Update 0.24.1


(In the line of duty)


New Item/Recipe:

  • Blinding Bomb (Gives ‘blind’ status which lowers the chance to hit the target)


  • Shop improvement (One of the three picked during the third date, second one available after watching fireworks with Bernard)
  • Fair: additional content (Fireworks – you can watch them with Bernard, Rose or Logan, but only if you heave one heart with him)
  • Logan (Normal Route – Fair event, there is good and bad outcome so be careful with what dialogues you pick. Bottom Route – Hookup with Korg)
  • Caleb (New conversation)
  • New repeatable quest for Blake (Req: muscle ointment in the inventory)

Northcrest Marketplace:

  • Commander appearance (During the day, when entering marketplace. Req: Dulrig quest done)
  • Armory (New conversation + Quest after seeing Commander)
  • Apothecary (New conversations + New quests)
  • Warehouse meeting (Between 22:00 and 5:00, after unlocking Commander in the Outpost)


  • Orc encounter: alternative scene (Req: High reputation, bottom players)
  • Two orcs (Req: High rep, bottom players)
  • Orc & Soldier fight: alternative scene (top/vers players)

Northcrest Outpost:

  • Commander (Unlocked after helping Dulrig)


  • Lizard’s Treasure (Continuation of the nightmare event – this one is now added to the event log. Previous dialogue with Roushk about nightmare is slightly changed. There are three ways to deal with it – best, good and bad. For best solution you need to have at least 125 like with the lizards: Roushk, Othra, Rhot, Grushk)
  • Rouhsk (When approaching – after treasure event, only in best/good solution)
  • Rhot (When approaching – after treasure event, only in best solution)


  • Small gift (Some coins and items for your journey)



  • First date (Req: One heart)
  • Arion extra wash will now be available for players who previously have chosen to help him avoid the bath.


  • Take a walk (Req: One heart)

Xeroth: (Done by Athos)

  • Invite to the fair
  • Love potion (Req: At least 20 like)

Scrap (Done by Dylan):

  • Scrap in trouble (Chance to happen when visiting him, after treasure and book conversation done)
  • Feeding Scrap: orange can be used


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Everett
  • Everertt / Booner CG

There are some stuff from Gavel too:

  • Northcrest Marketplace


  • Quest log icon is moved from profile screen to the main screen (Next to profile, bag and equip buttons. I noticed a lot of people missed that the quest log actually existed and it can help you to follow the most important events in game. Also it records your decision in certain important moments.)
  • Some minor fixes here and there


  • Added On-Screen keyboard for input to avoid naming issues.
  • The game now detects your screen resolution and changes accordingly for a better experience, if it doesn't work properly make sure fullscreen is turned on for LD in {b}Settings > Display > Fullscreen apps{/b} (for screens with a notch or a hole-punch you can set it up in {b}Options{/b}).
  • Some minor UI fixes.


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How to find the Everett/Booner CG?

Wondering if we will ever be able to change or body type... I want to be a girl-ish looking guy!

I Wouldn't mind if we got potions that can change our bodies completely. Like becoming a lizard person or werewolf. Like maybe you can study a werewolf and a wererat and learn how the transformation works and you learn you can make potions with things from these encounters. There are a ton of races in this world and it's kind of a shame we are stuck being a human.

I have a reputation as a whore instead of a hero

do I have to start a new game or can i move my save files

put your 0.24 folder at the same place as your old game folder

For Lizard’s Treasure  best solution I have totally 153 like with the lizards but i can`t find the option when talking with Rhot.
I can only choose to steal or talk to Rouhsk.
Did I miss something? Or the dialogue of best solution only appears after talking to Rouhsk?

you have to speak to Rouhsk first

So you mean the dialogue about Rhot blaming for not coming to him for the first place is the best solution route?


thank you :)

For Logan's normal route I invited him to the fair but didn't see him there at all. Am I missing something?

(1 edit)

you have to stroll around in the fair to meet him.

How do u steal the gem????? Its not letting me

(2 edits)

probably not implemented into the game yet, but the other way of getting the gem is talking with rouhsk

When it says 125 like for the lizards, does it mean the relations? If so, how do I bring those up?

by submitting to the creature in question often raises it but also using love potion can do that if you dont wish to submit

oh okay, so it's the lizards as a whole and not individual people, thank you!

lizards dont require any lust on the enemy to raise it.
while other enemies like bandits if you raise the lust up once an submit rep goes up

The reputation dosen't go any farther than 100.

pretty sure its relations with rushk othra and the others not the faction just their oppinion of you added together

the love potions still don't work for some reason. I craft them with the correct recipe, all the ingredients are used up, I get the little message in the top left corner, but it doesn't show up anywhere in my inventory, nor can I access any scenes that require it.

might be your either placing the items in the wrong slots or your constantly failing at crafting them

OMG. Thank you so much for Logan's story update.

Seriously, he is just too cute !!!

How to gain the heart for Logan?

you need normal Logan instead of bottom one

save Logan first during werewolf event

how to trigger logan with korg?

Great update! I have one question though - I'm doing the potion quests for Ruben, but it doesn't seem like I'm getting the promised rewards (500 G, 100 EXP). Am I doing something wrong or you get them all at once after you've done all the quests?


Just finished game yesterday. Looked through all the patch notes to make sure I did not miss anything. Great work and thank you! 

What triggers Scrap, he keeps shooing me away?


That's a huge update aaaaaaa, you have no idea how much I needed this. Thank you Hyao <3333