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So, I've never played this VN /RPG game before, and I'm planning to do that this weekend. 

However, before I delve into it, I need to know if this game is just all text-based, or does it have CGs to go along with every (intimate) scene ? Basically, does this game resemble "Tavern of Spear" or not ?

Also, can I pursue a monogamous relationship with one of the side characters, or am I available for anyone to have fun with at all times ? I would prefer to build a monogamous relationship with someone in this game over time, but I'd understand if the game doesn't allow that yet. 

Thanks in advance.

There are several CGs for the (intimate) scenes.

And no, I don't think it's possible to have a monogamous relationship with a character...

But I think something a little bit like a serious relationship would be with Bernard :3

The story is really good, the first time I downloaded this VN I was just looking for something "hot" lol....

But the story really got me xd

Also, don't download it yet, I think that tomorrow or maybe in a few days the new update will be released. The updates are monthly, at the end of each month, however, Hyao took the month of August off, but he said he would update the novel at the end of September, so, if everything goes well, it should be today, tomorrow or in a few days. 


Hey there!
Just an information about the change in schedule. The builds will be released at the beginning of each month, instead of at the end of the month. 
Expect the next update at the beginning of October. 
Sorry for the change and I wish you all the best!

can't wait for the new update! Adore this game

oh gotcha, welcome back btw Hyao!

Glad to see you again, Hyao :)! 

How to work as a whore? What the requirement?

Note: i already can talk with the owner of brothel

You need to have high-enough stats like appearance, strength, charisma, etc. but not more than 25. Also, the sex experiences (Mouth, Cock, Ass). And your lv. must less than 100.

I wonder if the update is at this night or tommorow

Can you not really see the d*** of Hayden the merchant and the first lizard warrior you met whe your having a sex scene or is it a bug??

I think it's a bug. When you have sex with Hayden try to press the "eyes" button you should see it.the merchant? If u meant Torben yes you could by pressing the eyes i think.if im wrong IM sorry,and the first lizard should be Rhot,the blue lizard.have you finish the main quest about the lizard Tribe?.bcs rhot have many scene that he will show his Rod.

Oh ok thanks for answering.

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Can you have a relationship with Rose?

Also is there a sex scene with Ste

I think with rose no. And we still dosent have sex scene with ste.evsn tho his very lovely.just keep an eye on the update

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There still no way to gain Rose's love. But you can still raise her likes.

For Ste, there some sex scenes available in current update. One during his weekly visit at your hut after you finished Country Road event. Another one in the same event but you invite Korg to join in. And another one in Normal Logan route, after you finished Country Road event, visit his house again. There will be a new convesation which lead you to a new sex scene. However, you will get caught by Logan who still stay in Ste's house and Logan will hate you. (Black heart)

Ohh, sorry about the missleading information,i think there is no sex scene with ste,bcs i use bottom logan route + i already this kind of question before and someone answer no.

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That not a big deal. And I think you must try Normal Logan once! You will definitely want to try it, truth me >:D

So I finished the country road event but someone died and I think i messed up the chance of the logan Ste story anyway to fix this?

If you go to bottom logan route after you finish the country road event you can actually see logan and ste having sex

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I have 3 more questions about NPC's

1 - Harold, what I need to do to have more hearts with him?? (I know he's married but I want him anyways)

2 - Is there a way to date Gunnar? Besides all the sex scenes? Probably not because he's always to busy and is to cocky to enjoy a date with you, but if there's a way to this man's heart, please help me.

3 - Will Barrel in the furure be a dateable NPC? He has a page on the book and even a likes system. I kinda like him, idk.

1 - There still no heart for Harold in this current update.

2 - You can invite him to watch a firework with you during a fair's night. However, there nothing much except a sex scene with a firework as a background.

3 - idk too, it depends on Hyao who write his stories. The most we can do with him is waiting his weekly night visit at the house.

Wait the house near bareshade or outside of bareshade also how to get this scene I never really encounter it.

I mean a house in Bareshade after you finished Bareshade's expandsion in residentail aspect.

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1 - Harold doesnt have any as Itsara said (yet)

2 - pretty much sex only. (for now)

3 - if they have a like meter/the heart thingy they should have a route eventually.

Can't wait to date him

same Barrel is a personal favorite lmfao

Could someone do me a favor and fully summarize the possible routes of the werewolf quest cause I can't figure it all out.

