(A new beginning)


Saves from the builds before 0.30 won't work, you need to start a completely new game. 

There is a cheat code in game, available after the tutorial. You can access it in preferences. It will allow you to add to your inventory any item (Be aware that adding quest items may break the progress!)



  • The beginning of the game was rewritten, including a new tutorial (For the first play-through you have to went through with it, later there’s an option to skip it).


  • New small quests for Bernard and Logan


  • Bat – New enemy, only for standard fight. Appears only during the night.


  • Wolves Den was redone and now it’s one of the dungeons. The whole content was adapted to this system. There are some new interactions, including capturing a wolf as a beast companion.

Hayden (Done by Arthien):

  • Second date

Scrap (Done by Dylan):

  • Washing stinky rat


  • New sprite for Logan, including new expressions and variants


  • The map for Bareshade


  • Music for Bareshade/Track and Battle Theme


  • Item icons
  • A big part of the code was redone. Most of the things works slightly different.
  • In the Game Menu, under the Preference, there’s an option to turn on the cheat code that will allow you to add any kind of items to your inventory. 


LustfulDesires-0.30.4-linux.tar.bz2 336 MB
Apr 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.30.4-mac.zip 329 MB
Apr 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.30.4-pc.zip 363 MB
Apr 29, 2021
LustfulDesires-0.30.4-android.apk 339 MB
Apr 29, 2021

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What are the requirements to wash Scrap? I interact with him often, fixed up his house, set him up with a cook pot, but never saw the option to wash him.

Dude! The updates made to this game are INSANE! I was bummed that I had to start all over, but now, I think this is more than just worth it! Very well done!


Is there a way to get Ste to tell if it's him on the other side of the hole? It's implied, but there's no way to ask him despite doing the event multiple times

(1 edit)

its not random, you need to unlock the question of asking him about the hole at night, and if you continue searching at night you find it but lose ste. but not really cause he's on the other side of the fence.

In lizards celebrations, I can't make the speech and only "do my best" it's available for me, how to unlock make a speech? Please help. 

Usually an option is locked because it's a Work in Progress (WIP) and is noted as such, or because you don't meet an ability score or other requirement for it. You probably need a higher charisma to make that speech. I used the cheat to get a lot of cookies to raise my stats high and could make that speech.

Thank you!! 

Or use miracle potion :p

(2 edits)

I have an issue with Bernard's sickness. I made the heat occisia, but it seems I can't give him the potion. There's no square to tick about this step in the book of quest

Edit : Lol sorry I'm so pretty so why would I need a brain ? Just in case someone is dealing with the same issue, Heat occisia is only an ingredient of the spectral syrup which Bernard actually needs.

Anyone know if the Chibi Orcs are still a thing? I'm at day 52 and haven't seen any.

they were taken out.

How can I get access to that cheat thing ? 

While in a game (so you have to be currently playing) right click to go to the menu, then click on preferences. You'll be able to enable cheat codes, which is just a list of all available items in the game and you can give them to yourself for free.

Thanks <3


Oh man its quite a bummer to see 72 hours worth of playtime go down the drain. I even had 10k coins lmao. 

But this is probably best to go back and look at everything that has changed instead of just moving forward, i will definitely grind till i get back to where i was lol.

I've already restarted twice, because I didn't like where or how I was going about things... It just felt off. So a fourth time really hurts, maybe EVEN if we add the quest items by accident in the cheat - particularly with a '+1 all items or do +1 all consumables' and '+1 all quest items'. And just put in the ability to redo completed quests... if that's even possible with this programmeing

(1 edit)

I've noticed an error with saves, if you save on the same screen after making changes like equipment or crafting something they'll revert if you load that save. It can be avoided by changing screens and then saving. 

But that does mean  for example if someone does a bunch of alchemy then saves and quits the game for the day it'll be undone when they come back. So potentially annoying if people don't understand what's going wrong.

(1 edit)

I can access my saves from before update 0.30, haven't played with them since wouldn't want anything to go wrong. 

