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Is there a way to edit your save files ? I want to see what happen if you choose different path (like encourage logan or when you chase the werewolf) without backtracking. I already at preparing for the fair in bareshade, if possible i don't want to replay too much.

no there isn't, unless you learn how to modify specific lines to change the choice specifically. but that's a hassle and requires knowledge of coding and Hyao's code as well since most people code differently.

On android none of the buttons seem to work or the spot on the screen that activates them isn't accurate or near them

Where's Everett.I must find him.I want help.Thanks.

Alguém sabe como fazer isso??


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Você tem que achar umas barricadas, tem uma no túnel que você pega pra chegar aí você tem que limpar o caminho e isso desgasta seu personagem e você tem uma chance aleatória de encontrar uma num dos pontos de interrogação pra baixo daí

Entendi... mas como faço para conseguir uma barricada?

Sabe o bloqueio no túnel vc precisa limpar ele algumas vezes aí vc acha uma.

Vc consegue achar outra no ponto de interrogação abaixo desse lugar aí com as caixas ao redor.

A chance de achar as barricadas é aleatória então só fica revirando o lixo e limpando o bloqueio até aparecer q vc achou uma.

Limpar o bloqueio cansa o personagem então leva uns energéticos com vc.

I tried capturing rousk in the new patch but instead of bringing him home it just gives me the option to bring him back to the temple am i doing something wrong?

You have to use 5 reptile lures and win the fight be by teasing or pure brawl

and have the reinforced dungeon

I still can't find nameless at the Plain of Death. Any tips?

did you talk to the witch already?

Do you plan to add Russian language?  Can I download the Russifier somehow?

I don't think so as of right now. But definitely in the future!

Can I have sex with Nameless? How do I trigger that scene?

Either be neutral with him, or serve him. You will get the scene at Plains of Death after you've finished the challenges from Orgram.

You mean when I wonder around or enter the shrine?

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When enter the shrine a second time, if remember correctly.. either way, Orgram should send you there, if not then it means you haven't finished the Nameless arc in your quest log.

Can someone tell me who I can use the love potion on??

Bernard, Blake, Barrel, Harold, Korg and Feliar. Those are that I've encountered so far..

Do you know how to make it, please tell me, I'm a little confused

It's in this order;

Succubus Leaf, Water Lily, Succubus Leaf, Water Lily, Nymph's Hair

Xer also has a Love Potion interaction. Do all those other interactions give negative likes? I would imagine Bernard would have a negative one. Don't know about the rest.

Xer has a positive outcome though (and a kinky one at that since I think he is immune) provided you admit to him that you did give him love potion.

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Bernard will like you less, but you can easily get it back, Blake's relationship won't change just like Barrel and Harold, Feliar will actually like you more. Only Korg is the one that's going to hate you afterwards.

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Can anyone tell me how to get the newest game over scene (the bad end in the Plains of death with the Nameless, not the Brute Orc), please ? I don't know where to start to get that one.

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Have less than 40 sanity points after having sex with Nameless.

¿Que es canon? 🤔


I am presuming the question is 'What is Canon'.

Canon means 'official, actually part of the storyline'.  Things being not canon basically means they're just amusing side stories that aren't meant to be taken seriously.  In non-canon events, characters may act in a way that differs from their usual character, or make promises/deals/die in ways that basically aren't 'real' to the game.

(...also, even if it kills the herbalist to do so, I totally want to try to steal that shirt. > :D ) 

Now let me see if google translate butchers this too hard...


Supongo que la pregunta es "¿Qué es Canon?".

Canon significa 'oficial, en realidad parte de la historia'. Las cosas que no son canon básicamente significan que solo son historias secundarias divertidas que no deben tomarse en serio. En los eventos no canónicos, los personajes pueden actuar de una manera que difiere de su carácter habitual, o hacer promesas/tratos/morir de formas que básicamente no son 'reales' para el juego.

(... Además, incluso si mata al herbolario al hacerlo, quiero tratar de robar esa camisa. > :D )


Why does Groth indicate I did something wrong to make the tribe suspicious during the third trust quest to the shrine? I've tried a bunch of different approaches and combat styles, and the outcome is always the same.

