it was Interesting, learning about the werewolves actually using there brains and coming up with using Caleb to lure bernard was unexpected. I fully thought it was really Caleb (maybe the big white werewolf alpha could be him?) And not a trap so I understand how bernard fell too I would've ran being after him screaming stuff trying to figure what happened. But also doing Logan's insanity ending showed me his wife was doing what I thought and made me curious about what happens if we try and save her during this and who logan would choose..... Also gonna be sad if I can't cure both because there my favorite characters (can't lie Logan's story is getting me more hooked and interested in it the more I learn if him, which is kinda making me lean towards him as my favorite but bernard is just the fucking cutest thing ever.) And the witch knowing the cure makes me wonder what else she can do, Like can she do magic? She can make her hut disappear and appear when she wants (I assume because of how we find it unless she leads us to it instead of making it appear and I just to pay better attention to her huts intro) also do the lizard people have any knowledge over lycanthropy like I know there secluded and stay alone most of the time but maybe something slipped in and they kept it? And do they have a natural immunity to lycanthropy or can they be affected too? My God werewolves are an interesting but so damn confusing when you think too much about it..... Also another thing the cure what will happen if we use it on a normal werewolf? Will it not work due to them being too far gone? Also I'm surprised they didn't turn Logan's wife (maybe ex wife eventually but he still calls her his wife) into a werewolf as well, maybe it's because her role isn't really.... I was gonna say physical but it DEFINITELY is..... Offensive work her role isn't offensive or a fighting one where she could help..... Still great update can't wait for more! (Also since I'm way to shy on Twitter for some reason ima just say zoroj did fucking amazing with the character sprites!)

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Hi can u tell us step by step how to complete the wolf event plz

for logan and bernard 

uh sure but I need to know which logan you have first because I still need to do one.

I have both logan discourage and courage longan.

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Well first off your gonna need need to have bernards searches for his friend done, and logan unlocked (Kinda obvious as you can't really get to the event without them) then when that's done and you've got your logan choice and have either corrupted or normal you continue on and need to have the rumours of the beast and first search done with Logan. (Rumours of the beast is one where you talk to everybody excluding hayden)  and your also gonna need to have defeated scar or seduced/spammed lust potions/submitted to him for access to the secondary forest area where you find aconitum which is required for wolfs bane, and you gotta read up on the plant to find out its useful, you also need to wolf's bane. Then after you have the rumours and first search done after 21 until midnight you can have the event begin where you have to choose between one of them and let the other turn. But that's not the end yet, you when you go home after the event get a thought bubble saying the witch might know something (it has to pop up or her quest won't appear) and it's also only during night time. And doing that unlocks the wolves den which depending on when you go has different enemies, such as day yields wolves and the alpha wolf boss which you need to defeat to finish the witchs quest. Then wait a couple days and werewolf L/B will appear by chance at night.

where L/B will appear in the map and what time?

Is that it for the wolf event?

Aww, man. I wanted both L and B to turn and to have a threesome with them in the den before I cure them somehow. xD I guess that won't be possible?

(Thanks for this explanation, btw!)

hello. how do you go to xer's hideout

if he's the prisoner in the update it says it's not implemented yet so wait until the next update or go to his patreon for it. (Unless it's not in the patreon build it it hasn't come out yet)

I can't seem to open the game application. It always sends me to the traceback file..

how do i start the quest?

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Oh if you mean the cure for lycanthropy you need to have chosen who to help during the werewolf event and then after that go home and there should be new dialogue stating the witch could know how to cure them, Then talk to her at night it's only available then.

When trying to enter Farmstead this appears (Tried with Glowing Amulet and Torch equipped)

Where is it? I haven't been able to find it.

Let us become werepuppers? owo xD

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Sadly I doubt it due to the fact a cure has already been revealed so I don't think we're going to get that situation. (Unless hyao adds in a sanity ending or maybe a choice to go with Caleb if he actually is a wolf and bernard wasn't seeing things/if he is a wolf and isn't just helping them take bernard so he can have him to himself. Two theories of mine I still don't know what's going to happen so for all I know he could freakin summon korg and save them!)


So my MC from my initial playthrpugh has like 18 endurance.

So I literally screwed horseboy in every way possible in succession.

Was mildly surprised he didn't propose, cause if that was real life and someone could hang like that (as a top and a bottom) SOMEBODY should have been in love by the time things got done.


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