Update 0.23.2

UPDATE 0.23.0

(Northern Environs)


New Location :

  • Northcrest Outpost (There’s nothing to do here just yet)
  • Battlefield

New Enemy:

  • Orc (Location: Battlefield)
  • Northcrest Soldier (Location: Battlefield)

Northcrest Gate:

  • Additional conversation options with guards (Permission to enter the city)

Northcrest Marketplace:

  • Armory (New NPC: conversations + quest)
  • Apothecary (New NPC: conversations + quest)
  • Stands
  • Random events

Northcrest Jail:

  • You can end up in jail if you walk around Northcrest naked or during one event in the marketplace.
  • Bribe / Offer fun to guard to get out
  • Wait (Two small situations, chance for another prisoner to appear)


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Orc
  • Swamp Monster

There are some stuff from Gavel too:

  • Purification Lake
  • Corrupted Lake
  • Battlefield


  • Some minor fixes here and there


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So, I want to improve my relationship with Logan but I can't choose the 'help him' option and otherwise my story with him is over after I discouraged him from going forward with the bandit camp thing. Is there no way to improve my relationship at this point?

How do I use my horse? I seem to be able to click take but nothing happens, and I can't seem to raise its affection in any way since I can't consume its energy.

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Im stuck at the northcrest's conspiracy  where  i have to talk to Gunner but i can't  find  him or i find him but i can only have sex with him .plz help

Is there can be an update to the guide?

Dude, why is there not an option to beat the crap out of Gunnar after you talk back to him? Why are we forced to submit to that pig? That's dissapointing and discouraging...

Dude, we need an option to make Gunnar learn his place. If advancing in the game deppends on apologyzing to Gunnar a gotta have to bail...

(1 edit) (+1)

You can have a fight with him later and beat the crap out of him. And no, progressing the game won't require from player to like Gunnar. 

Thank you dude. That's awesome! You really thought on everything hehe

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Naked as in, totally 100% naked? Or, "I'm wearing a shirt, but no trousers (or pants)" / "Yes, I've trousers/pants on but no shirt (female only?)" naked? What exactly qualifies as naked in Northcrest?


No pants/No underwear qualify as being naked.


Is there going to be an apk for this?


the android apk is on the inicial game page i guess