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Finally got the bad ending on Lizard Tribe. Ooohhh! It's quite intriguing and I think there's another story to be made behind that ending because (Small Spoiler) I met someone after I triggered that ending. This games is making me so hyped!

And I gotta say, I'm really looking forward how Northcrest would look like. And bring back Tank please! And I hope there would be a scene where Logan would "top" the character. And looking forward for more scenes with Korg! 

Much love to the creators!

Yup, there are going to be differences between those two routes. I'm really happy to hear you like it, I couldn't wait to reach this part of the story and I was curious what people are going to think about it!

Northcrest have to wait a bit, people voted for continuation of werewolf story so now this is my main focus. But eventually we are going to reach Northcrest and then Scar with Tank will appear again. 

Logan will be a top in his normal, not corrupted route. 

How can I tame the wererat? I mean, I use the rodent lure and win the fight, but I don't catch it.

In 0.14.3, I was able to beat Roushk... Now I'm getting my ass beating (I should actually put some points in my battle skills, but all I want is get f*cked by everything lmao). Maybe I should go for the bad ending... But how can I trigger it? Going submissive don't solve the things. :(

You need to use more than one lure. There is tamable status, 100% chance to success is to have at least 120 turns on tamable status. 
And you can get a good ending even if you submit to Roushk. You don't need to win the fight (But before submitting you have to defeat warrior and acolyte, also make Roushk horny - the picture must change)

Currently playing a MC who likes to pick fights. All his relationships are "hateful." haha He needs to earn some money to reinforce his house... I'm scared of what will happen to him one day. Although the wolves stopped showing up in the forest? Oops. I hope they come back...

How can i cure the shopkeeper, i read about the heat occasia but don't understand what it mean ?


Here is the solution for your problem:


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Hi i have a question, i built a prison and defeated Roushk, how can i put him as my prisoner some people say i must have high con and STR how can we get them?

My relationship with Hayden is 71 can we get him to like us 100?

How can we get Bernard to talk abou the hotspring

In the next update are you reveling out our main character and hope to see more sex scene for Hayden.
You can find a lot of answers here. Reaching 100 like don't do anything for now. About catching opponents - you must use more than one lure.


Almost zero straight content, all gay. This is one of those games that like to sprinkle straight content to get more money, despite not giving a fuck about making any of that content. 

You just had to read the warning to see that

Go look up Seeds of Chaos, they're the greedy ones. And they're 'Straighters' nearly all the way through.

They have some good aspects, but were poor on updates & pushed a patchwork game to be sold on Steam & perhaps other platforms.

This here, is a monthly to 1 & a half monthly updated game with a lag of only 1 update for patreon supporters to free/public players. For the Straight & Gay stuff read the other comment... most of the time a straight game NEVER gets any gay content, so the little that's in here is alright for now.

But maybe message the creatour through his email and ask to help create some new scenes & characters. Maybe small 'STARTS' on behalf of people like you, will allow him to work on those characters/enemies laters. I know as a gay guy, I already have a difficult time in thinking on what people would genuinely want in Heterosexual fun (as in the progression of the act). I do still watch parts of straight porn for the nice looking cocks.

Is there any chance of getting dwarves? preferably a dateable one

Yup, there are plans for those

the protagonist is a human right


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Hi, are you plaining to add a CG for Logan x Blacksmith? Or a CG with the Shopkeeper?

There's already a scene with Logan and Blake, if you go in the basement of the tavern at the dusk, you can meet Blake mining diabosite. But sometimes (or everytime, don't know if it trigger everytime), you can have Logan being fucked by Blake

Oh, I already knew that. I'm sorry, but my comment was about a CG. I'm gonna edit.

Oh x) Maybe, I guess, as there's already a CG for Logan and Barrel, so maybe there'll be one for this scene. I hope there'll be a CG for every sex scene x)

Reading the comments on here and I see there's a letter in the cave? How can I find it?

You can find it after You build the stables and get the horse from the merchant I think

First you need a source of light, so you must complete a quest (there are two options, one is in the lizard's temple and the other is from the witch) whatever you chose, will give you something to equip yourself and then you can go to the cave 😉


In the game im not sure whos the slut , cuz the lizards are horny for ass :/

I see that a Dragon character is coming in the future, hope i get to meet him when he is ready to be found in the future updates :)


A dragon ?! I love this game, I hope he's big :3

Dragons are my number 1 favourite animals, follow by Dinosaurs, the Scalies and Furries are next, it depends on what characters i like/love the most, the dragon was visible as a banner on the main page the previous day, so i hope he adds him in on one of the updates :)


I love dragons too, followed by werewolves ^^ I missed it, then, but I hope too ^^

Same, we will have to wait and see if a dragon is added into his game in the future.