Edit* See what you meant by incompatible, saves are available just have errors.

I'm going to be very spent from having another playthrough of this and trying to make most enemies like me.

The Curse of Lust mission won't let me continue, I head to the forgotten temple but there's no option to go inside, just look around the area and leave.  What am I missing to go inside?

Do you have a light source to go underground?

Um yes...?

Do you have the quest from the Witch to grab an egg?
I can't remember if it's from the Day Witch or Night Witch.


That worked!  Night witch by the way.  Thanks


Please Bernard! How can you say you don't recognize me after all we lived together?!!

Now I understand ToS Meko's feelings...

I just want to report, I was teaching the Mountain Horse his tricks, I got to the 2 one, which was help and after mastering it, the 'Feed' option has disappeared. He seems stuck at 12 like and 50% hunger.

(2 edits)

So, It seems that if you feed them to Like 11 then the feeding options goes away, if you Use the naming method and raise their like, you can perhaps bypass this.

PS. This problem also seems to apply to the Raptor as well. It might be best to use the naming method to raise like and after unlocking the 'Help' trick, then feed them only as needed.

I found a bug.

When my sexual experience with mouth went from virgin to beginner, my experience with cock also did despite the fact it was only a blowjob. I tried some other alternatives but so far it seemed like it doesn't matter what way I do it, they are still connected. 

Are you sure the scene was a single-action scene? Some scenes can involve more than one action, so did this one involve blowing someone, but then jerking off, or just the former?

(1 edit)

Yes I'm sure. I just started re-playing it, I play as a male submissive bottom and I took on the offer to give the guard a blowjob. It was a short scene too, nothing else and it still did. Other one was actually a multi action one (krampus statues) but it still should have effected mouth and ass only, not cock. So yea I'm pretty sure. 

Edit: I tried some other scenes too, giving a male bandit a blowjob after teasing and submitting, and relaxing in tavern with bitch fame and giving a handjob/blowjob and both ended up raising cock sexual experience too. 

Just want to ask a question about the Tired Status effect. I've used Sleep and Rest Until Morning, but neither will clear the effect on the transition of a new day. If I I'm at 21:00 and sleep until 6 it's not removed, or if I just use the sleep option it's not removed. I have to do it back to back to clear the effect.

It appears the Tired effect stacks. If you don’t sleep for multiple days, you need to Sleep or Sleep Until Morning for two or three days to remove it.

Fingers crossed for Vampires update

I can't start the scar fight

How do I hurt the jellies? I have a diabosite sword, but I still can't seem to do any damage to them.

(3 edits)

As far as I can tell, you don't, or you need some sort of magic or ranged weapon. I'm trying to find a way to get essence, outside of cheating.

I haven't gotten around to visiting her at night this go around yet, but I know before you could get blue and green essence from the witch at night.

Yes, but that can easily get expensive.

Razit's Spear is actually effective against jellies. It does take a while to get it (you need to save Roushk and can get it by talking to him at the temple) but you can also use explosives in the meantime if you are barely starting.

Someone in the main page comments figured it out, you can't have two weapons equipped. Unequip your left hand weapon and they will take damage as normal.

Using the stick or torch. They have a special attribute that allows you to damage them.

On the new small tasks from Logan, the 'Oak Wood' is a new item or is it supposed to be 'wood' I can't seem to get that to turn in. Thanks for your work!

(1 edit)

It appears to be a completely new idea. No idea where you're supposed to get it, and until you can legitimately get something, it's advised against using the cheat, but in this circumstance, you may have to cheat.

You can collect it from the Forest. The option to Chop Tree will appear, sometimes, when you Check nearby area.


Hey~~!! I'm kinda pissed at first since I can't continue my old save. But as I play along, it's definitely more than what we deserved. Thank you so much for the update, Hyao.

Also a question. Are you going to update the LD Guide?

Ah, one  more question. Is it normal that the bats rarely come out? Or is it a bug? I've been on the Track road for a few hours but only a single bat came out.

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