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Hi first things first, I looove your game been binge playing it all yesterday. i was wondering if you can get you pay back on the guard and ues him instead of him using you id loove to get my back on him :)

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I enjoy the game as a whole. I can't imagine writing all that dialogue in another language. The art is great, and the story flows well. My only issue is the male4male content seems somewhat bland, with each scene being the same variation big dick to hole spreading to alpha male and then cum inflation. It becomes predictable. I understand that mastering potions is the thing, but picking each ingredient is a bit of an eyesore for potions I don't make often. I'm on the 60th day area, and right now, I'm at a lost at what to do. Either way, great game, and I hope development runs smoothly :3

Edit: Maybe add a feature to have something tell you where to go next? Also, maybe drinking gay or straight potions can make you resistant to teases from the respective genders

Hi folks ! I just wanted a bit of help, for the influence of choosing to encourage or discourage the lumberjack to go to bandits camp ? I had to start over the entire game after changing computer from PC to Mac and I can't remember how it affects the rest of the story <3

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If you encourage the lumberjack to go to the bandit's camp he will take an interest in sex (I'll call this one corrupted Logan) and he won't fortify bareshed. If you discourage him he wont go to the bandit's camp (I'll call this one normal Logan) and in turn fortify bareshed. As far as I know the fortification of bareshed has no relevance in the overall story just yet.

I seem to have an idea for that Lizard's Piercing equipment, maybe if it have a corrupted version due to Ortha's husband causing it at the end of her quest, it might either give 25 points for the tease damage or 10 points into apparence, with the trade off being having your Minimum Libdo being either 50 or 20 when equiped?

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How do i fight with scar? I tried to sneak in the bandits camp a lot of Times’ but i can’t find him. Maybe i’m just stupid but i need some help.

oh don’t worry i found him 😅

I'm glad you found it! :D


Im really loving this game it has to be one of the best i have played in a while! keep up the great work cause everyone's loving it!

Thanks! While I know the game is still far from being perfect, I'm happy to hear people like it so much! ^^


When will there be an Android version of the game

eventually the creator said it will happen but there are a lot of files that need to mvoed and android devices arent the same as either pc or mac so it will be a bit more difficult for hyao

How do I delete my saves? I want to start over from square one. I use the windows version.


go to the saves folder and delete that
or give start


If you hover the save file with your mouse and click "delete" button on the keyboard it should show the question if you want to delete the save. 

Or you could go to the folder where saves are kept and delete saves from there (Users*name*\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\)

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In the save screen, press Del/Delete on your keyboard when your cursor is on one of the saves and click yes/delete to remove a save from that slot, repeat for each ones you have in there.

I love this game. I just have one question

Will the Bartender be getting a relationship bar in the relationship area of the game?


Yes, there will be a relationship bar for him too

how will his wife react XD

Relationship bar is about how someone likes you. The hearts indicate the love interest. 

Besides those two have open relationship anyway :P 


I'm just hoping we get some art work for the scenes where you buy his services for the night.
Both versions, please.
I've seen some other games where they use a "shadow" figure to represent the MC since he can look like anything, that way no one says he has the wrong skin color or hair color or whatever.

how did i not realize that...... seriously his bar has a special feature where in the room you rent you can do his wife and him if you pay enough why in the world did i not put two and two together... welp thanks for informing me now.

help i have an error
I'm at River´s Bank and won't let me go back to town, because it returns me to the bridge with the troll 

It's not an error. That was my idea. The troll is protecting the bridge, so when you want to cross it you have to pay the toll. 

Oh, I see

I really got to get a little frustrated by that
thank you T-T


I'm trying to add different things in different areas, I guess sometimes they can be a little frustrating. Who knows, maybe I'll change that part. 

Anyway, if you pay the bigger toll then you are done with the troll. You won't be stopped on that location, unless you want to visit it by yourself. 

ok ty

Pay the big toll? I'd rather repeatedly fuck the big troll.

What do i need to do to finish the Bar entertainment quest? I notice that 2 of the active stuffs you can do during them need high End and Str to win on them.