Hello! I am loving this game. It is very surprising with many layers to it. Really nice! Still trying to figure it all out. One thing I wonder is if it's possible to have your MC be a "hero" and a bottom (or a "bitch" and a top)? Or is that only possible one way (hero top, bitch bottom)? I am trying to be a "hero" bottom with my MC (he has eyes for Bernard!), but sexual encounters seem to code my MC as a "bitch." What am I doing wrong? Is it only important to not "submit" in a fight, or is there some other consideration? Also, is it necessary to be "bitch" with bandits for the good story conclusion, or can you be a "hero" and still meet Jester, etc.? I'm sorry for all these questions; I couldn't quite find the answers in the Guide doc. Thank you so much for this game and for your help!


There's much less stuff for a 'hero' route. I'll try to make more than that, but for now it's just easier to go with the naughty route. 

You don't have to be a bitch for bandits. You can progress their story without submitting to them. At the end you are still fighting Tank and Scar, you can beat them and dominate them and the story will progress accordingly. 

Thank you so much for your quick response! The naughty route is very fun, haha. I am quite far in my 1st MC, just opened up the Rivers Bank area. It will be interesting to see differences with my 2nd MC.

I hope it is okay to ask another question: What do horses eat? How can I restore their energy? Thank you!

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It was 5 Red Berries, but Carrots is added to that list if you are using the version that allows you to give the stallion/mare them to raise his/her energy up, so those are the 2 foods they can be fed to raise energy.

Thank you! I completely forgot about the carrots that Bernard sells.

No problem, and one of the updates mention Carrots as one of the other items to feed the horses with other than red berries.

i dont get what the lizard tribe bad end was supposed to be, is just after losing all your sanity to roushk and then the story of it being a fuck fest and then game over or is it supposed to be something different, also im still confused on how to imprison roushk

i have defeated him once, but when i did i didnt have the option to bring him home

You need a Prison and a high enough CON and STR to try and take him there, also, the lure used to capture the Raptor is what capture the lizardmans as well, which is what specie Roushk is.

Just an idea, what if you make the inventory look similar to minecraft for example and give items icons, you can even modify notify screen to show item icon when lost or added.
Like so:

screen notify(message):
    zorder 100
    style_prefix "notify"     frame at notify_appear:
            spacing 10
            if isinstance(message,list):
                image message[0]
                text message[1]
                text message     timer 3.25 action Hide('notify')

And is called like so:


Another thing is items weight, MC shouldn't be able to carry tons of things and travel normally.

I was thinking about item icons and I keep that plan for the future. The problem with icons is that I would need a lot of them and I prefer to put funds into character sprites or backgrounds, not the icons. 

The weight is also something that is already in the game. All the items have its weight. For now it's just not working. Before there weren't a chest to store items, so everything had to be on the MC. It brings also different aspects that may be difficult to overcome with current coding - what if the player is already max number of items and there is a key item that need to be picked. 

Anyway, both of those things are somewhere on my list of things I can implement sooner or later. 

You can make the quest related items be Weightless no matter how big or heavy it is.

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Hi, i have a tons of question:

1- where can i find the lizard eggs for the witch quest?

2-How can we make logan to likes us more even if i am a male character?

3-How can get Bernard naked?

4-Can we get fucked up by the forge boy?

5-I got the letter in the cave i showed it to Jester and bernard what is the next step?

6-Can we max out the like bar for Hayden the hot spring guy? 

And thx you can't wait for the next update.

You can find a lot of information in guide:
You can't gain much points with every character yet. For example you have to wait to have more stuff with Logan. To make Bernard naked - use love potion on him. He won't like it though and you will lose some liking points. The Northcrest story is not progressed yet, so nothing after showing the letter. 

Hi ! I'm really enjoying the game so far and the new update is so great :) But I have a problem, I can't get Rhousk back to my home when I beat him, it says that he is too heavy (and I have the prison). I found a comment with the same problem and they say that we need to increase our strength and/or endurance enough so we can take him. I have 12 strength and 8 endurance and it isn't enough. But I don't know how I can increase them even more. Can someone help me ?

Taming opponents requires you to use more than one lure. The item is stackable. It gives tamable status to the opponent. If the number of turns is above... 120 it should be 100% chance to tame the enemy. So use around 5 lures and finish the fight. 

Ooooh ok ! thanks a lot ;)

How to make warrior and acolyte's lust to 10 ?

By doing stuff around the ruins. The most you can get while doing "Lost Acolyte" quests and taking lusty options. Also you can give lust potion to Rhot or one of the acolyte. Or just having fun with warriors during the evening. 