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This GUIDE of Ben Dover may help.

Anyway, this event is kind of connected with Bandit camp event since different Logan routes give a difference outcome. Who you choose to rescue, Will you give Bernard/Logan wolf's banes, etc. also give a difference outcome.

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LOL guys, sudden (but unlikely) plot twist haha. Tao mentioned, some ruins in the lake. Right? What if... it isnt just ruins? What if in the future we´ll be exploring the sunken city of R´lyeh? And that way we end discovering the truth behind Nameless? :P

Also (yes, I have read too much lovecraft recently lol) in the Canon, Cthulhu, upon awakening, he would unleash a wave of madness, right? Well, I dare to say that maybe the one behind all these recent changes in the mood in everybody is Nameless, and instead of provoking madness he has decided that all beings should feel more lusty and lewd desires. It would make sense, as he mentions "we have yet to learn to coexist" xD. If this were to be true, then it would be definitely much much better than causing the destruction of everybody, like he has reconsidered things and he doesnt want to kill anybody now, or something like that. xD

But those are just my crazy wacky theories lol 


I loved you theory. I totally believe Nameless is the one behind it all and I'll be very excited if we could get an ending wich we side with they and help their plan.


....well this is now my favorite headcanon.

hi everyone, when will the new update come out?

Deleted 1 hour ago

my old comment is now invalid, it should be October First it comes out.

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I have two questions:
1) Is there anything i need to do after the final challenge with Orgram? The quest book doesn't give any clue, I don't see the typical "The rest of this event is still WIP" either, so I guess there is more I need to do to progress the Orc's War quest

2) I found the thief's key in the mountains' tunnels, where is his hideout?


1) After finishing the challenges you need to go back to your hut and rest until morning to trigger the Nameless questline, though this questline will only trigger if you've already finished Lizards tresuare and if you've done the good ending of it

2) We have no idea as of now because the place doesn't technically exist yet¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay somhow tao still ine rat land even after we go to travel to his village

Yes,but we can't see the Art of Tao anymore,so basically he's not there.

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Hi, I started playing LD as a recomendation from a friend of mine.

First of all I need to say that I absolutely loved your whole game ideia. I had a really pleaseful experience during my whole journey and I have some points I would like to share/discuss here:

1 - It woulde be interesting to have a game mode without all the lewd things. A simple gameplay for those who are not comfortable with the sexual interaction between the characters, because the game story is really interesting. 

2 - (SOLVED)

3 - Improvement about the NPC's pages would be good. Some quick notes about what you already know about them, if they are dateable or not, sexual interests, kinks and a lot more.

4 - It would be really difficult to add it on the game because you would probably need to rewrite most of the content, but are you planning to allow the player to choose the race of the MC?

5 - (SOLVED)

6 - What about different weathers? Like rainny days, or snow or even seasons and seasonal events would make the whole thing more interesting. When I saw it rainning for the first time during the nameless scene I was amazed by it.

7 - NPC's and player's birthday would be cool. Allowing you to have a good time with them on their day and making your relationship with them better.

Horses do actually reduce time travelling between destinations! it's just not reflected in the UI, do the math and you'll see it actually takes less time than what the map shows

Thanks for your answer! I didn't notice it at all, thanks :)

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For [1, 4] I think it would need to rewrite most of the contents like you said which make me think that make a new game would be easier lol. (But it interesting btw)

For [2], I think we must use shield item to make 'defend' function be more functional. Anyway, I do not use this function much since I use Razit's spear (and also body) then throw sleeping mist to prevent enemies from attacking.

For [3, 7] I think it really interesting. But like I said, it would need to rewrite most of the contents and these functions would make this game be more like dating sims lol.

For [6] If we have this function, I think it must be more functions that would be updated and changed, like some materials/fruits/herbs can harvest in some season or some weather. 

I think it could be interesting to explore the number 1, since there's no event in game (since I remember) that forces you to have sex.

3 and 7 I thinks it wouldn't hurt to add, but it's mostly because I'm a horny bitch who played the whole game trying to seduce Logan (WHY is this man so difficult OMG)

About number 6, I thinks it's a really good ideia. There could even have some quests that would show up only during theses seasons/weather.

