Update 0.9.1

UPDATE 0.9.1


  • New Enemy:

    - Scar (Boss Fight)

    To make him horny you need to use other methods than typical teasing. New kind of mechanic in battle against him.

    This fight is not repeatable. The story progress depends on the result of the battle.

    - Tank (Boss Fight)

    He have three different sets of attacks. One for when he is not horny, one for when he is in his berserk state and one for when he is horny.

    To progress to another fight you need to win the fight, dominate or submit (The last option only works if your character is expert in ass/pussy or endurance is higher than 16).

  • New Quest:

- Staying sane (Ruins, Priestess)

  • New Items:

- Sanity Potion (Restore the sanity)

  • Bareshade:

    - Bareshade’s Fortification (Sawmill – if you discouraged Logan to go to the bandit camp)

    The scene have two variations. One for higher intellect, the other for higher strength. It’s not a big change, only slightly different dialogues. Also if Bernard likeness is at least 50 he will have a short appearance. It can’t be repeated.

    - More fun in hot spring (Hot Spring)

    Drunkard – Male submissive, Female dominant. Femboy – Male dominant, different version depends which fame is higher

    - Chores for Hayden (Hot Spring)

    There are four chores, you can do one per day and the next one it’s different. Later it start from the first one.

  • Bandit’s Camp:

    - Infiltration


  • Battle helpers. For now it’s used only in the fight against Scar, but I’ll probably use it in the future too.
  • Losing a fight against jelly monster now lowers sanity. It can be replenish by new potion or by sleeping. If sanity drops to 0 it means game over with a special scene.


  • Bartender
  • Jester
  • Wererat
  • Splashscreen
  • Small adjustment to the GUI (Different color on the libido/health orbs and bars, frames and some buttons a little bit tidier, scrolls are not bright red anymore, new icon in reinforcement screen for garden and animal screens)


  • Bareshade/Bar: Renting a room after midnight is not longer skipping the day
  • Corrected text when being restrained in a fight against two bandits
  • Attacks that leads to being restrained have cooldown now
  • Items in bag and crafting screen are now sorted. Names of berries and pulps changed so they are listed next to each other.
  • Blessed Lizard’s Piercing should work properly now.
  • Some other small fixes

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Jul 30, 2019
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Jul 30, 2019
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Jul 30, 2019

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I didn't see the mysterious letter, I might've skipped over it, does anyone have a transcript or screenshot of the scene or what it might've said? 

Love this game sooo much :)

I really love the game but the making potions thing needs to be simplified 

-like if i make a potion ones that should add it to the known recipes 

When you make the item that was not added in your known recipes list for the first time with success, it will be added to that list so that you can hover your cursor on the info button to see what it needs and in which order to put it in, do it enough times and it will be added to the master recipes list, meaning you don't have to manually put them in again to make it, you can use the craft button instead to do that for you if you have the required items for it.

It should be added to the known recipes list. 

The recipes have different difficult level and you need to make several of them for them to appear in the mastered recipes. 

Maybe you can include how many times each recipes need to be done without fail before it appears in the mastered list?


In the next update it will be easier. I change the numbers, so now it will need less attempts to master the recipe.

Ok, that is fine, you do what you need to do for now.

This game is very good, it's a pity there's no android version.. it would be great

For now I'm focusing on pc version. When I have all the GUI ready then I can think about android version

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I just want Scar to fuck me not to fuck him :(

It can? T_T

Right now there is only oral fun with him

anyone not getting the Scar / Tank boss fight? Doesn't matter how often I go to the camp or sneak in nothing happens?

(3 edits) (+1)

Do the following things to get to them when you have it ready to unlock:

1. talk with the bartender about the cocky guard (He is in the Tavern, which you can enter between 21:00 to 5:50, if you have trouble trying to get a list of topics you can have him talk about, select rumors after using the talk option)

2. see Scar's event on the tracks (This might happen randomly)

3. Talk to Jester (If you sneak in the camp at night, you might run into him which should unlock the talk option for him)

4. You should be able to sneak into camp during the day (This is when you can start the boss fight against those 2)

Also, you need to sort out the situation where Logan either stay in town or head to the bandit camp.

Hey I followed the guide, but how do I actually trigger the fight. I've witnessed the cutscene with Tank/Scar but i'm not sure what to do next.

Maybe you can try to sneak into camp at day until the boss fight happens? If someone else have all ready done that part, then he/she can help you with it.

Does my reputation change this? Whenever I arrive in the morning, I just have the option to "come closer" which usually just leads to a sexual encounter.

The option to sneak in the camp is only after you talk with Jester about talking with Scar. If you made everything (Track event with guard, camp event with tank, an event with Logan - if encouraged to go to the camp then in the camp, if discouraged then in town), there should be a new conversation topic with Jester that will unlock "Base infiltration" option.

I didn't want to stop playing so I just finished mastering all recipes currently in game I can get.

Don't know how to do the fun in the bathhouse if you could explain I'll still be trying but I'm having trouble with it

Who can you use the gay potion on?


yourself so you change from straight to gay

Hehe wow but tbh I kind figure out how to beat Scar, idk what I'm doing wrong and getting my ass kicked

Try and get some health regen items. Like super health potions or other things like health regen powder

ah yea i tried doing that, or tried the teasing method but still no luck

If you make some Enhanced Lust Potions then that should work.


that was how I seduced scar I spammed lust potions XD

l defeated him using pure strengh and strong heal potion and a decent level grind

There IS also a strength up and speed up potion that can temporarily give you a boost in the foght.

I think I found a way to make scar horny without using battle allies XD

will you share the answer with the rest of the class :p


try making some enhanced lust potions and throwing them at scar

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i threw a regular lust potion first trying it, didn't know. had no idea there was an "enhanced" tier of potion. so how do I get that?

edit: nvm found the recipe guide :P
so for others reading, wondering enhanced lust potion recipe is
1. -
2.  succubus leaf
3. red pulp
4. succubus leaf
5. animal cum

ok I just beat scar and tank but had difficulty with scar because he could heal XD but how in the world do you use the helpers to seduce him? It is possible because when I tried he just left me with the bandits

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thank you for your hardwork! Hyao-san.


And thank you for the support