It's just a silly quest. There's nothing much you have to do. No matter if you win or lose, it's only about doing something. So after the scene the quest should be completed. 

Ok, i will do whatever i need to do for it, and you think you might be able to add an Import and Export feature in this game? The stuffs that can carry over are any items and equipeded items you have, any recipes you learned/mastered (Except for the quest ones), And any buldings you have done in your house, but they won't be usuable until the icon for it becomes avaible on a certain day, and whatever level and stats points you have.


I am loving the game so far and I am excited to get to play more. Thank you for all the time you (and whoever is helping you) Hyao. ((hugs)) from Ohio


Thank you very much! Always nice to read such a comment ^^ 

I'll try my best to improve the game even further. 

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Hello first things first, I looove your game been binge playing it all yesterday.

Will there be more favorable/affection options for the other races?

He might add more of them in, maybe he can also add the Import and Export feature in the game as well just so that the player can have whatever items, levels, and stat points was added in the game without starting over fresh?


Thanks! I'm glad you like the game, I'm happy to hear it!

To answer the question, yes. I'm planning to add relations with other species too. In 0.11 there will be a new satyr npc. Lizardman will also get some love eventually. Plus I plan to add other species too. 

I am looking forwards to them.

I'm hoping if we play as Hero tops we get to train some lizard warriors to be submissive not only to MC, but also to their brethren.

I like the game. I'm playing the v10 but i think I've reached the end of it (i have lvl 36). Besides the bridge with the troll, the cave (where it seems that nothing can be done just yet)  and the river's bank (where it seems nothing can be done) are there any more places? Have i really done all the tasks?

I've unrpa-ed the game and didn't seem to have more images from those that I've already seen during the tasks. However i don't see any image with Logan in the bandits' camp (as people mentioned here) . Is there

I've seen that people already mentioned it: a graph like a sequential diagram using or any other online tool with all the possible story lines (sceneries)  would really give us the big picture so we can explore all the game ...


There's a chance you already finished everything. I'm adding new things every month, updates are sometimes bigger sometimes smaller, depends on how much time I have during the month. 

About the guide... I just don't have enough time to do my daily things, working on the project itself and on a guide. For now I only made a small guide with recipes/items, but even this isn't always up to day. 

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I see. This game has potential and basically has no limits. I've seen renpy has support for gif, movies etc.. - in case you want to include movements ;). I can imagine the time required by the rpys ... i'm not sure if there is a graphical tool which can help generate those files however i'm imagine you've already looked it up. Meanwhile I have a prototype of a guide, but i'm not sure if you want me to post it here, since I'm not sure how much of the game you want to show ... and how much to let to be discovered... If you want to post it here let me know.

I'm still learning, that's why I'm adding certain things after so much time. When now I look at my code I know that some things could be done much better, but if I start to correct it than it probably mean that old saves wouldn't work. I'm not sure I include movements, there are tons of other stuff I want to do first, so we will see. 

And prototype of the guide? I don't mind someone doing that by themselves, a lot of people asked for a guide, but like I said... I didn't have much time for that. Still, could I see it first? You could send it via mail or private message somewhere?

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Ok. You have it in ur email. Don't worry i've read about renpy when i've found your game.  I'll try to see if i find a way to generate more content in less time.

i thought i was a high level...... how long and where did you grind for levels? also did you one shot tank and scar or seduce them both instantly with one tease?


First of all, I love this game!! I can't wait to see more! 

Secondly, how do I get into the gate at the back of the corridor of the Inner sanctum? 

me neither, and for the gate in the ruin, i think one of the future updates might eventually have stuffs added in some day, just have to wait until he gets around to doing that.

So I'm doing the Quest from Othra, looking for the missing acolytes but I'm having trouble to find the last one. I found the one in the forest and in the swap but otherwise I'm pretty sure i checkec everywhere at both day times. Anybody with an Idea?

I really like the game as it reminds me of CoC, great work so far!

The last one is in the ruins, just check the warriors when they are back in the ruins in late afternoon. 

Ugh, stupid me @.@ thanks for the answer!