For the acolytes, you have to accomplish some quests. For the warriors, the same, but you can offer relief to them too in order to increase their lust

Will you make a Android version?

Maybe. Not soon though. 

He will, but it's not his priority

I am very into this game, im enjoying it a lot and i have some questions

I'm stuck in getting a light source for the dark areas, i dont know where to get it

I cant see some of the characters, is that because the game is still in development or i have a bug?

Thank you!

You can get it when you have five glowshrooms in your inventory (You can find it in the nortcrest cave (south entrance) when you first visit the place or in the lake of purification (when you enter the location there's a chance to find those)). With five go to witch or priestess. In the future updates there will be other options too. 

Yeah, not every sprite is ready. So you won't always see your opponent. 

You can have a guide in the update log (at the end of it), it'll tell you all you need to know for having them (but you'll have to finish the bandit's camp story to have them).

 And for the characters, which ones are missing ? 

I've been hyped about this game since I discovered it at its 0.14 update. And heck, it never cease to amaze me! Much love for the creator of this game as well as the graphic artist.

And I found while I played this several times since the 0.14 up to 0.15.2 patch is that Bernard's hunting event seems to only be triggered after finishing the quest about bringing 10 spectral syrup. I mean, is it just me or the hunting event seems to had gotten a bit hard to trigger now because I need to gather much ingredients for those 10 syrups. In patch 13.2 or less (I dunno), the hunting event can be triggered after finishing the Lost Friend quest and telling him about werewolves. I don't really know if that's intended but I don't really mind. Or maybe I'm just the only one experiencing it? IDK

IT'S STILL ONE OF THE BEST GAMES THAT I PLAYED! Thank you for this magnificent creation!


Yes. I changed it at some point. It was easier to do that, than  checking if the sickness event isn't ongoing (I forget about it and you could actually meet Bernard in the hut when he was supposed to be sick). 

I kinda screw it because I wanted the hunt to be available only after you cure Bernard. Not after the quest with surups. So I'll make another change in 0.17. 

So, how do I trigger the Barrel x Logan scene ? I've trigger the Scene at Camp, but when I visit Sawmill at night, it's still the same closed sawmill without any kind of scenes.

Did you finish the bandit's camp story ? I think it's when that is over that the bandits go to town, then you should be able to see this (wonderful) scene

remember to give the bandits some money.

no idea what im supposed to be doing but I love the game already 

Most important... Have fun :P

Check the guide. There are information about different characters, you can see what you unlocked and what not. 

How do I trigger the Lusty Chaos Bad End for the tribe? I lack the lust points for the Acolytes. Hyao said in the comments that you can only get lust points for the Acolytes in events and quests from before. I've already beaten Rhousk (Although I have save files way before that, so I can replay), so are there are any more ways to add more lust points for the Acolytes? (I have 11 for the Warriors). Thanks!


It says that the lust of warriors and acolyte combined have to be 10, so if you have 11 for warriors, it should be okay, no ? And you told to the priestess to talk about the lake to the others ? It may happen after you've defeated Rhousk and bring him to her, but not sure, I can't beat Rhousk x)

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oh! I didn't know it was a "combined" amount! So whatever amount it is, if both are added to make a 10, then it's all good? I have to replay back to the save file in the lake, because I chose to keep it a secret lol. Suuuuper thanks! Btw, great game Hyao! Just came back after a few months :>

Yeah, it should work with a combined amount at 10, at least that's how I understand it ^^

Yes, that is correct. The combined amount must be 10. But you also have to convince Othra to tell others about the lake. If she keeps it secret then other lizards are not using the lake which means they didn't deplete its energy. 

I can't seem to get the bandit attack scene to trigger, and I also can't talk to anyone about the pendant? I'm confused. (I cured the shopkeeper and am on like day 50)

You gotta talk to the sawmill guy about the pendant. Ask the tavernkeep about him. Also you need clothes to be able to talk to him.

Someone help with the lure for lizardmen please ?

And what help you need? Check the guide: , there's a lot of answers there. 

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Hello there!

It's been a while since my last comment here :P

The Love Potion Scene of Barrel was a surprise, I didn't expect that (And was a very good surprise xD) The other things in the update were revealed or predictible so, in general, was a good update

The other day I was thinking: In the map, the brown part it's supose to be water no? maybe a future "enemy" could be pirates or something related to the sea? 

Thanks for everything Hyao!

Sorry, I need to say it or i will explote, BRING BACK TANK! (as a romance interest too) xD

You may get it after the release of the Northcrest part, as it's where he is now ^^

I'm glad you like the update. 

