Update 0.16.1


Because of that the game may be glitched after the first load. I put this information in game, so you won’t forget about it, but be sure to get back to the map to refresh all the assets and variables. Don’t click on ‘eye icon’, don’t start new conversations, don’t explore, just go back to the main map and that should make everything work smoothly (Or at least most things ^^’).

If you have issues with save not loading or being crazy then go back to version 0.15, move to different location (Preferably save somewhere where you don’t have decision menu), save and then try again with 0.16.

Old saves will not look good on the load screen – they still have smaller thumbs, saves made in this update will have normal size adjusted to new resolution.

Sorry for the troubles, I couldn’t avoid issues when doing all the changes.


New Item/Recipe:

  • Muscle Ointment
  • Few more recipes


  • Male Bandit (New dominating/submitting variation)


  • Korg, Sore muscles (can be repeated daily), Visiting Bareshade (Req: after Bernard visit)


  • Roushk, Visiting Bareshade (Req: Good ending only.)


  • Rumor about the beasts, starting with Bernard then most of the important people in Bareshade have something to say. Then small continuation back at home (Req: Journal found in the abandoned hut, first search done with Logan / bottom Logan route. This story will be more complex in his normal route though)
  • Arion / Hayden quest

River’s Cave:

  • Vicoria’s new prisoner (Only a teaser for now. Made by Wisdom)


Those things were my main focus in January update. It took most of the time this month to switch to higher resolution.

  • Resolution changed to 1920x1080
  • GUI adapted to new resolution, lot of the screens changed
  • Gavel’s background updated to new resolution. Night forest background have a small animation.


  • Frame at the bottom of the screen – if you see something like that, go to your home and name one of your animals. It should get rid of it.


Guide have more pages now, if you are stuck check this place first: GUIDE

 You can obtain a sticker pack with characters from LD by using one of those links: TelegramSignal

Contact information:






LustfulDesires-0.16.1-linux.tar.bz2 165 MB
Feb 28, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.16.1-mac.zip 162 MB
Feb 28, 2020
LustfulDesires-0.16.1-pc.zip 179 MB
Feb 28, 2020

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how much love will i lose from Arion if i stick him in the bath? 

or from hayden if i get him tied up? 

knew i shouldn't have taken this job. dangit


is there android version?

Not yet hyao said it's not his top priority


Have you thought about finding a proofreader?


He technically already has some, his patreons! Sometimes though they don't notice things and we do so we can point them out and help out hyao!

How can I become a proofreader?

well, you can become a patreon and get the updates a month in advance. Then if you notice any spelling mistakes or anything really you can report them to Hyao.

If I'm on the bottom Logan route, then how does the rumors start? I keep talking to bernard but nothing happens

(1 edit)

Have you done the event where he asks you to come with him to the forest to search for his wife? (Unless that doesn't appear on his corrupted route I have yet to do it to that point)

Do you think he really cares about his wife anymore on the corrupted route?
He's too busy looking for cocks to ride to waste time on her.

well if you told him the details maybe he'd want revenge on his wife still? (he might like dick in the corrupted route  but he prolly still loves her, unless you shared the details.)

how do you get barrel to come back to the bar? i used to have him but then he disappeared and only shows up at the camp.

Bandit's camp morale is low (You can see it when you are on the camp dot on the map.) If the morale is lower than... 20 or 25 then Barrel is not appearing in the town anymore and bandits are attacking on the track again. You need to do some quests or bribe them to increase the morale. The morale getting lower every day. 

So I've been trying to figure out how to get the Reptile Lure, but I don't know where to find it or how to learn it. I also haven't been able to get that one quest where I can get the raptor as a pet.

Do you have stables built? Because that's one of the requirements for this quest to appear. 

(1 edit)

Holy fuck. My computer got kinda screwed but I had it fixed thankfully, however I had to get to wiped so I lost my data but that meant I got to have fun with the new gui and graphical changed so partial win? But also meant I had a reason to do the other lizard tribe route, I felt terrible after hearing what rhot said and kinda deserve whatever's coming but I also did another save where I save the leader lizard however what I'm mainly intrested/scared of us that mysterious person.... HOW DID THEY DO WHAT THEY DID! Like no one else has ever done anything like that and also I caught up to the werewolf story quickly and I saw.... Certain things which make me suspicious of what going on next and I'm kinda afraid of how they'll react if I'm right...

That's a lot of emotions :P Yeah, bad ending lizards have some secrets of its own. And about werewolves, well, you will see in the next update ;)

Wait will they appear during the good lizard tribe route?

Werewolf story have nothing to do with lizard story, so no matter what ending you had for lizard, you still will have the whole werewolf side story. The only thing that matters is if you have normal Logan or bottom Logan (The story is more complex for his normal route)

no I meant the mystery person not the werewolves sorry lol


The mysterious person will appear eventually anyway, so even in the good ending. Just in different situation.

I could love it also if these will be available for android...

He said eventually it will happen he's just more focussed on the story and adding in the character sprites/variations.

I want to Android download it game please,  thank you 

Hyao is earlier comments said he'll add it later it's not his top priority he's working on story and sprites/variations to the sprites.

oh ok thank you so much 

Np I asked too forever ago so I understand

Does anyone know how to trigger this? 

  • Male Bandit (New dominating/submitting variation)

Defeat him with lust to top/dominate him and submit while his lust is over a certain number (his picture will change) to bottom/submit. These scenes might be dependant on whether you are a bottom/top/versatile and if you have submitted to the male bandit before. Not sure if these are all of the new scenes with him but i was able to get some i hadn't scene before.

Thanks, I will try later

(2 edits) (+4)(-1)

Where are you supposed to go after you have two wolf's bane for the werewolf event? Edit: Ive checked every place i have access to within the time frame that the guide says and ive got nothing? Edit: im on day 123

Werewolf event starts in Bareshade, but only in 0.17. It's not available in public version yet. 


How do you start the journal thing? I have the non bottom logan

Journal thing? What exactly do you mean? There are a few. 


*screams externally again*

I rescued Korg from Victoria. But I am unable to go back into the cave, how can I craft a new torch?

why don't you use witch/priestess amulet? did you sell yours?

Oh... I have an amulet with better stats equipped. I thought I just needed it in my inventory, thanks.