How do I encourage Logan to go to camp 

You have to talk to him about it the same time you find him beaten by the bandits after their raid on Bareshade. You only have one shot to encourage him to go.

what day is the raid

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Day 20 is when it happens as part of the story line after you cure the shopkeeper of his sickness (Which happens after you visit him the day after giving him the Spectral Sirup)

How does the sanity work? I noticed it dropping sometimes and know that there are potions to restore it but I don't remember how to decrease it.

For now only there are two ways to decrease it. One is to lose fights against jellies, two is to submit to troll

What linux.tar. used for? And how do you use it I can't open it on my phone 

There's no phone version yet. Linux.tar is for... well, linux. 

The game is amazing! I like all characters and Logan is my favourite =) I'd like to have more interaction with he in future patches . You are doing a realy great job! 


Right now Logan is one of the more important NPCs, so I can assure you there will be more of him ;)

I'm so happy about that ^^  Thanks dude =)

The Shopkeeper isn't feeling well and I can't visit him... he needs medicine apparently... how do I do that?

Go home and do some studying. You'll find a recipe for a serum that cures the disease that his symptoms match.
You'll need to create something as part of the recipe, but you won't flat out get the recipe, just a vague description. You can experiment, or you can talk to the Lizard Priestess who knows how to make the ingredient you need.

Gunnar is such a cocky character I just love his personality and behaviour towards the player. is any visual aspects for him in your plans for any future updates?

He is getting a picture in version 0.11, it'll be available on itchio next month

@Hayo, how to get the bottom logan scene , i have tried a few hours to get it by myself and found nothing. the game is better everyday btw good job.

It's the scene with Logan and Fat Bandit. 

It appears only after doing everything in the bandit's camp (You fought with Scar and talked with Jester back at home). If Logan was encouraged to visit the camp then during the night there is a special scene when you try to check the sawmill. 

@Hayo, There were users on here that was wondering if there was a guide for this game, you can have someone do the guide for this game for you if you want to.


For now only there is a guide with recipes and items. 

I don't have time to make a proper guide and... well, I'm not sure making a proper guide by someone else would be easy. 

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Ok, that is fine, and maybe you can try and add an Import and Export feature? Which is where using import cause the game to copy the entire text in your clipboard that you can paste in the export area to carry over whatever levels, stats, items, and relationships with NPCS and Random Encounters, as well as any recipes you learned/mastered except for the ones you get from the quests?

How do Let Logan get kidnap after I encouraged him, nothing seems to happen. also does anyone have a saved file for that particular scene

If he was encouraged to go to camp, try finding that scar event in the tracks at night and maybe letting the bandits guarding the camp capture you and have fun in the camp, i do have 2 save files before the encourage part, but you want me to send them to you by hotmail?

Pretty sure it's just a random chance when sneaking into the camp at night to trigger that scene once you meet the requirements.

Hey does anyone know how to trigger the Hayden scene? There should be one for both male and female, right

If not mistaken, you need to be a btm. Helping out Hayden with chores at the bathhouse and invite him to bath with you in private bath to get more like from him. Afterward, he will invite to bath together with him at evening once his relation meter reach certain amount.

is there a way to rewatch/reread the scenes?

Some of them, yes. But there are also those that are only one time events. 


I wish theres a history or album so people who wanna revisit can see them again!

technically you could click escape and use the save and repeat it whenever you want.

Just something I've noticed, but some of the dialogue seems to be referencial in masculine terms even if the PC is famale. I'm just assuming this will be different in the future?

Some of the scenes for females and males are not completely different, but have only some part of them different. I might made a mistake here and there that I didn't notice. I'll try to correct them, when I find them. 

Is anybody else having a bug where you can't end the give 10 Enhanced Lust Potions to the Shopkeeper? I have them, but the quest won't disappear.

The quest is for normal lust potions, not enhanced ones. Maybe that's the case?

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i think my game bugged, any battle i enter it automatically makes a submit.

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is your libido full? you're too horny to fight if it's full.

it worked, thanks!

