Update 0.19.6

UPDATE 0.19.0

(King of the junkyard)

Update 0.19.5

(Between worlds)

New Recipe:

  • Fog Cloud (Can be learned after finding certain ingredient in Misty Abyss)

New Enemy Variations:

  • Lizardman Warrior (Recolor)
  • Swamp Creature and Lizardman Hunter have stronger versions too (They still don’t have a sprite yet)

New Area:

  • Misty Abyss – a dungeon with minimap similar to the one in River’s Cave (Swamp)


  • Between worlds (New event after the curse of lust event)
  • CG + New character sprite

This event is a crossover event with another game called Tavern of Spear (You can find the game here : ToS ). One of their characters appears in LD, one of the characters from LD appears in ToS. 


New Locations:

  • Junkyard

New Enemy Variations:

  • Wererat (Recolor)


  • Wererat (Prison: Variants for two wererats)


  • Hayden date + Three small quest and conversation after


  • Farmhouse (Some conversations with Ste + Two small quests)

Xer’s Hideout:

  • Xer’s comeback


Zoroj made some new addition to the game:

  • Ste
  • Rat King
  • Tao
  • Wererat (Recolor)


  • Quest / Events Log (You can find it in the profile screen)
  • Recipe screen changed a little (You can now sort ingredients that are needed in the picked recipe. You can also use buttons from 1 – 5 to put the item into corespondent slot.)


  • History button is back. You should be able to see some of the last few entries in case you skipped too fast.
  • There shouldn’t be a lag on a map anymore (It’s still not the best solution, but it should work for now).
  • Some small tweaks here and there.


Guide have more pages now, if you are stuck check this place first: GUIDE

 You can obtain a sticker pack with characters from LD by using one of those links: Telegram , Signal

Other information:

Arion is written by : Arion

Hayden is written by : Arthien

Ste is written by : Wisdom

 Xer (Xer’s Hideout) is written by : Athos

Contact information:






LustfulDesires-0.19.6-pc.zip 230 MB
May 30, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.19.6-mac.zip 213 MB
May 30, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.19.6-linux.tar.bz2 215 MB
May 30, 2020

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Does Nauxus have a scene?

I can't find the Alpha Werewolf, i am trying so hard and spent days ingame to find him, but nothing...

I find the Werewolf Logan, but no Alpha, help pls

have you gone to witch ? go at night to hidehight over and over and you will find him

Are there any plans to update the Guide further? I'm still trying to figure out how to increase Rhot's like, since none of the interractions I've done with him have earned me any.

wait, bulls and lizards, missing children ... hmm, the fog is kind of familiar. what's going on here?

how can I activate the TOS event

I'm playing the 0.19 version, but I can't seem to do cure for lycanthropy quest from the witch. I visit her many times, but the quest doesn't show up. Does anybody know why?

did you visit her at night ? (after 21:00 I think)

(1 edit)

I can't encounter werewolf alpha at wolf's den for some reason, no matter how hard I try. Are there any special conditions for meeting him?

weird, he is rare at night - i think i met logan/bernard, and after that i went to witch and she told me about cure and after that i met alpha, but it was month ago i dont remember

How do I meet Ste?

save Korg the Orc from succubus, when you return (i htink day later?) there will be new slave, ko go tsuccubus - she wants another playboy - go to Arion in stables, tell him truth, take him to succubus - she will release Ste, go to him, he will tell you about his hideaway, try to find the cave - i htink in forest path but dont remember, go to underground, go to new place o right side, and try to find farm - but it looks like it is hidden behind perception skill check point -some people couldnt find it

how to find the farmstead and the misty abyss?

Not sure but there seems to be a bug. I can't find Berry(black) anywhere. I remember finding them on forest path near the troll gate in earlier versions

You can onlyfind it in Witch's hut during day


I do not appreciate Nauxus making the moves on Rhot. He's mine!

(jk of course, Rhot is bae and Nauxus has good taste. A shame there's no threesome scene with them.)

(2 edits)

Roushk is bae, shame he doesn't have a scene besides the corrupted route

I just got a very bad dream when I rest in the ruin.

Is that normal?

Yes, that's part of the story

Tao sure is a cutie -w-

(1 edit)

i instantly egagulated after reading the update :0

I think it would be better is the recipe we already learned can be moved from the list

I'm thinking about doing that change

 How to unlock misty abyss?

I finally find it ? Talk with Othra first?

Ste is freaking hot

He definitely is :3

yeah:D but i am  afraid that some smexy stuff will happen a lot later, so for now i am honored with his cool image:D

Wonderful update - I was just curious, how do I find junkyard along with the misty abyss?

i think u have to explore the cave underneath the bar... then eventually u will find another place to explore underground

Thank you - and do you know where I can find the key for the rat king? 

Key can't be obtained in 0.19