Did you try to explore the orcish village before you had the okay to do so from Ogram?  That's the only thing I can think of.


A random thing I wish was implemented would be mpreg because I want to have a certain red head babies even though my character is male even if that's unlikely

Mpreg is a possibility if enough patreon member's/people in this comment section suggest or agree with it. however, it would eventually just go to the patreon members to vote if that would be added or if something would be.
(Little loophole for this could be to recommend this game to your friends who also are a fan of that idea or something and getting to become his Patreon members and then getting them to suggest it to their friends and eventually have like a hundred people asking for Mpreg lol)

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If only my friend group wasn't made up of a bunch of broke straight people (´д`) =3

same tho


Just want to say Korg in a werewolf onesie needs to be cannon. Also when can I contact Rose so she can make me one and what must I do?


facts and if we can't buy a fucking wolf onesie from rose and match with Korg I will commit treason.



Genuine question but how can I be seduced by the nymph when I set my character to homosexual? It always says that I'm 'turned on by her round breasts' and it's really annoying and doesn't make sense bc despite how low my libido is my gay male bottom is penetrating a woman. Is it a bug? 

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It's not a bug, having in mind that you are also able to tease straight males in battle, like the male bandit for a example, so the same can happen to you even if your character is set to homossexual. I think the only thing that it impacts is story elements and enemies male/female ratio, not sure though 

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Nonsense is right, but maybe as a little counter measure being homosexual could give resistance to you when being teased by the opposite gender, on either male or female MC. Then to balance it a NPC's sexuality could give them resistance to you or add in more points for them. like the bandit twins would be less affected by a man since they complain about you being one if you raise their libido and lose to them, however if they are Bi or Versatile (and both too) would just not gain anything from this and would be neutral to everything. like against the saytr he doesn't mind being on bottom or top so he could be neutral! or depending on which route you have chosen for any character could make any future fights with them become their weaknesses. Like tank could be weak to you if you're a power bottom and he's a service top! 

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It is also worth noting that if you are aggressive towards the nymph, she will respond in kind.  So basically, uh, the more often you stab her to death the less often she'll attempt things (and will note things like 'Ugh, you, you're no fun').

Otherwise, Nymphs in particular are 'literally magic' more than anything else, and the curse of lust is clearly effecting the herbalist just like it is to everyone else around.  Any revulsion you feel is similar to how I presume most NPCs feel when you use a love potion or lust potions on them if they weren't otherwise interested, haha.

How do I get Gunnar to like me?


basically just do what he wants..


Be a slut


suck his dick, do his laundry, cook him food, suck him off again, get butt fucked a hundred times, join an orgy where he and others fuck your brains out, lose in a fight to him and other things.

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Which orgy are you talking about? I can only think of that one where you're serving Barrel at the tavern (after you submitted to the bandits) and he fucks you in public with others [Gunnar] joining in later on..

i meant the the one in northcrest bath house

Oh that one.. For a sec I thought I missed a scenario..

How do I progress with Logan once I've started doing the Lycanthropy treatments? This is after I've finished the Bareshade Expansion event.


After that there's not much to progress with him there's the event in the wolf's den where he faces the alpha but after that there's nothing else

In this latest update, the game has been closing when I want to save the game, load it or go to the preferences section, any help what should I do?

So I decided to try and serve the nameless but I got this charisma test and I had 19 charisma and still failed like that's a lot so how much charisma do I actually need to pass the test ?

i think with 25 it's good enough? I got it but it won't change anything tho.. the dialogue is a bit different but the end result will still be the same.

bruh 25 is way too much 

You can always save beforehand and then cheat using the charisma cookies to find out

(1 edit)

Generally speaking, you can't save/load to change responses when the Nameless is involved, so that may not be a good suggestion.

(Edit: Apparently this suggestion is incorrect for this specific circumstance!  Nevermind then.)


Not really, it only happened once, during your .. well.. 4th nightmare when you had to choose what your TRUE desire was. The warning text was in bold and red and you're stuck to that decision.

Afterwards at Plains of Death you can still choose different options, Nameless just tells you that he knows about your actions.