Don't forget there are 3 ways to reduce libido:
Potions (Restrain or Lust Regen)
Most sex scenes where MC has an orgasm (some don't, no idea if that's intentional)
In your home you can Relieve Yourself

What happens when you get to 100 love with the shopkeeper?

Nothing for now. There are like points and those can reach 100. And there are hearts, which is a love interest. Those can be five. For now with shopkeeper there is a way to gain only two of hearts. 

what are you plannig for the next update?

He is doing the rats and the crafting one first for the version 10 update on here, after that, the horses are the next one for version 11.


Some changes in the old locations. With the bandits gone the situation will be looking different. 
Also few new locations. They won't be very detailed at the beginning, but it will give me something to work on later.

Okey, Love the game, keep up the good work ; )

Is there any way to fight the bandits  camp I'm suck

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Do the following things to get to them when you have it ready to unlock: 1. talk with the bartender about the cocky guard (He is in the Tavern, which you can enter between 21:00 to 5:55, if you have trouble trying to get a list of topics you can have him talk about, select rumors after using the talk option)

2. see Scar's event on the tracks (This can happen at night, so between 21:00 to 5:55)

3. Talk to Jester about entering the camp outside of night time (If you sneak in the camp at night, you might run into him which should unlock the talk option for him during night time)

4. You should be able to sneak into camp during the day (This is when you can start the boss fight against those 2)

Also, you need to sort out the situation where Logan either stay in town or head to the bandit camp.

i didnt get the option entering the camp outside of night time @@ 

Maybe you need to do some more story quests or do some side mission with him until it appears? If what i am suggesting is not helping you, feel free to ask Hyao about it.

Is there a way to tease scar?

If you mean the fight then at first you have to use Lust Potions on him

The lust potion items you use on him to raise the meter below the red one, he is immune to the tease action, so those items used on him during battle is the only way to raise that meter.


Im currently playing the game at a pc, but is it going to be available for android in the future?

At some point, maybe. The gui is not in final. Before I finish that I won't be working on android version. 

Which monster drops the green essence? Love the game btw

LD - Recipes

You can have a look at this list Hayo put on there, it is very helpful for finding certain crafting items, the green slime drops it, but can also be gotten in the witch's hut at night for about 4 or 6 gold for each of them if you don't want to beat the green slimes for them.

2 things. 1 i love this game, the artwork, and story line. 2 was wondering when you think horses will be added to the game.

I love the game as well when it comes to the animals, but for the horses, this is what Hayo said about it:

I don't know xD There's always something else to do and those stallions are just being pushed away every time. But I'll put them... eventually.

Since the next update on his twitter/pateron seem to have the rats mention based on the picture of the wererat, he might be adding those next as well as anything else he can put into for the next version when it is released on for the public.

Actually I found some time and I probably implement them in 0.11

I would be looking forward to them, and the horses can be a mount that allows you to travel to places faster which can save time going to certain things that are only can be interacted with during Day or Night.

That's the plan

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Ok, and also, maybe in the future near the end of the main story quests, there can be an opportunity to have a feral dragon as a mount? The genders of the animals and other characters can be either Male-Herm, Male, Herm, or Female for each of them.

Also, there can be about 4 different ways to get a mount, buying it, doing enough quest for the owner to give it to you, do sexual stuffs enough time with it, or use certain items enough time to get it.

Is there a guide for the game?

Does not seem to be one up yet, but Hayo might get to it some time in the future, don't know when he starting making a guide for the game, so we will have to wait and see when he start to do that.

Could you add the option to keep stray dogs with you?

There is that option already. If you buy some meat from the shopkeeper, you will have option to feed the dog. After several times there will be question to take it back

Oh, yeah. I've done with the dog before, but i am talking about stray dogs when you go to have outdoor fun to Bareshade, could you add an option to keep stray dogs with you and a expansion (kennel)?

I know this might be late but how do I get the bath scene with Bernard?

As far as I remember, you get his friendship up and help with his quests, and that will open up dates. You go through the tavern date and the hunting date to get to the bath one, whcih happens on the weekend after his shop closes

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