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For [1] Some scenes during a gameplay will have sex scenes or CGs too. Even you don't want to. Like Arion x Heyden, Korg x Logan (Bottom Logan route), Ste x Logan (Bottom Logan route), Blake x Logan (Bottom Logan route), Barrel x Logan (Bottom Logan route), Everett x Feliar, Everett x Booner, Red orc x Northcrest soldier, etc. That why I said make a new game would be more easy lol.

By the way, your ideas really interesting. >:D


Thank you for the compliment. 

I don't know anything about coding, so I thought it would be as easy as just erasing those lines, but there's probably way morr difficult than that.

Thank you again for replying to my messages, you cleared out some doubts I had.

No problem!

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As itsara say,if we considered 3,7. The game is gonna be more into dating Sims than an rpg kind of game,bcs this game more into the story' than the Character,the important aspect of this game is not just the npc,and the writer and creator still focusing on the main story' bcs some still wip/work in progress,so if they/them gonna focus on the npc it's gonna take time. (My opinion)

I understand your point of view, but the game already have a lot of dating mechanics, for example, the firework event which you're able to choose a person to enjoy with.

An upgrade in the NPC's page could be really useful since you could take notes about interesting things about them as you progress in the game (For example, there could be a note in Bernard's page saying he likes to go hunting on X day, and later that he suffers from lycantropy)

The game story' gonna take more progress if the creator and writer focus on the npc

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I can tell you about the race thing which is it has a very high chance for this answer, which I apologize is prolly not. the main character wouldn't really work with any other races due to the entire plotline requiring them to be human for a lot of the dialog to work, like if you were a Lizardfolk the people of Bareshade would have a lot more issues with you and you wouldn't be able to bond as fast as a human and the Lizardfolk would just trust you as one of them which kinda changes a lot of the dynamic's of characters requiring it to change how they are written, it also removes any player incentive to introduce them to humans since they aren't one and wouldn't gain anything out of it.

 or if the MC was an Orc, then Northcrest just straight up wouldn't be something you could do as they would chase you away or arrest/kill you as soon as your seen.

Werewolf would cause Logan's, Bernard's and Caleb's entire storylines to change as well, Caleb's due to him being with the wolves and he may be wary as you did nothing before now and Bernard's because you were always one and his best friend was taken by them so he may think you had a part in it. Then Logan's is due to his intense hatred of all wolves, which if he found out you were one after you told him of his wife's infidelity, he might think you were involved and hiding it and he would suddenly hate MC and maybe he would try and fight us/kill us.

if we were whatever the fuck the Nameless is I don't think the teacher would have ever taken us in and maybe we would need a whole ass new dimension to start in lmao.

Minotaur just similar issues to the Lizardfolk thing except lizards also wouldn't trust you since you're not a lizard.

actually, as I'm typing this there is a solution to the issue, not the best one but you start somewhere else and what your goal is could change too, would take a SHIT TON of coding and content to be added as it would pretty much use none of the previous content and would need some minor changes to interactions and new interactions too...

like maybe Bear, Red Panda, Boar, whatever the innkeeper in Tao's home is again would all start at Tao's hometown and the goal is to save Tao but along the way you find a dead herbalist and they wrote down a note stating they are seeking their teacher and you can take over.

Lizardfolk excluded from the thing above as they would start in the tribe and the goal would be stop the nameless and he would never get a gem due to him being unable to reach this MC as he is protected by the barrier. then they would eventually end up in the same spot as the other one meeting the human herbalist who is dead with a note stating his journey and this MC wants to continue their wish for some reason.

Orc's maybe you would need to choose which Tribe you're from? and depending on the answer you could have support from your people or be against everyone in your tribe and seeking the other tribes for help against whatever is changing you people. 

Werewolves.... I don't think this would be possible as MC would either have to found out Antilycan existed a LONG ass time ago or was always one and somehow never lost his mind? maybe the teacher took them in to study Lycanthropy and went away for more materials and since MC doesn't have anyone else they want to find the Teacher as they want to become human again? even then kinda a Strech as maybe the teacher would chain a werewolf if it was his test subject.......

Ratkin you could start at the scrapyard and befriend scrap sooner or maybe have been friends for longer? like you've known each other a while but you were smart enough to leave and study other shit and your goal is to either overthrow the Rat king or take scrap away and give him a better life with human's?