I said I wanted his dick and have sex with him and yet I'm still able to go back to that moment and refuse his intimate offer..

It needs to be 24 in my experience, assuming there is no random element in success or failure.

Hey so recently, I got a new PC. I've been playing this on my laptop, and I was wondering if there's a way to transfer my saves over from my laptop to my PC, so I don't have to start from the beginning again . . . .
Maybe this will help? I assume you can copy and paste save folder over to new device though I haven't tried it.

What about mobile because I want to move that save to pc


On Windows: C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\LustfulDesires-1520529303
On Mac: [YourUserName]/Library/RenPy/game_directory
On Android: android/data/com.r3nn.ld/files/saves

thank you

how do I find lost friend  pls help


When in doubt, check your quest log (the scroll button). If not, simply explore the forest until you find a cottage 

I want to ask where can i get "Find 2 pieces of material with ancient symbols on it."?


Is that the quest from the Wererat King? If it is, explore the Junkyard, and look for the question mark symbols on the minimap. You should be able to find them ther


I wonder how long will it take for us to see Tank's tusks or make the connection between him and red orcs?🤔


holy fuck i didnt even think of that and you have opened SO many doors for theories with this. thank you and now time to go write ideas and hope i can scream "CALLED IT" if they come true lmao


Red orcs?

I actually am thinking that he's half-orcish myself though, haha.  I'm really curious how he met up with Scar!

...and I am also psyched that you can help him out more, haha, his reaction to someone being genuinely nice to him is more than a little awesome. :D 

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I say the red orcs because their camp seems closer to Northcrest then the other clans, after all they have an outpost close by, and Tank has a similar demeanour to them with the whole boss theme and power hierarchy and he has the skill to go berserk during a fight, which is a skill only non-humans have used so far(werewolfs and orcs), also, his body type reminds me of the orc brute for some reason and the way he fucks you when he's dom top also reminds me of the orc brute, and that's about it I don't have many facts to support my theory so I'm going of a gut feeling.

I'm also dying to know what's their story I need backstory to live


Well You are right a lot things like:

He loves fucking I mean LOVES like the red orcs

He Does the hierarchy like Orcs way of Doing things

He got Mistreated because hes different like alot of people that aren't fully human like Ste's kids when they were visiting Bareshade for the first time.

He has those Fangs and the thing covering it like its for humans with non-human facial features.

A last when He Has the Biggest and Thicccest Dick ever like no human can feasibly use it he does.

Weird part is His skin colour is a human one instead of the Signature Orc colours like Green or Red. Not even a mixture of them like a lighter shade.


Heh, he's also pretty dang huge which helps show being at least partially non-human.  It took me awhile to realize that his metal jaw is /probably/ covering up tusks.

I don't know about it being specifically red orcs, though.  They're big on sex, but their biggest target seems to be fighting and strength more than that - particularly if their warchief is a paragon of their beliefs!

Granted, Tank does seem to like fighting as well, so the theory still stands.  Or well, at least he's reasonably concluded that 'this is the one thing I'm good at' and sticks with it, haha.

Being bullied fits any group, though - humans tend to dislike nonhumans, and both of the orc tribes we've interacted with are very hesitant about there being humans about, so being seen as 'the other race' and not being the brightest bulb himself means he's likely to run into problems everywhere.

(Of course, /part/ of this might be that I play a dominant top myself, so I don't know how he rolls in other situations, haha)

Tank is awesome.

guys, can someone say to me where is "oak wood" supposed to be found? and it requires any quest? (i'm all over the place so I have no idea of what quest i'm in the moment)

Keep exploring the forest, you'll run into a huge tree eventually for you to chop.

I wasn't sure that it was on the forest or not... I'm kinda bad with RNG


No worries, just keep spam clicking on 'check nearby area' and it will show up ;)


Hi! First you have to unlock the handsome Logan, go with him to the woods to find his wife (who never gets find) and before a werewolf hurts Logan, he will remaind in his work and will ask you the "oak wood", now you have to go to the wood (near your house) and after you accept the mission, you have to look nearby and he will say you if you want to get some oat wood :). (Sorry my English, I speak Spanish jaja, English not very well, hope it helps you :))

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Can anyone help me out? I got the nameless cock ring but im pretty sure there is another nightmare after that, i just dont know how to trigger it.

