Update 0.5.5

UPDATE 0.5.5


Version 0.6.0 is available on my Patreon page

  • New Options:

    - Troublemaker quest (Bareshade)

      - Give some hard punishment after taking him outside (Tops)

    - Bartender (Bareshade)

      - Renting a room

    - Shopkeeper (Bareshade)

      - Conversation (Shop)

      - Love Potion (Shop) – Have in mind that using it on him makes him like you less.

      - Bar Meeting

  • New Construction Options:

    - Planks can be bought from Lumberjack. For now it’s the main material. It can be used to improve defense of your house, but also to build some improvements.

  • Animals:

    - You can tame the dog in Bareshade and take it back to your house. With a proper training he may be very helpful.

  • More variation of Shopkeeper (Naked)

  • More items will appear in the shop in Bareshade while the game progress.

  • Witch during the night will have some bombs to sell.

  • Wolf Repel – Not usable anymore during the battle like intended

  • Werewolf – Enemy attack while character was struggled

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Mar 25, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.5.5-mac.zip 35 MB
Mar 25, 2019

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Is there a reason why after making one aphrodisiac I can't make another one ? 

It's a bug. Aphrodisiac is not needed to anything right now, so it's not a big deal. But I'll fix it. 

How long does it take until the patreon version will be downladable on here? (Or is it only for patreons?) And where can you find the lumberjack? I can't find him in the game...

There's an even with wolves and a woman in the forest. You don't have to see it, there's an option to skip it. Anyway at the end of it you will get a pendant. With it you can go to the bartender and ask about it. He will say about the Lumberjack and then the sawmill will be unlocked. 

About the update, it will be available soon.

Can someone tell how can i get to fight the werewolves please ? 

In Bareshade you have to do the "Lost Friend" quest for Shopkeeper. When you unlock the hut in the forest and finish the quest you will have option to explore the hut some more. There you'll find more information and after that werewolves start to appear during the night.

I'm having trouble with locating materials for recipes to progress the story.

I have hundreds of green and red berries, but I am having trouble gathering blue berries. Is there anywhere in the game, or online that I can find information on crafting material locations and/or drop rates?

Blue Berries can be found in the swamp - there's a chance to find them. 

Also if you have Witch Hut unlocked then you can buy most of the ingredients from her (Different during night and during day). 

I'll make online guide at some point, when I'll find some free time to do so.

Hello! Just wanted to say i love your work so far and hope to see more of it in the future!
Also i was wondering how exactly can you get to the Bandit Camp? I do have the 0.6.0 version form your patreon

Hey. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the game. I hope it'll be even more entertaining in the future ^^

About the Bandit Camp. You need to unlock Sawmill in the Bareshade. You also have to be after the Sickness event. Then the new event happens in Bareshade after day 20.

ohh yea hmm tbh i could never get pass the sickness event, i never found or made any medicine

When the event starts you can get back to home and there will be a new option in the "Study" section. You will learn about the medicine, but you will still need to learn another recipe for additional ingredient. There's a puzzle, but you can go to the Priestess in the Ruin and she can help you with that.

ohhh ok!
thanks for your help! looking froward after thats done!

i wish the android version will come soon:)..bcous these game looks awesome:)..

Doing android is slightly more difficult, but I'll look into that... sooner or later ^^'

How do you meet the shopkeeper at the bar?

He have to like you. When he likes you enough then when leaving the shop he will ask you about meeting him in the bar.

Doing "Lost Friend" quest gives you point. During the sickness event when he want to pay you for medicine refusing gives you points. There is a talk option in the shop. There's a few random situation where you can gain points. 

Just remember that using Love Potion lower those points, so it's harder to get the bar meeting scene.

wait, so is there an option where the shopkeeper can fuck me?

Yes, you can. If you make a love potion, you should have a new option in the shop.

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how do i get to "punish" the troublemaker? i choose to take him outside but it's only the bj scene


You have to be a 'Top' to have the option to dominate him.

explain to me how to brribe the dog.and will there be any anal action as top when encountering shopkeeper?

You can buy meat from the shopkeeper. After you feed the dog a few times then you will have an option to take the dog to your house. 

If it comes to shopkeeper there's no option to top him right now. Maybe in the future when going with the romance route.

you owe me one, since he is really f****** hot and i wanna top him so eagerly :3

Btw, thanks for giving info about how to bribe the dog :3


I can't argue with that... Right now he is my favorite :D
Being on top won't be an easy task, you will really have to work hard to earn his ass.

no matter the difficulities, i will surpass it, so i can **** his ass :3

The message change when i give him 5 meats which is when you get the option to take the dog to your home, choosing to take him have you appear back at home, you can feed him more meats to train him along the way, i wonder when the horses will be ready in the future? Also, i have missed the caravan scene in the area where the bandits are, is there a certain time it appears from?