Incubus/Succubus would maybe only be able to travel at night and would start in Viccoria's cave with a shit ton of sex experience and friendly relationship with Viccoria and you could bring in more victims or try and become more human like and befriend people.

swamp creatures just are mindless drones of big tree so either you gain sentience, or you don't get this as an option. also, you couldn't talk to people so like, I don't think it would work.

I don't know how a minotaur story would start. maybe Northcrest or just some far ass place in the future.

same with the Cthulhu thing nameless is, I only got weird pocket dimension for an idea but feels like that wouldn't work well.

all the issues from the first bit would still be present but the starting issue would change as you have different places...

 along with the fact even adding ONE extra race would prolly take an entire month or maybe even 2 just to start due to how many things would need to be changed, so like Hyao most likely will not be doing this due to the sheer amount of work it would take and how long it would take, if he worked on it in the background  and make a shit ton of smaller updates and eventually added it in as one major update after maybe a year of it being on the sidelines while he had smaller updates but I don't know if Hyao would want to do that lol.

oh, also Hyao had a poll like 3 years ago where he asked if we wanted a drawn MC or a blank one so we could get more scenes as they would only be written compared to needing a new CG every time if MC was drawn. if you can't guess we voted blank so we could get more scenes lmao. so maybe that could influence his choice of more Races or not.

I totally understande your point.

Being a human is, actually, the best option for the game develop. Your ideia about different playing tha game with different POV's is not kinda my thing actually, but  there would be interesting to explore more of the game lore.

understandable, switching storylines can be kinda weird and also adds in a lot more things to think about rather than just one issue. lorewise though as much shit as i can find the better.

will we be able to capture more monsters and will we be able to capture monsters like the alpha werewolf?

I think no bcs alpha werewolf considered to be a boss

Hey, i know i was here not that long ago asking for advice but can anyone help with how to trigger the 'clash with barrel' event, I've looked at the update 31 and i still don't understand how to trigger it. Please help


its random in the bar at night.


How about "Bandits morale at least 25"?

this too, this is also required for it.


guys, when Rose see us with Gunnar in bareshade and then we go talk to him and he ask about being a good guy or bad guy does anyone know if our answer lead us to anything? in my first play I answered good guy and in the second I answered bad guy but nothing happened, do you have to do something specific to trigger this or is something that isn't implemented yet?

That choice does nothing for now

quick question like that : how can you have the second hearts with roushk (i have one and im on like : 70) thanks in advance 

You need to do the bounding events with him and Othra, it unlocks on Othra's dialogue window after you do the hunting contest with Rhot

i did that and im lock at 70 likes 

You need to do all three bonding events in order to unlock the fourth, you get the second heart after doing the fourth one

im redoing the game and the wolfs event isnt in my events log while i already got to talking to bernard about the werewolves

May I ask? Have you finished Bandit camp event yet? And can you send me your event quest logs? I think if I know how your process now, I can provide some guide.

i havent done the bandit camp event yet and i have this

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I think you need to finished Bernard's Sickness and done some Bandit camp event first. Just like Ben said. 


It appears after you cure him of the wrath fever (you need to wait for day 16/20)


Thank you! I am thinking about Bernard's Sickness and done some Bandit camp event too, but not sure how to start it.


thanks this was really helpful

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Some random information about Bernard!

U actually CAN have 4 hearts.

daheck i just got it randomly Making firework event at Sunday, so many Character/npc to talk with,and i tried Bernard. "Kiss" "Love him"

Man i was just shocked

Is there a scene with Xeroth and Rhot? Every now and then I get a short conversation that suggests I go see them in the evening but I have no idea how to do so.

There is!,i forget how to trigger it tho. But at some moment the two gonna meet,i think it was trigger by xeroth? Cause i remember we don't have that many talk other than contest + spar with rhot

The random facts is that they're are childhood friend. As i remember

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If you mean a conversation which talk about do something in Xeroth hideout or something like that, it just a talk, there still no more scenes from there.

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Oh then i miss informated, sorry

Can anyone tell me what are all the events that exist so far. Because I'm stuck now

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Some events are still WIP. As I see, you have reached the lastest update now.

Thank you 👍

You're welcome!

Hi, how can i raise bandit morale? Im on the hateful -100, i saw i need morale 25 to make it happend.. does any1 know? 


Reputation among Bandits spans from -100 to 100, you can raise it by usually submitting to them or in some cases dominating them, but using love potion is the best option, since it raises the reputation by 25.