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Have you tried clicking (during the evening) 'rest until next morning'? 

Or was that scene where you got the cock ring you're 3rd nightmare? If so, then there aren't any anymore.. I might misremember, it has been a while..

where is the fair?! its sunday. its 12pm but nothing happen in the bareshade

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Hi, I'm having some trouble w the bandit camp quest, if anyone could help. In the event log, I'm at the point where I need to talk to Harold about the caravan guard, but I don't have the option to do so when speaking to him. Am I missing something obvious?

EDIT: This has been resolved :3


Try taking a break at the track, you will interact with the cocky guard randomly if you do so or if you have a strength over 14 you can take a quest for bar entertainment from Harold and do the arm wrestling thing and you'll meet the cocky guard as well

That did it! Thanks fren


Me and Logan did such a lewd thing together... we... held hands what if I get pregnant(≧▽≦) oh wait my character is male... nvm


You're desperate for some red-haired muscle lumberjack lovin' too huh?


Yes, very much so


We may hope to kiss his cheek one day right?

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If one day he let's me kiss his cheek without pulverising me I swear I'll die from heart arrest or asphyxiation from the happiness screech I'll let out


How scandalous! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Where can I find Korg after not hosting him in my house ? I tried to find him but there is no clue where he is 


You can't hes gone forever


How get game. I am stupid and I'm on mobile.

click on download in the option "LustfulDesires-0.38.1-android.apk"

I did that but it said I don't have the app "LD" to install the new one.

You see... I used to have the app LD until I tried to update it by deleting the old app and installing the new app to which then I realized that I was not supposed to delete the old app and that I was supposed to keep the old app and install the new app.

have you checked the download page on your browser? sometimes downloads stay there and it might be messing with it.

Ok.. So I copied my save and put it somewhere else... (but still on my computer) But I couldn't change my decision with Nameless... not even on a different playthrough (or saveslot).

I'm not going to start anew, I'll just let this be until 0.40 drops I guess...

Realistically, your best choice is to just 'be more mindful in the future whenever the Nameless is involved'.

Your game won't be ruined by your first decision, and your particular herbalist can be just as astonished as you are.

(1 edit)

Yeah I chose 'serve Nameless' to test it out... welp, guess my attempt with different savefiles didn't work...

So far the only event where I got a taste of it was at the Plains of Death. I do wonder though, if there was no sex scene at all with Nameless if you didn't choose to serve him back at your home..?

Como eu faço a poção do amor??

tente pesquisar no chrome desejos lascivos como fazer uma poção do amor e toda a lista de poções está lá

tem no guia do jogo

So, I did the Logans Revenge event, but lost the fight against the alpha werewolf. He still WON, but are there are consequences or things I miss out on for not Actually beating it?

im new to the game, does anyone know how to chop wood and if so is that how you get planks? sorry im a bit thickskulled


Yes it is, for oak for example (i believe) you have to go to the forest where you find the wolves and wander until you have the option to chop wood but you get tired very fast

ah thanks :)

You need to buy an axe from Blake to chop wood. You can chop normal wood by clicking the 'go outside' option at your house

Is there a way to get xer to join the hunting contest? And if so, how?


could you add a feature where you can change gender

does anyone know where to find the saves folder on Mac?

So I started the nameless event and I reached the first important decision to chose between siding with the witch or no one tho I don't get why there is no option to side with nameless ? Btw I did get the the strong mind amulet from the witch also in Ste's  country road quest it says that I need to sleep until morning but so far I keep getting the nameless dreams I hope it's not bugged or something 

Getting the amulet of strong mind means you've already sided with the witch against nameless so if you want to side with nameless don't get the amulet.

so I only get that option if I don't get the amulet ? I'm already far from that so I will save it for my second playthrough and what about ste country road event ? 

Don't know, never had that issue.

nvm it worked fine just after I finished nameless quest 

What should I do to get Logan's love


in the discourage route

Go after him in the werewolf event that happens in bareshade


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