Update 0.20.1

UPDATE 0.20.0

(Secrets of the junkyard)


Android Build:

  • It's a fan made project (Author : RenNoChin5) , it should be stable and working fine. For now it's up to date with everything including the current build. 

New Enemy:

  • Ragroach
  • Purple Jelly (Recolor)


  • Dungeon expanded (Check the event log to see how to progress)
  • Tao service
  • More options to have fun with Rat King
  • [Author: Dylan] Scrap


  • Rose visit
  • Orc in the hot springs


  • Evening with Bernard (Req: Two hearts, After werewolf cure. Note: One more choice if MC saw transformation during the hunting date – it have to be done this update again, even if you saw it earlier.)


  • New conversations with lizards (Req: Seeing the nightmare)


  • More interactions with Ste

Xer’s Hideout:

  • More interactions with Xer


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Korg / Hayden CG
  • Rat King / Tao CG

There are some stuff from Gavel too:

  • Junkyard


  • Some small tweaks here and there. 


LustfulDesires-0.20.1-linux.tar.bz2 235 MB
Jun 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.20.1-mac.zip 234 MB
Jun 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.20.1-pc.zip 251 MB
Jun 29, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.20.1-release.apk 327 MB
Jun 29, 2020

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 Does Nauxus have a scene? Does anyone know how to get it?

How might one go about triggering the werewolf event for bernard?

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It is actually stated in the guide.

- "Rumor about the beast" conversation done with Bernard, then with Logan, Rose, Harold, Blake
- "Learn more about werewolves" study back at home (To unlock the event one day must pass after learning recipes)
- 2 Wolf's Bane in inventory
- Happens between 21:00 and 23:59 when entering Bareshade (At least day 30)

How do I unlock more of the junkyard?

So when you arrive at the junkyard, you go exploring, using the minimap, go to the question mark on the top right, it will say you need someone else to help you take down the barricade. Then go talk to the rat king about it and he will have his minions deal with it. Then it will unlock more of the junkyard

Question, could anyone help me, I have no idea who is Xer, and how to find this character.

You need to find Xer (or xeroth) In the corrupted lake. Which can be found in the Swamp, then the Forgotten temple, and then go undergrounds. Once your undergound in the corrupted lake you have to sneak around untill you find him. It might take a couple of tries but once you do, you then have to meet him at his underground hideout. Which can be found using the underground map, and its a dot located next to the swamp

Thank you so much, I was really confused about it, but  just now that I saw someone asnwered me, but still thank you, now I can advance more on the game

How do I capture werewolf Bernard/Logan?

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you need to have reinforced cell with diabosite, I think a item that can attract the werewolf, for that, talk to the witch at night, and she will help you giving you a recipe for a item that attracts werewolfs, then just retun to forest at night with the item, find then, fight them or seduce them, I guess, until they are almost finished, use the item as many time as possible, like 10 times, defeat them and they will be at your dungeon in your house.

Thank ya ^-^

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Rio de Janeiro, July 9th 2020

I am playing it in a Samsung device SM-T510 with Android 9.

But... It don't let me put a name in the character.

It just don't show a option to continue and when I try do it in the save screen it crash.



I had to use a bluetooth keyboard to add my name.

Where can i find pieces of material with ancient symbols?

requires you to unlock the rest of the junkyard area.
there are 3 spots that you can rummage through but 2 of them will have a fight for the material your looking for

how do i unlock it

go to the top right end then head back to the rat king 

I love this update it's huge and a lot of stuff to do I love all the new dialogues and all but now I want some extra Harold or gunner I miss theeeem

I haven't been able to have the nightmare in the ruins in my Rhot route. I checked in a different route save file and I was able to have the nightmare. I'm assuming it has to do with sleeping with Rhot then.


How do I get to the junkyard area?


Explore the area around the entrance in the bar's basement until you find a new path.

requires a source of light either the one you make in the workshop or one that requires some lizardmen help to turn some glowy things into a glowy pendant.
once you have your source of light you can go deeper into the underground an on the new map there is a 2nd place to go an ;D now your at junkyard

This Update is so huge! Had a lot of fun. Thanks for creating this game! Its so nice and i am in love with this game! The story, the characters, everything is awesome! Looking forward for next update ! :) 

How do I get a visit from Rose? I have been trying to talk to her and etc and seeing nothing...

You need to do all her quests

Korg and Hayden had a scene together?

In this version, you can bring Korg to the hot springs in the evening after Rose have visited you at home.


i got the visit from Rose, and still i cant trigger the visit to the hot springs, am i missing something?

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You need to craft some muscle oitment or how its called.
And do the massages.
And then it will unlock.


*Mashes download button* Been excited for a new update 

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Does the "Xer being dominant" thing actually have any content for it yet, or is that a dead-end until the next update?

Also, how do I get two hearts with Bernard?

Hey where do you find the ragroch?

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random chance on the ! parts in the junkyard dungeon. (Or ? One of them.....)

it's the skull simbol actually but even in the ? sometimes

oh sorry got them confused.... Thanks for correcting me!


I can't trigger the evening with Bernard... It's because I'm using an old save?

do you have two hearts? did you already do werewolf event and cured him? did you go AGAIN into cabin to hunt with him and asked about werewolf form? if yes you should be able to go to his shop at evenening when it is normally closed

that! There, the last part! "When is normally closed" I didn't know that should be that late in the evening. I was going just when he normally was in the shop