Bandits' morale spans from 0 to 100 and this is what your interested to improve, you can raise it by going to the camp and take from Jester the job "A bitch for the thugs" or having the talk "give money to the bandits".

Hey Ben Dover! do you still have the guide? Can i have it?

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He posted a link of his guide on his creator page. You can check it out by clicking his name and go to his creator page.

Yeah, like Itsara said. Let me know if you have problems

In addition to what Ben Dover stated, if you're dominant, you can raise morale by doing the 'wander around the camp' option and dominating bandits who oppose you as well.

Random information

u can suck/masterbait(hehe) Dwarf "black Smith" 

u Need 5 glafare(i forget how it spelled)

Give it to the dwarf 

There should be an "discount" when you chat with the dwarf

Even tho dwarf is small but He packing something big 

I’m stuck in the ruins of the junkyard case I only have the air plate. Is there a way to get the rest of the elemental plates?

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at the map (left). there is 3 "?" (Right bottom on map). Defeat the 3 of it,u should get the 3 plate. I remember that Earth need to create (3 piece) u can just craft it at your inventory



Zone 108 means eleventh row, ninth column, Zone 05 means first row, sixth column

Item Effect/Use WHERE HOW
Plate (Air) HIDDEN RUINS – Zone 90: Square shaped hole INVENTORY Plate (First Half); Plate (Second Half); Use
Plate (Earth) HIDDEN RUINS - Zone 21: Rock wall and Zone 68: Rock wall HIDDEN RUINS Zone 05: Other side of the pool -Pick the plate and Zone 76: Camping zone
Plate (Fire) WIP
Plate (First Half) Plate (Air) JUNKYARD Level 2 – Zone 23: Useless junk -Tao noticing a plate
Plate (Second Half) Plate (Air) JUNKYARD Rat King -Half of the plate
Plate (Water) EXPLORE JUNKYARD – Level 2 – Zone 05: Water container JUNKYARD Zone 108: Wooden barrel -Look inside DEFEAT

Tell me if something is confusing or you don't understand.

Help, I'm stuck outside the junkyard, when I got in the first time I went home to rest, but when i got there again there were two ratkins blocking the way and to pass I need to please the rat king. What should I do ?

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So u actually need to explore Junkyard, and let Tao "captive" Study what u find on your journey at the Junkyard.

Bcs if u want to travel u need to let ratkin release Tao 

Spoiler alert!

U can pick 2 side, either release Tao,or make him your captive instead.

enter this first.(The "door" icon next to 💀"

go to " ! ". (Note: u need to Brought Tao,Just incase bcs i forget if we need that)

I hope this is what u meant,if im wrong just correct me,ill try to find a way.

There is also People that Will reply this (i think) like itsara,Just nonsense,Ben Dover and others!

Thank you for the reply but I didn't explain my problem well, I'm actually stuck outside the island cave

Are you sure you don't mean the island's cave? You should always be able to enter the junkyard

Yeah sorry I meant the island cave, the first time I got there I was able to get through (to the junkyard) but now I can't anymore 

Have you freed Tao?

No, I've never even seen him or the Rat King

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Return to the junkyard's tunnel,  leave the underground and explore the junkyard for more  or less 3 times. If you have difficulties, click on the scroll icon on the bottom left, go to events log, Rat problem and follow the instructions

Can anyone help me with logan, i have 1 heart and my like is at 75 but no matter what i do i cant increase that at all. Any advice?? Please

Do you have the fair already?

Yeah, i do

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Then have you already invited him there, spent the day and watched the fireworks? Also Are you doing the Country Road event and have you finished the Bareshade expansion event?

Yup done all that, didn't know about the country road event so ill have a look at that and yes i have finished the bareshade expansion.

