Update 0.14.3


Sorry for the lack of replies recently, but I was away from home and without access to PC. I've got some bad family related news during the holidays, so I'm back only for a day and then I'm going to be absent for few more days. 

I apologize for the issues with the cookies. I wanted it to be a silly gift for the holidays, but it kinda backfired. 

The discord link should be working again. This time it shouldn't have any limits.

What exactly changed in the 0.14.3? 

- Cookies should work properly now

- Credits screen shouldn't break the game

- There is a new "Guide" tab in the main menu. It takes you to the google document where you can find all recipes, items location (Not sure it's accurate at this point) and also answers to frequently asked questions. Try to check that place first in case you are lost. 


LustfulDesires-0.14.3-linux.tar.bz2 88 MB
Dec 27, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.14.3-mac.zip 83 MB
Dec 27, 2019
LustfulDesires-0.14.3-pc.zip 101 MB
Dec 27, 2019

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Hopes the best for you.

Your family matters much more than the game, so take whatever time you need.

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Still the best gay game ever XD

Sorry to hear that


Thanks and sorry you got bad news I hope whatever happened is fixed soon!