Update 0.22.1

UPDATE 0.22.0

(Bareshade’s improvements)

I'm sorry I'm not too active if it comes to answering the comments here. I will try to get back to it, but I'm being super busy lately. I was asking if I should change comment section into message board and I think I will do that change soon. Maybe thanks to that it will be easier to follow for me (I'm not really fond of how comment system works here, especially the notifications). Anyway, enjoy new update, I hope you will like it!


Fishing Village:

  • Tank (Two other scene variants)

Bareshade (All those require to have three hearts with Bernard):

  • Bareshade’s improvement: Watchtower
  • Bareshade’s improvement: Fair


  • Night visitor (Can happen while sleeping at home during the night. Req: Nightmare in the temple done.)


  • More Scrap (Finishing house, More conversation options)


  • The upgrades in Bareshade became much bigger than I thought at the beginning. Because of that I wasn’t able to finish the one with more houses. I will let people who picked it to change their decision for the one of the other two. Still, it’s only an order in which those upgrades will be finished. So you can still have all of them eventually (In this update two out of three)
  • Those two events includes a lot of new stuff, so just in case I added them to the ‘quest log’.

Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Caleb Expression (Laugh, Howling, Blep)
  • Northcrest Guard

There are some stuff from Gavel too:

  • Forest Night (Rain alternative)
  • Clock was added to the crafting screen


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Aug 29, 2020
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Aug 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.22.1-pc.zip 288 MB
Aug 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.22.0-release.apk 381 MB
Aug 29, 2020

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What does the horse eats? I choose the bulkier one, idk what to feed him with


The clit is not a woman's slit. ;) Just a tip for the game's text. 

can you finish full moon Quest without getting together with bernard? and if not can that be added?

Sorry no you can't and I don't know if it can be added since bernard is now a part of the overarching story of logan and any more werewolf related content.


maybe an option could be done so you can develop a best friend relationship instead of the love one perhaps. basically adding a second route to the same content?

oh that's clever! Hyao could maybe do this in like the background of other updates as well since this is a small but bigger change.


ya it would be nice to have that for the people who aren't romantically interested in bernard it could still start in the cottage in the forest like the other route but just add an extra option and then the bath house and such but just another option that puts you in a more friend position instead as a lover thats at least how i thought about it so that it wouldn't be too big of a change. but ya if You could do something like that it would be appreciated.

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Rio de Janeiro, September 1st 2020


I want to be sure. So I am asking about Scrap the cute wererat...

*** Maybe Spoiler ***

If I choose to help him with humans we end stuck with him saying to not peek in his house.

But if I ignore it and leave when I back it end unlocking the other options.

Like the option to help with his house.




I chose to help him, and his house was ready after a few days.

(1 edit) (-1)

I am playing the Android version. Already passed months... here. At least over 100 days.

I only though about organize old saves and catch that I could not end blocked in this.

But I meant that the option to help with his house never appear.

He only keep kicking you out saying to not peek while he work.

yeah, mine is bugged too and I can't go back to before the choice i made

I think the only way is back loading save before this. Unless the developer change this in a new update.

I may lose 150 days of game.

I was curious if I would get a birthday party in my 365 day in the game. Heheh

how do I get a beer with caleb? also, I can't trigger any new conversations with scrap


You get beer by trading with Bernard at the shop. 


I think Scrap part is bugged. I found a way to help him with the house.


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Check my 1st post in this update page. But you will need back to before when you talk with him the 1st time. At least ignore help him with humans the 1st time worked here.

Yes, I am using  the Android version.

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 "More houses(WIP)" I guess this one isn't ready yet, too bad. 

The new scene variants with Tank, hm I can't seem to see any, or a trigger.

Anyways new update made me happy you <3

For your first question, please refer to "Info".

Yep sorry just did, I missed the info.

I think you can visit Tank in Scar's hideout. 

I know in fishing village but I only get one option which is the same as before. Maybe the variant scenes are ones only when first encountering Tank at fishing village.

I think it depends on how you defeated Tank in the first fight.

Like my character is a bottom but I got submissive Tank because I topped him then.

Just like the Northern guards you meet on the road. You can top them to win their affection, and when you desided to submit to them for once, they'll ride you instead of fuck you ~


Oof. I spent half an hour trying to figure out what the 'Nightmare in the Temple' was. I initially thought it was a quest, or a conversation with one of the characters, then it finally hit me.

(1 edit)

is there any chance to be bottom for Tank when i topped him?

also how do you initiate watchtower building and Junkyard -i didnt noticed anything new

The first one I don't know but I don't think so unless hyao adds in a way to encounter and make him enjoy his time there.

Plus junkyard is found by exploring under the basement and coming to a dead end you need to clean. (Going underground from anywhere else as long as you have a point in there you can walk too.

and watchtower is initiated after spending a night with bernard as a human and talking about improving bareshade with either a carnival or watchtower, and the way to go to bernard is get him to three hearts and get him to invite you to his house at night.


cant wait to play the new update.so far i love every thing about this game 

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Nice, sometimes I felt like I lost a week making potions.

(Added later) I mean a week in the game not a real life week. =^.~= (Added later)

***  spoiler ***

Really, could be nicer to have someone to help with potions, like while in some black lizard cave. But I am sure I would end doing everything in place of potions. 8P

(Added later)

Why people are letting negative in my comment? Look like they don't like the black lizard and prefer let him abandoned in the deepest cave.

Well I will save him alone myself. 8p Not that he need to be saved.

Oh yes his name is Xeroth.

A week for crafting potions? I think you should increase your stat for making potion and stuffs so you can get double. Sorry if my English bad.

Making potions? There's only so much combat in the game to actually need them my dude.

(4 edits)


You need make money to buy equipament. Hehehe

You can't find money fighting wolfs or wererats here. Well, you can steal from bandits. But this is lots of fight. But each time you make a potion time pass. So if you make 20 you at least take more than 3 hours in the game or half of it. I am not really sure I didn't paid much attention. Some times you have to craft stuff to make other potion. So you take time mixing ingredients to make the potions.

Don't forget the time you expend collecting the ingredients in the Forest and roads.

I mean a week in the game not a real week life. =^.~=

When I checked the time in the game I was sure I end in the middle of the next week. lol

About much combat... You can have all sexual combat you want... hehehe and repeat as much as you want.

But... I know a white bull in a Hotel that I love. Is that you? =^.~=

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And... the game is good. Much better than some others furry text games I have been playing. (Well, I have a list of like 200 furry novels and games but I didn't played them all)

I have been playing this so much that I have like over 250 days played in the game.My saves are in the page 58. So I stopped to clean and delete some saves not need and organize them. But heheh to do it I had to change its numbers in the folder android/data/com.rennochin5.ld.

But I think I played most of everthing and maybe completed all presented quests that I thinking about play all again to make different chooses.