I was asking because you need to finish all of country road's event as well as the bareshade's expansion, to get Logan's second heart and some likes with him, to start the Country road event you need to rescue Vicoria's second prisoner and help him around the farm until he reaches the threshold to take him to visit Bareshade after the visit the event will be on your event log, though you need to have Korg home to progress the event

I just got Ste and Logan Scene at the house, F moment bcs i like ste to have Scene with player


Is there a way to get Korg and Rose in a relationship? If not I hope it's something that can be considered in the future. As much as I like the big green guy I think Rose would be a good match for him.

like this seems cute but not my husband lmfao

Why make them both have a relationship when you can have you in a relationship with both of them as they're in a relationship with eachother and in turn in a relationship with you as they're in a relationship with one another? XP

Relationships between NPS don't change during the course of the game (Unless for slutty Logan, Aron and Hayden or Blake, Everett and Feliar)

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Hello guys, how is it going :)? What is the maximun number of pots (to harvest plants)? 7 or 8? Looks like I am still missing 1 but I forgot how to get it. (Sorry for the typo, it seems yesterday, my english just went nuts xD)

(1 edit)

nvm im wrong its 8


It's 8 you get last one from hanging out with Neva or was it Eva? Well the girl

Perfect, thanks :)

Is there any bottom sex/blowjob scene with scrap?

If you mean sex scenes between Player and Scrap. I remember one blowjob scene (with Tao) during Tea Party at Scrap house if you are Dominant and Scrap is corrupted.


Other than what Itsara said, if you sleep with him there is a chance that he'll blow you during the night.

Scrap for now is a sub bottom, so he never gets a blowjob or an ass to fuck, only to taste.

ooh so there isnt any scene where he top huh?,When i try to Bath him and "Worship armspit" he actually act like the dominant one so i thought he can be a top

(1 edit)

he can top but only that scene.

The writer for Scrap has already said that Scrap will never top because he's a bottom, unfortunately ;-;


ohh rip my dreams of top scrap XD


I feel you, crying tears of pain everyday because of that knowledge

yep,i really like to have another "Fat" Npc to dom player.

Help does anyone know how to trigger the Payment Plan Quest? I have been spending in game weeks in Northcrest Residential Area but still unable to trigger this quest... Help please...

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I'm quite sure that requirements for this event are:

  1. Day: Monday - Wednesday
  2. Time: 20.00 or more but before morning.
  3. Place: Residential area in Northcrest

You need to be there in correct time and place. There would be a new option name 'Goodwood Lane' appear to be selected.

The option did not appear to me. Is there anything else I should do?

Did you have any brothel's quests aside of Payment plan?

When accepting protection from the witch against the Nameless, will it prevent future interactions with Nameless later on? I like his character so far and I don't want to miss out on content 

it prevents them for the save your on at that time, if you reload and decline her protection i think you can still have his scenes. but dont forget his choices are permanent and you cannot change them.

Other than small differences in the interactions between you and Nameless and the fact that if you don't want the protection you don't receive the amulet of strong mind, there are not visible differences. Although I think that you can get more hidden likes if you don't accept protection, but this is my theory.

Hey guy,can you walkthrough event "Trouble in The Den" for me because I don't know how to do

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In UPDATE LOG 0.40, there a walkthrough which Hyao have written. You need to know which route you play and what NPC you have to interact with, then follow a walkthrough in every steps. I think you would be fine.

Anyway, to make it easier to use, you need to know about zone since in Hyao's walkthrough explain with zone number.

Zone is two-number name of block (like zone [y][x]) in dungeon area like this;

When we read zone number, we will focus on the top-left of the grid map (zone 00). To read zone number, we need to plus both number by 1 like zone 00 mean 1 down and 1 left which is the top-left of the grid map. For more example, if Hyao say 'Zone 13', it means 2 down and 4 left from top-left. 

Heya does reputation actually do anything?


If you mean area reputation: Brave means that normal NPCs won't try to take advantage of you so much, and you may behave more dominantly during sexual encounters with them. Lewd is the opposite. As for reputation with specific enemies: It sometimes means you will avoid a fight altogether and the enemy may just want to have sex with you (normally need 80+).

Thank you :)


How do you get the third nameless dream

I got the first one at temple second one at home and then also the one where I choose how I feel about nameless but how do you get the third dream

Like fr i just want to get fucked by a great old one you get me

You should be at your fifth nighmare at home that happens after talking with the witch. You have lost one of the gems, right?

(1 edit)

two things

a) Ben dover 

b) yes


(2 edits)

Have you ever gone to the Lizard tribe's celebration yet? I'm not sure about the order of nightmares but I think you need to finish Lizard's treasure event to get it.

Ok then how is the celebration event triggered


Sorry for the delay, I'm almost sure you don't need that: you need to study "mind protection" and go to the old witch that will say she'll send a raven when it's time. Than unlock the orc's village, sleep at your home, you'll receive the message from the crow, talk to the witches and do some stuff if you want their help, an than you'll have your last nightmare at home.