I don't want to talk much about the future, I have some plans for things that can appear. But I want it to be a surprise too. But I can tell that Tank will be back. Like Arkenophas said, him and Scar are related to the Northcrest story, so I need to reach that area first. 

hey so what's Marsh Breath ?

where do we get the alpha male fluids?

You don't for now

First off, great game, and I am highly enjoying it. I am on day 93 and still no mention of hunt from Bernard. I already mentioned werewolves about his lost friend and went to the cottage at night of friday between 800 and 000. still no prompt. please help.

Did you had a talk with him "Ask about the hunt"? That's the first thing you have to do, then you need to visit the abandoned hut on friday night between those hours

I've had this issue too. Talking about the hunt never came up, I mentioned the werewolves to him and he acknowledged it. Doesn't bring up the option to ask about the hunt. Does he need a certain level of affection with me before this happens?

Exactly what I was talking about. I did mention the werewolves and still has not given me the prompt to "ask about the hunt".

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So do I. "Talking about the hunt"didn't appear. Version 1.60

You mean 0.16?

Try finishing all quests for both Bernard and Logan.  Logan might be holding you back with his hunt werewoofs quest.

Additionally, I think it was said somewhere that, once the conditions were right, Bernard has to MENTION the hunt in order for the Ask about hunt option to appear, and I think that only happens on certain days of the week.

Bernard is supposed to talk about the hunt right after you mention werewolves about his friend. My older saves where I romanced him are still there, but I've tried going about it the same way doesn't work. I've maxed out the lumberjacks quests and cured the shopkeeper, talking with him every day afterwards and the option still doesn't show. I think it's bugged and just doesn't appear.

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maybe like in the swamp you could add an attached room in the house to make the options less clutered? it just feels like the screen is full already


A big part of that is pets.  They take up a whopping three slots.  Combine that with Korg (who currently has no use except for a single lewd scene that you cannot control), and that's half of the options right there.

Clearly, either moving the pets options to the pets screen or creating a single option to list them under is in order.

Naming animals isn't supposed to be there. I just didn't find a good way to put it into a screen, that's why it looks like that for now. I'll try to do something with it.

is there a way to acquire the alpha males fluids yet or will that be in the next update?

The alpha male fluids ? WHere did you see that we can collect it ?

I presume from the guide, and I presume it will be in 0.16.

Hiya, just downloaded the game and it seems pretty great so far! Just that I can't seem to get the audio to work, any ideas?

There's no audio yet, sorry

Oh okay, just wanted to make sure. Keep up the good work and thanks for your reply! :D

For some reason I can't find the rumours about the beasts. I spoke to Bernard and Harold, and nothing.

Talk with Bernard about his friend, pick "Mention Werewolves" option.

I can't seem to do that either, despite having run into the werewolf several times. Also, I accidentally went the Logan bottom route when I meant to go for the normal route and now I'm way too far into the game haha. Is there any way at all I can revert him without having to make a brand new save? Took ages to get everything the way I wanted it apart from him :P

why cant i submit the second part of the teacher quest i cant submit the 10 enhance lust potion to bernard hope there will be a fix to this problem 

You can't submit the second part of that quest because it is about Lust Potion, not Enhanced Lust Potion.

where are the keys to open the inner shrine gate ? i have 2 but missing one


Third part is a reward after doing a quest for the witch

thx for the help and keep up the good work :)

How can you get this scene, "Orc (Flavor text when he chase the bandits away during night attack)"

You need to have the bandits low morale so they start attacking you in places again then when you rest at night there's a chance for them to attack and he fights them off.

propably when bad attitude and morale in bandit camp and having orc in house and sleeping there, it is quite rare

how can i tame a wererat, i already use the rodents lure, it says i could tame it but how? what should i do next . ps i already got the prison

You need to use lure during the fight (Preferably few of them). Enemy get tamable status. Then you need to finish the fight in any way (Except losing or escaping). If you have a free spot in the prison (3 max for now) then the creature is captured (100% chances is after using 5 lures)

how can i use or make rodents lure?

You should be able to learn the recipe at house
Or just use the guide:

When I gave Lust potion to Rhot, it was 7 in total.

Can't raise Lust anymore?

I think you need to seduce the other lizard people

Is that possible during the battle? Or does it happen during a conversation?

(1 edit)

there aren't many conversations where you could do anything lustful except the training and acolyte quest line and training with rhot so I think so.

Thank you. I will try again from the beginning.


Warriors Lust and Acolyte Lust is only gained from event and quests. There's an acolyte around ruins that you can give lust potion, you can give Lust potion to Rhot when you are talking with him. You can offer relief to warriors and it also gives some points. A lot of points can be gain when doing Lost Acolyte quest and picking the lusty options. 

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