I have a question

How do you become a werewolf? Is it something to do with the 'Cure for Lycanthropy' quest or is it something else?
I'm genuinley confused.

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Well that's the thing... You don't, you can't become a werewolf and by the looks of it you never will :/


You can't become a werewolf

Player can not become a werewolf.

But you have to save a few villager that become werewolf.

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hello everyone id like to make a question, well several...










1- how to find the farm? i know that i can find it by chance by wandering in the cave tunnels but i dont know if im missing something or is by wandering in a specific part?

2- dialogues with othra, roushk and rhot in which all 3 cuddle with MC included? (the only time i encountered this was in build 0.19 or 0.25 honestly i dont remember)

3- rhot interrogating MC about whose a better lover between him and roushk?

4- how can i get xeroths first heart (i remember that i did got 1 in older builds)

Honestly i really want to know about number 2 and 3 XD

final question.. will there be a dragon race or tribe? "Same question but water creatures, birds, etc"

oh boy too many questions but thats because i enjoy your game so much anyways thanks and have a very good day. :)

Not the dev but...

1. After rescuing the minotaur from Vicoria you need to go to the forest path(where you find aconitum) and look for the cave entrance there, after just follow the tunnel until you emerge at the farm

2. The group hug you get during the celebration after finishing the lizards's treasure, and it's just a hug with everyone

3. You get that at the same celebration after you get Roushk's first heart at the lake already having Roth's

4. Xer's first heart comes from one of his dialogue options if I'm not mistaken when you let him keep doming you even if he's... Well himself

I'm sorry.  I know just "1".

You should save Korg at the Vicoria's dungeon.

And then, you should save Ste at the Vicoria's dungeon again.

Ste would teach you a place of his farm.

1) You need to save Ste the minotaur the day after you've saved Korg the orc from Vicoria the succubus in the river's cave, after that you go to the forest path and the path to the farm is open.

2) No there are only sex scenes with Othra and/or Roushk and after with Roushk during the bonding event.

3) During the celebration if you have both first hearts.

4) After going with him to the temple, you can agree to be his slut.

5) I don't know but for now similar to dragons we have lizards, as water creatures we have the murcads and similar to birds we have harpies.

If you need more information check my fan-made guide by clicking on my name and than check creator page, or ask here.

actually if you just be nice to Xer you can get a romantic version of his love too. you dont just gotta be a slut (even if in all mine aside from one i was lmao)

So you can get his heart even without submitting to him? Are you sure?

yeah! I got it by just getting a lot of likes and then I believe one particular event gave me the heart without having to let him be dominant. which is kinda funny cause I originally planned to get his heart the other way because I had to restart lol.

Ok than maybe is the discussion about him being dominant that triggers it, not the choice you made

Hey, so I decided I wanted to replay the game again and try to get the best possible endings to each quest ( I screwed up on Country Road lol oops) and I'm trying to figure out during the Lizard's Treasure on what Lizards count towards it?

I think I need to know how your process in this event is. Can you send a pic of your quest logs?

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oh my god sorry I just realized that i never said what part I needed help on, I meant I needed help figuring out what Lizards count towards the diplomatic ending in the Lizard's treasure part. I tried to do it on my first run but I never figured out how to get enough so I thought maybe more lizards counted towards it so I could get it.

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No problem! I think you need to return a gem which remain after you have given some to Nameless to Roushk for a good ending.


The lizards' likes you need for the diplomatic ending (best ending) are Roushk, Othra, Rhot and Grushk (125 in total)


Alright, thank you all very much! :>

You're welcome!

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I have a question.

Is there something situation(quest line) trouble on the this game's story line when "Lewd fame in the area" is getting more and more higher ?

Rather, Is higher better than lower?

Thank you.


Depends on what you're aiming for really, high lewd fame unlocks more sex encounters on the area you're on, if it's higher then your brave fame you get more bottom or sub oriented content, if your brave fame is higher you get more top and dom oriented content, but other than that there's no problems with having a high lewd fame, the game doesn't punish you for wanting to be a slut, unless you count having random characters treat you as a slut as punishment but the main characters will treat you respectfully doesn't matter which fame is higher 


Thank you very much.

Anyway to beat lady bitch entice in her game of gamble maybe improve stats or something?

I think it pure luck, not relate to your stats.

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